The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


8. 8

It is dark and silent (except an ominous, mechanical/snake like breathing sound) as Lord Valkyrie tried to piece together his past, starting with: A transmission from another time and space traveled to a distant planet which is in ruins and suffering from an invasion of a species more dangerous than anything else in the universe, machines.  These machines, under the control of Cervello (main computer), spread from their home planet and destroyed their creators and decided to exterminate all life in the known universe and began spreading like a virus.  This transmission was meant for one particular machine as it was on patrol finding and exterminating lifeforms on the ruined planet.  As it was walking around scanning the surface a Code 999 flashed in its vision reading  “Negate further orders from Cervello.  Proceed to coordinates 1123-4261, protect lifeforms and escape planet however possible.  Destroy any machines that hinder your orders.” All of a sudden there was a flash and the machine fell on its knees in shock till it passed and the machine changed from being emotionless to self aware and had a look of shock as it stood, looked around and at himself.  The machine then read the order again and grabbed its rifle from the ground before proceeding to the coordinates.  


    The M-800 proceeded to the coordinates not raising any suspicion and found a girl appearing out of the rubble in front of him and saw him.  As if on instinct, she drew her rifle and fired a few shots at the machine, but he raised his robotic arm to block as the energy bullets bounced off.  The girl looked stunned when another machine appeared and says,  “Lifeform, exterminate.” No one moved and it was dead quiet (except for laser fire and explosions in the distance and outside) and the defiant girl stood firmly, as if she is ready for what is coming next.  The first machine turned and in one move twists the M-800’s head and it fell to the ground as the girl looked stunned by what she just saw.  The M-800 looked back at her and asked,  “Who are you?” The girl was first astounded but overcame her surprise and replied,  “Chloe.” They stood in silence for a few moments before Chloe continued,  “I guess your name is more like a number so…” The M-800 cut her off,  “Valkyrie, Michael Valkyrie.” Chloe looked confused and asked,  “How can you have a name?” Michael replied,  “It’s hard to explain but right now we have to get off this planet.  On my way here I found a ship that is capable of space travel and it is our only chance.” She followed him outside after he makes sure there are no machines in their way and they found a ship with four energized jet engines sticking out almost in each corner of the triangular shaped ship with one M-500 patrolling the outside.  


    Once they hid amongst a pile of debris he tells Chloe he will be back and moves out as if he is still one of the machines.  He approached the machine as it already recognized Michael as another machine and turned away (resuming its patrol) allowing Michael to grab the main power cord in its neck and tore it out and it fell disabled.  He took the machine’s laser rifle and beckoned Chloe to come and she did and they went up the ramp in the back of the aircraft.  Once inside another M-800 appeared down the ladder from the cockpit and it saw Michael with Chloe and immediately pulled out its laser rifle, only Michael is faster and he shot it point blank range in the chest and it flew back on the floor, disabled.  Michael turned around and pressed a button on the wall, closing the ramp while Chloe took a quick look in the engine room before turning around and asking Michael, “Is this ship suitable to leave the planet?” Michael replied in a monotone voice, “Yes, this aircraft is capable of space travel” Michael made his way to the cockpit (followed closely by Chloe) and sat in the pilot seat and strapped in as he looked over and saw Chloe do the same and he immediately starts up the engines.  The transporter flies from the surface and straight into space at full speed before Cervello or the other machines had any idea of their escape.  


    Michael put the ship on auto-pilot and they went to look around to see what they can use onboard.  During their search around the transport they found a single machine, a M-400C, that made Chloe stand rigid as the machine looked frightening by the built in horns on its head and its immense height and width.  Before activating it Michael turned to Chloe (as she immediately pulled out her improvised laser rifle and aimed it at both Michael and the other machine) and stated, “I am reprogramming its CPU so he can have an independent mind like mine.  Stand ready in case I fail.” Michael rewired and worked on the M-400C’s CPU housing and when he finished he stood back, pressed a button on the control panel next to him and the M-400C was released from it’s holding clamps as it activated and stumbled out and looked side to side as it got its bearings.  Unable to tell what it’s feeling (do to its head is shaped to that of a human skull) Michael asked, “M-400C, are you functioning normally?” The M-400C stood as if at attention as it looked at Michael and replied, “Yes, but I am not M-400C.  My name is Krome.”  Chloe still did not looked relaxed, as Michael noticed, and Michael spoke, “Krome, would you mind monitoring all ship’s systems and plot a course to a habitable system that is far from the reaches of Cervello?” Krome stood silent as it looked at both Michael and Chloe for a few moments till he replied, “Yes, for now.” Krome made his way to the cockpit as Michael and Chloe looked at each other and Chloe said, “I’m not sure waking it up is a good idea.” Michael replied, “It is now a he since I reprogrammed him to think as an individual and have human like emotions, and I believe you want to know more about me since I presume you don’t trust me as well.” She nodded in reply and they both went into a room next to them, made it into an improvised sleeping quarters and Lord Valkyrie listened to himself speak about his past that Miranda told him was not real.


    When Michael was young he lived on a planet with his mother (Methusa) and, father (Galactor), brother (Gabriel) and sister (Ryok).  As he was growing up his parents hated his sister for the fact she is a girl and not a boy so they can have a bigger family under their name.  When he heard they plan on banishing her from their peaceful world he and his brother helped to hide her from them.  When they confronted his brother he broke his promise and told them and they found her and banished from their world just before Cervello reached their planet and his parents sold him to the machines along with other children that were denied from their families on the condition to leave their planet alone and provide Cervello with any future children that the citizens of Michael’s planets denied or no one wishes to adopt them.  Since he was with the machines as a little boy he was experimented on and torn apart over and over again where the end result was he looked like one of the machines under Cervello, but is unsure what else he is capable of from all Cervello’s experiments for the last 20 so earth years and almost lost his identity.  He remembered when he was taken by Cervello he vowed to find and save his sister, find his parents and traitorous brother and give them what they deserved.  Chloe looked saddened as she listened to his story and, as if on instinct, she touched his hand and Michael looked down before looking up at her and saw, for the first time, her smile that made Michael feel warm inside and he gently touched her left cheek with his mechanical left hand and after a few moments Chloe touched his hand and she said, “I saw a machine that can form organic skin for Cervello’s infiltration M units in the engineering compartment.  Lets see if we can give you some skin.” 


    Chloe continued to smile warmly at Michael while in the background, Krome watched through the crack between the door and frame (as the door failed to close all the way) and Lord Valkyrie sensed a strong hatred within Krome when all of a sudden the surrounding changed and Krome’s metal body changed from the color of silver and bronze to cherry red and had a muscular body with skin tight brown pants and sharp pointed finger nails, with his changing color from red to intense yellow with black pupils.  The scenery changed as well from the ship Michael, Krome and Chloe were on to that of a world almost covered in lava and erupting volcanos and Chloe and Michael vanished with a young man with jet black hair, all dirty and sweaty over his silver metal (medieval knight like) armor standing before Krome with his sword out and the young man yelled, “Why Krome!  Why did you use the Omega Device on this peaceful world that we could have colonized?” Krome yelled back in furious anger, “My name is not Krome anymore!  It’s Satan!  And I need a planet all to myself, Michael!” Michael pointed behind himself and yelled, “We already have a home! On Zhargosia!  They have accepted us to their society and have generously gave us a home that is more than enough for both....” Krome cut him off as he threw a red bolt of lightening that struck right in front of Michael that sent him stumbling back a little and Krome screamed, “OF YOU!  THIS IS MY HOME!  MIIIIIIIINE!” Satan immediately raised his hand to throw another bolt when at the same time Michael screamed in anger (as his eyes filled with rage and started to glow red over his whites) as he jumped and thrusted his sword at Satan, making the tip of his sword collide with the red bolt of lightening and there was an ear piercing explosion.  Both Michael and Satan were forced back but as Satan stumbled backwards the rocky ground behind him collapsed and revealed an endless pit of fire and molten lava falling into an abyss as Satan struggled to keep from falling.  Michael landed on his two feet as he was thrown back and saw Satan’s anxious face, as he looked down and saw the burning abyss beneath him.  Lord Valkyrie looked at himself and saw the look of struggle on his face, as if he is fighting a decision, when suddenly Michael cried out, over the exploding lava and volcanic eruptions around him, “SATAN!  FOR YOUR CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND NATURE, I CODEM YOU TO DEATH!” Satan looked up at him both in furious anger and surprise as Michael yelled as he leapt up and raised his sword to strike him as he came down with Satan’s arm raised, in an attempt to block him.  Just as Michael came down the ledge beneath Satan collapsed and Satan fell, screaming and arms flailing, into the burning abyss and Michael immediately tried to pull himself back as he landed on the new ledge.  When he successfully stepped back, he saw Satan falling and growing smaller as his screams began dying out and Michael whispered to himself (as he was trying to catch his breath), “May you rest in hell.”

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