When Fate Forbids

Lory doesn't know what to do when she finds herself falling head over heels to someone who she is forbidden to love. What will happen when fate forbids her satisfaction?


1. When Fate Forbids I

“Lory!” our maid named Carmina knocked on the door of my bedroom. I was left with no choice but to get up from sleeping even though it was in the middle of the night. Her voice was shaking and I couldn’t help but wonder of what was happening.

I opened the door and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Your mother is crying downstairs,” she answered. “Your uncle Alvin was murdered. Five gunshots were visible on his body,”

I couldn’t quite believe my ears of what I just heard. Uncle Alvin was murdered? He was one of the strongest people I knew considering the fact that he was part of the police force in their country. He was a brave man. We were never close…but I did share quite a few memories with him. He was also my mother’s younger brother and I knew that his death would pain my mother because they were not on good terms before he died.

I hurriedly went downstairs and saw my mother crying just like what Carmina said. “Mom, when are we going to go there?” I asked her.

She looked at me and answered, “Tomorrow.”


“Lory!” one of my cousins hugged me immediately when I arrived at the funeral.

“Long time no see, Kyle,” I hugged back. Kyle was the closest cousin that I had since we grew up together. We got separated when their family migrated to another country. Kyle was a girl with a guy name. Her mother was also the youngest sister of my mother and my dead uncle. She was thin and would pass as a fashion model with her perfectly tanned skin and gorgeous body.

“Hey, miss me?” a new voice joined our conversation and my neck almost snapped when I instantly looked at the owner of the voice.

“Red!” Kyle immediately ran towards him and tackled him in a hug just like she did with me.

I was frozen on my tracks.

I didn’t expect to see him here.

I also couldn’t look away at his appearance. He had this sleek raven hair that was waxed to the back, his build was thin but his muscles were quite visible…and his eyes were in the shade of blue that was quite similar to mine.

It had been eight years since I last saw him.

And I couldn’t help but admit that he managed to look this good in the past eight years.

“Lory,” he smiled at me. My heart started to beat faster when he muttered my name. “Did you not miss your twin brother?”

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