The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


4. 4

A pair of white, thick doors slide open and Miranda and Michael walked inside a clean, white room with various space, radiation, chemical and other suits lining against the display walls to their right and left as the clones stood at attention and faced each other as Michael and Miranda walked in between them.  They walked down the short hallway till they reached a pair of sliding, thick glass doors in front of them with a clone (with a scanning device) standing before them and two other clones (in radiation suits) were inside the room as they scanned and looked at a large, red, misshapen crystal that sat on a single display column right before them and the glass doors.  Michael looked on expressionless till he saw the crystal and as he visually scanned it he struggled to keep from showing his wide eyed awed expression as he ignored the clone in front of him standing at attention.  The clone looked worried and asked, “Sir?” Michael quickly came to his senses and replied, “Report TR-121.” TR-121 resumed her attention and said, “Sir, according to our scanning devices the crystal is pure energy.” Michael said, “But its much more than that.” She looked hesitant and replied, “Yes sir, much more, but we can’t tell.” Michael stated, “I can, open the doors.” Miranda approached Michael as TR-121 remained standing in his way but raised her left arm as if to block him and Miranda asked, “Sir is that wise?  We don’t if it’s...” Michael spoke loudly, “That’s an order TR-121!” Miranda stepped back and looked worried but kept from showing it as she looked at TR-121 and nodded.  TR-121 stepped back and pressed a button on the glass frame and the doors opened allowing Michael to step inside, still not wearing a radiation suit.


    The two clones that were standing next to the crystal stood back as Michael approached and he hovered his hands over the large, red crystal as the red glow grew brighter as he approached it.  Miranda stepped up fast and reached out as if to stop Michael and she yelped with alarm, “Sir wait!” Michael spoke loudly and firmly (causing Miranda to stop and step back), “I know what I’m doing Ms. Cruz!  Just, stand clear!” The clones on each side of the crystal stood back as Michael hovered his hands over the crystal as he looked on grimly till he placed his hands on the crystal.


    The room was suddenly engulfed in a red, blinding light that made the clones and Miranda suddenly look away and a mysterious wind blew about them and forced them to kneel as they tried to hold their ground even as they heard the sound of Michael screaming.  A clone is sitting in one of the two command seats in front of an armadillo shaped machine with four short walking metal legs and pressed a few buttons and turned two joysticks in front of her, but nothing is happening.  She sat back and sighed, “Too bad there’s no way to power everything up.” She started to get up when suddenly there was a sound of a sonic boom and the machine shook and the clone fell back in her seat and suddenly the console and the controls and various systems powered up and there was a sound of gibberish for a few moments when it cleared up and spoke, “Republican Walker 28992 standing by, all systems fully functional.” The clone looked wide eyed about her, silently over the various beeping and other electrical noises till she finally said, “Huh.” At the same moment all various robotics and electrical systems throughout the planet suddenly activated or powered back on taking all the clones by surprise and standing ready where they are expecting to be surprised attack.


    Michael stopped screaming and grunted loudly in pain as his skin began to boil and blood leaked from his ears, eyes and mouth when suddenly one of the display suit glass cases exploded and parts of it flew in Miranda’s direction as she looked up alert.  She ducked and the suit parts flew right over her head and smashed through the glass doors and began attaching to Michael making the red light in the room grow brighter, forcing Miranda to look away again.  The metal suit pieces attached and engulfed Michael’s body till the head piece attached to his head but before Michael’s face was covered, his eyes shined brightly red (as his robotic eyes shinned through his synthetic eyes) as he cringed in anger.   As he still held onto the red crystal a mask with what looks like a breathing hose attached over his mouth and cheeks and a pair of goggles covered his eyes and were at first solid black but then a pair of red orbs shinned through them.  The crystal then began to crack under his gloved hands as he squeezed when suddenly it shattered causing the two clones inside the room to duck.  A red energy orb (where the crystal was) hovered between Valkyrie’s hands as Michael breathed deeply through his mask and in a single moment the red orb flashed in a brilliant red light and vanished as it intersected with Michael’s gloved fingers and was absorbed into Michael’s hands (causing his gloves to shine brightly red) and as the energy coarse up Michael’s hands and arms it showed (in a cat scan form but in a red glow) Michael’s robotic endoskeleton till it reached Michael’s body (as he kneeled calmly but tensed) and gave a single, short flash of red light at the joints of his arms to his body before the red glow and light in the room vanished and returned to normal lightening.  


    Miranda and the others stood up, a little dazed and confused, and Miranda started to approach Michael (as he continued to kneel where the crystal was) and asked with concern, “Mr. Valkyrie, are....” A deep, monotone voice cut her off, “I’m fine Captain.” A clone came up behind Miranda, almost out of breath, and said, “Ms. Cruz!  They’re on!” Miranda looked at her, confused, and asked, “What’s on?  Be more specific.” The clone replied with disbelief, “Everything.” Miranda still looked confused when Michael (in his deep monotone voice from his mask) said, “I have restored the electricity on this planet Captain.” Miranda looked wide eyed as she turned back to Michael, only to see a large, black, mechanical suit figure standing right before her in a mask with glowing red goggle eyes and a mask breathing sound.  She stood her ground when he spoke again, “I also made it possible for the rest of the clones to understand everything and create an empire of our own.” Miranda still looked confused and asked, “Sir, are you sure...” He stretched out his right hand and suddenly a large sword (with various markings and designs) flew right into his right hand before he put it away on his side as Miranda stood straight up (as if at attention) and he cut her off and said, “My name is no longer Michael Valkyrie anymore. It is, Lord Valkyrie.”

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