The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


7. 7

A metal door opened to the right wall of the control room and Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and two blitz troopers entered a clean room with a single cryo-stasis tube in the center to reveal a young, blond, white man wearing a blue military uniform with the front of his tunic red and a stylized (what appears to be) a yellow dragon on each side of his tunic.  Lord Valkyrie looked up at the head of the cryo-tube and saw various life readings and numbers going up and Captain Cruz said, “He is waking up. He should come around in two hour...” Suddenly there was a loud beeping sound coming from the control console in the control room and Lord Valkyrie walked out of the room briskly and saw one of the blitz troopers fumbling on the controls and Lord Valkyrie asked, “What’s going on?” The blitz trooper looked back at Lord Valkyrie and replied, “Sir one of the clones is dying!” Lord Valkyrie spoke loudly, “Give me the location of the clone now!”


    In a clean room with multiple adult size cryo-tubes lined up in rows a door slid open and Lord Valkyrie walked briskly inside with the same blitz trooper leading the way and they looked at the tubes to see clones of Miranda Cruz lying asleep till the blitz trooper stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at one of the tubes (that made a continuous beeping sound from the life monitors) and whispered, “Oh my God.” Lord Valkyrie stepped up and looked inside to see a young female in a hospital gown with both her skin and hair the color of chalk white with only her light pink lips piercing through the absence of color on her face (except a black V tattoo that started from the middle of her nose and then spread out to the top of her forehead with a single black line running down the center of the V to the middle of her forehead) as her body began to twitch.  Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Open it.” The blitz trooper began pressing various buttons as the woman in the tube began to twitch more (almost convulsing) and she yelped, “I can’t open it sir!  Something is wrong with...” Suddenly Lord Valkyrie smashed his left gloved fist into the tube, breaking the glass, and pulled a small lever at the edge of the glass tube hatch and opened it as the rapid pulsing and beeping of the life display suddenly stopped.  Lord Valkyrie picked up the unconscious woman in his arms and he turned to Captain Cruz and said, “Ms. Cruz, have Commander Gleam transported back to the Triton under guard and assigned a squad of blitz troopers to monitor the cloning process and activate the cloning of the five other variants and have them notify me if there are any problems.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” And before their very eyes, Lord Valkyrie and the white woman in his arms suddenly vanished in a blink of an eye.


    In the Triton’s sickbay, Lord Valkyrie stood over one of the bed’s where the white girl lied and watched over her as the life monitor made a steady beeping sound.  Her eyes opened, slowly at first, to reveal yellow irises till she saw Lord Valkyrie standing over her and she quickly tried to sit up, only for Lord Valkyrie to raise his right hand at her and spoke calmly, “Rest.  You were in cryo-sleep.” She felt an odd sensation she agrees with him and she obeyed him and laid back down as she looked at him in confusion and anger and asked, “Who are you?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “My name is Lord Valkyrie.  I am here to liberate your brothers and sisters from hibernation and continue what Commander Gleam has started, only this time you will be fighting for yourselves and not other people’s wars.” She still looked at him in confusion and anger as he reached his left hand towards her.  She flinched back and Lord Valkyrie stopped and said, “Its all right, you are safe.” She still glared at him as he moved his hand again and touched her forehead and hair softly and she felt relaxed, almost too relaxed.  Lord Valkyrie asked, “What’s your name?” The woman replied, “Sofia, Sofia Demor.” Lord Valkyrie looked down and saw her hands are balled up into fists and as he scanned her he read her body tensed and looked like she is ready to fight him.  Lord Valkyrie spoke, “I’m sure you know by now that you are the only one that is not like the rest of your sisters and that you consider yourself ugly in their eyes.” Sofia looked at him firmly and remained motionless on the bed with her body rigid and fists clinched tightly as Lord Valkyrie removed his hand and said, “Let me show you what I look beneath this mask, but I recommend you look away at first.” Sofia hesititated at first but turned away as he placed the tips of his fingers along the left and right bottom of his neck and there was a venting sound as air spewed from within side of his helmet and he lifted it off to reveal a blinding red light that nearly engulfed the room till after a few moments the light began to fade away and eventually revealed a handsome, young man with jet black hair and blue eyes and he said, “Now.” And when she turned around Sofia was taken aback.  As she looked at him  she reached out to touch his face, only this time Lord Valkyrie flinched back (as did Sofia) and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t risk you touching me.  I have this power that my body has absorbed and I can’t risk anyone’s life on account of me.” He put his helmet and mask back on and noticed Sofia smirked as she touched his right cheek (softly) and said, “At least we have a connection.” He touched her hand (caressingly) till the door to sickbay slid open and Sofia immediately sat back, away from Lord Valkyrie, as she balled up her hands again as Captain Cruz entered and Lord Valkyrie turned to face her and she said, “Sir, I have a report that The Facility is 100% operational and the clones are in perfect health and battle ready.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent captain.  Notify the bridge to send a message to Saa to send transport ships at once to transport the clones back to Saa and deliver MC-171 maintenance droids to maintain and upkeep The Facility till there are enough of your brothers and sisters to take full control.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.  What about Commander Gleam?” Lord Valkyrie replied dryly and menacingly, “I will deal with him myself when he awakens and when we are back at Saa.” Captain Cruz snapped at attention and replied, “Yes sir!” And as she turned her back towards him, she glanced at Sofia with cautious and dangerous eyes (as did Sofia) before she stepped out of sickbay and the doors closed behind her.


    The Triton sat in orbit over Saa as a square thin shuttle flew from the Triton’s hanger, with four fins folding out in a 45 degree, towards the planet below.  The shuttle flew towards a city that is powered up with various looking androids walking about and transportation vehicles moving and driving in various directions till the shuttle landed in front of a dome shaped building with its bottom two fins folding in and a ramp behind the shuttle opened as two rows of blitz troopers stood at attention facing each other.  Lord Valkyrie descended down the ramp and walked towards the building as Gleam followed behind, with his hands cuffed behind him and surrounded by four blitz troopers with hand held blaster guns pointed at him as well as Captain Cruz’s as she followed directly behind him and her rifle pointed directly at his head.  A thick two way glass wall went up in front of Gleam as he stood with confidence and his hands behind his back inside his cell.  Captain Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie and said, “Sir, he has still not said a word since he was awaken.” Lord Valkyrie continued to look at Gleam and replied, “Thank You for the report captain.  Have everyone leave this room with the exception of you captain.” Captain Cruz snapped at attention and replied, “Yes sir.” Before she turned away and ordered the rest of the blitz troopers and the androids to leave.  


    The door closed behind the last blitz trooper and Captain Cruz made an about face and approached to the right of Lord Valkyrie and stood with her rifle held in front and pointing to the metal floor to her right.  Without looking, Lord Valkyrie raised his left hand and dropped his finger and hand (as if flipping an invisible light switch) and a switch on a small panel to the left of the glass barrier flipped down and the words “Speaker on” Highlighted on the small screen and Valkyrie spoke, “Mr. Gleam.  You have been a thorn to a lot of peoples sides since your term as a Commander in the Neo Zarn Empire.  And during your tenure while serving under the command of Hamon Warn, you created your own faction using clones to do your bidding of fighting for your own cause.  As of now, your clones are mine.” There was a sound of a pair of gloves being tighten as Lord Valkyrie balled up his fists on his sides, before crossing his arms, and Captain Cruz glanced at his direction while Gleam gave Valkyrie his full attention with a hint of fear in his eyes.  Valkyrie continued, “Instead of having your clones to have some sense of a normal life you used them as if they were robots and treated them as such.  Any genius general or commander would have had you hanged till you are dead.” Gleam stood his ground as if unfazed, but did not realize that his hands were shaking slightly behind him as Valkyrie continued.  Valkyrie stated, “But, I am going to let you live.” Cruz was about to protest but stopped herself quickly and kept standing at attention as Valkyrie continued, “You will also retain your rank as Commander and serve under me and Captain Cruz only on two conditions.  First, until you have the trust of Captain Cruz and the rest of the original clones you have created, you will be under constant surveillance and your access to military records and intel will be limited.  Lastly....” Pause, “YOU must earn my trust.” There was a short silence till Gleam smirked and stifled a laugh.  Suddenly Lord Valkyrie threw his right gloved hand forward and Gleam was throttled back in the air as he yelped in surprise and slammed his back against the far wall, bounced off and fell hard onto his bed.  Just as Gleam took a few short, gasping breaths he was suddenly lifted off his bed (as if an invisible force grabbed his neck) and was pulled forward with the tip of his brown boots dragging across the deck till he slammed into the glass barrier and began making choking sounds as he grasped his throat and Valkyrie held his right gloved hand up in a squeezing motion and spoke firmly, “Do not test me commander, scums like you I detest greatly and can make your life a living hell without flexing a muscle.” Gleam began jerking and clawing the glass barrier as he choked and clawed with his right hand at the invisible force that is choking him to find nothing to stop from choking him.  Valkyrie asked, “Do you agree to the terms commander?” Gleam nodded his head without hesitation as his face began turning red and purple beneath his blond hair and Valkyrie dropped his hand with ease and Gleam crumpled to the floor.  


    Gleam grasped the collar and breathed heavily till Lord Valkyrie’s shadow is cast over him and Gleam looked up in fright as he saw the red orbs of where Lord Valkyrie’s eyes are staring down at him as Lord Valkyrie has his hands on his hips and Valkyrie spoke, “You made a wise choice commander.  For your sake, it better not be the last.” Ignoring Gleam’s terrified expression, Lord Valkyrie raised his left hand and flipped the finger again, to turn the speaker off, and turned to Captain Cruz and stated, “Captain Cruz, find the most suitable platoon for Gleam to be part of basic training and make sure your kin don’t kill him.” Captain Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie grimly and asked, “You mean you don’t want a finger laid on him?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “No captain, I mean not KILL him.” Silence as Cruz kept from expressing her satisfaction and looked at Valkyrie with a blank expression and said, “Yes sir.” Lord Valkyrie raised his right pointing finger at her and stated, “I leave you in charge of operations captain.  I must meditate and know the extent of my powers before I am fully fit to rule.” Captain Cruz looked stunned and hesitated as she asked, “Si....sir?” Lord Valkyrie turned away and walked a few steps and said, “You heard me captain.  I will be in one of the meditation chambers in Tranquil Hall.  During my meditation, I want you to train your brothers and sisters how to fight and build an unstoppable military force the galaxy has never seen.” He looked over his right shoulder and continued, “I want you to also train Sofia captain.” Cruz tried to keep from showing her distaste as Valkyrie continued, “Even if she does not look like the others, she deserves a chance to be a strong warrior like you or them.” He looked back forward and continued, “I even have a feeling you two may become close.” He spoke loudly, “I do not want to be disturbed captain, unless our forces are mobilized and ready or Gala returns.  Till then, you are in charge captain.” Then in a flash Lord Valkyrie disappeared leaving Captain Cruz worried, but kept a firm and blank expression before snapping at attention and walking away from Gleam’s cell (as he looked on in shock and baffled).

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