The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


6. 6

The Triton came out of phase at the edge of the Alpine System and approached a small, cratered moon where one-third of its surface is covered with a metal like smooth surface with various holes on it that appear to be exhaust vents or bays for various sized ships as the Triton entered orbit around The Facility.  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz looked upon The Facility when a mechanical female voice said, “Orbit achieved.  Ship is scanned by unknown force on The Facility.  No lifeforms on the planet, but atmosphere within The Facility has changed from zero to breathable oxygen levels.” Lord Valkyrie stood silent for a few moments till he spoke, “Confirmed.” He turned to Captain Cruz and said, “Captain Cruz, advise the blitz troopers we are on our way to the shuttle bay.  We are transporting down.” Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” They walked back and as Lord Valkyrie entered the center elevator Captain Cruz stopped and told the clones to make their way to the shuttle bay to prepare for transport before she entered the same elevator where Lord Valkyrie is in before the doors closed.


    Below the Triton, the center of the bottom hull opened to reveal a hanger with A-shaped fighters (with a cockpit bulb in the center) suspended by the ceiling with crisscrossing walkways leading around them and a square shaped ship with solar panels in a shape of a C facing inwards at the aircraft as the clamps that held the ship let go and the ship flew out of the hanger with two of the A fighters following behind.  The three vessels flew towards The Facility and one of the doors along the metal surface opened and the fighters flew ahead of the transport ship as they entered The Facility.  Inside, the tunnel walls are lined with viewing windows and airlock hatches and walkways as the ships flew on the barely lite tunnel till one particular docking platform lite up with two smaller platforms connected to it lite up as well at the bottom of the tunnel and the ships landed.  The side door of the squared ship opened and twelve blitz troopers walked out and flanked the entrance as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stepped out.  The pilots of the A fighters descended down the ladders from the bottom of their fighters to the platforms wearing grey and black space suits and grey helmets with an orange face shield and as soon as Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the twelve blitz troopers walked by the Pilot troopers followed right behind.  As Lord Valkyrie approached the split entrance metal door, two blitz troopers were about to break formation from behind when all of a sudden Lord Valkyrie made a single wave with his left gloved hand and the door opened on command and the two clones quickly resumed formation.  Suddenly Captain Cruz stopped as the troopers walked around and entered The Facility and Lord Valkyrie stopped at the same time and a moment later he looked back at Captain Cruz and saw sweat sticking on her forehead and cheeks as she looked ahead (as if in a trance) and Valkyrie asked, “Captain Cruz, are you well?” Captain Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie with fierce determination beneath her wet face and replied with a hint of anger in her voice, “Yes sir.” And she walked past Lord Valkyrie and entered The Facility with Lord Valkyrie following behind.


    A solid metal blast door slid open and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz entered, followed by the blitz troopers and an empty control room that is all lit up with a continuous, large console in an upside down U shape with a glass viewing window in front of them showing a barely lit endless factory with various mechanical arms and machines and multiple moving belts that remained motionless.  Lord Valkyrie looked to his left to see Captain Cruz struggling to not show her uneasiness and he said, “Captain Cruz, if this is making you uncomfortable, you have the right to ask one of your sisters to activate the cloning process.” Captain Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie, with a single tear running down her cheek (but still looked at him firmly) and replied, “No Lord Valkyrie, I am fine sir.” The blitz troopers remained at attention (with their helmets covering up their looks of uneasiness) as Captain Cruz walked up to the center of the control station and pressed a couple of buttons that suddenly lit up the cloning machines and the factory before them.  She hesitated just for a moment (as she held her hand over a red button that said, “Commence”) before she pressed it and the machines came to life.  


    Lord Valkyrie stepped up and watched as small, clear boxes appeared from large, square shaped mechanical plants onto a moving belt table before large mechanical arms from the ceiling grabbed them, lifted them up and insert them into glass squared tubes that lead into the ceiling and the boxes were sucked upwards till they were out of view.  Lord Valkyrie asked, “Are there any other clone variants besides yourself?” Captain Cruz responded, “Not when I was born sir, but just before the facility was shut down they were about to clone five other variants.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Is there any scientists left from the original team?” Captain Cruz pressed a few buttons as she looked at the small monitor on the console and replied, “Only one sir, but unfortunately he is no scientist.” Lord Valkyrie looked at her and asked, “Then who is he?” Captain Cruz looked up at him with a blank expression, even as she locked her jaw, and replied firmly, “Its Commander Dorshaw Gleam.” Lord Valkyrie felt the uneasiness in the air and he asked, “Who is he captain?” There was a short silence till Captain Cruz replied, “He is our creator.”

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