The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


5. 5

Miranda immediately stood at attention, as she realized she was gapping at Lord Valkyrie, and the other four clones snapped to attention as well before Lord Valkyrie walked right by Miranda with his black cape flowing behind him as he went.  Miranda walked fast behind him to catch up and when she is to his right she asked, “Sir, how were able to bring the power back online?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “That crystal awaken my powers that were suppressed as a result of Cervello turning me into one of their experimental cyborgs.” He then stopped, turned to her as she stood at attention and pointed at her and said, “It’s a bit more complicated Captain, but rest assured, I am in perfect health.  Even as I am wearing this suit.” Miranda replied, “Yes sir.” He then resumed walking as Miranda followed alongside as she put her helmet back on and exited the building and he said, “You will not like what I am about to say Captain, but we need to find the facility where you and your sisters were cloned.” She kept a stern face as she held back her mixed emotions and asked, “May I ask why Lord?” Valkyrie replied, “So we can build an empire.” 


    Two rows of soldiers stood facing each other wearing white body armor, black jack boots and white helmets with transparent (bulletproof) plexiglass over their faces, carrying hand-held rifle like blasters as they stood at attention on a walkway leading up to a triangular (except in the middle on each end of the sides to leave room for the shuttles, fighters and various other small craft) grey and red (striped) colored ship with a superstructure at the very back as Lord Valkyrie and Miranda approached in between them.  Miranda said, “Sir there is not enough of us to pilot that ship.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Nothing to worry captain.  For now the ship will either be run on automation or androids.” Miranda kept from showing her puzzlement as they entered the ship with the soldiers following them.  When they entered the ship they saw human like and various other shaped androids moving about in the white hallways as Lord Valkyrie, Miranda and the rest of the clones continued on.


    Five circular shaped elevator doors opened with Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz appearing from the one in the center while the clones exited the two elevators on each side and stood at attention along the half circle railing and viewing windows lined the walls of the half circular bridge from one end to the other while Lord Valkyrie and Cruz walked down the center walkway as various stations (ranging from wall panels to sit down controls) ringed beneath them, teaming with droids as they minded their own business, and stopped at the very end where a large two way thick viewing window stood before them with a large console that stretches from one end of the viewing windows of the bridge to the other.  Lord Valkyrie said, “Captain Cruz, the coordinates please.” Cruz replied, “Sector 101, the Alpine System.  The facility is built within a dead moon and its called, The Facility.” A few moments later a droid (in human like form but green) appeared to Lord Valkyrie’s left and said, “Lord Valkyrie we have located The Facility.  It is precisely twelve sectors away.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent, begin launching procedures and launch the Triton when ready.” The droid replied, “Yes sir.”


    The large overhead hanger doors opened to reveal the large, white, triangular shaped ship (with three stair like decks rising in the back with the bridge clearly in the middle) inside till the doors fully retracted and the docking clamps beneath and along the sides of the ship made a loud, echoing clank sound as they released the ship and the six exhaust engine vents in the back lighted red and the ship lifted off (slowly at first and then gained momentum) as it flew straight towards the atmosphere and into space, leaving the planet’s orbit.  On the bridge the soldiers stood their ground and Captain Cruz looked unfazed as they left the planet behind them and one of the droids behind and below them spoke in a mechanical, male creaking voice asked, “Ship speed Lord Valkyrie?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Phase 6.” The droid replied, “Yes sir.” And a few moments later there was a growing humming sound when all of a sudden the stars before Lord Valkyrie and the others turned into white lines as the ship zipped across space towards The Facility.

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