The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


27. 27

Kalo and Lord Valkyrie watched the events that unfolded on the landing platform surrounding Lord Valkyrie’s shuttle and when it is over Kalo looked somewhat fascinated and spoke as he stroke his chin, “Hmm, interesting.” Lord Valkyrie looked at Kalo and said, “Impressive, aren’t they?” Kalo looked back at him and replied, “They are better than I expected, but for hand to hand combat, they could do with some improvements.” Kalo then looked confused then wide eyed as he began to make choking sounds and grasped his throat (all the while Lord Valkyrie watched while the other Kamanians watched in stunned/fearful silence) as he gasped, “Only to make your clones better Lord!” When Lord Valkyrie looked away Kalo stopped choking and gasped as he tried to catch his breath as Lord Valkyrie spoke, “That would be agreeable.” He turned back and pointed at Kalo as he continued, “Your clones better be as good as you say, or else this world will be nothing but water.” Kalo spoke with reassurance, “They will meet your approval Lord Valkyrie.  Once the Kneelers begin hibernating, clone delivery will be much faster than it will be now.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “We will deal with The Kneelers soon.  Just make sure you for fill your duties, Minister.” Kalo bowed and replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie then walked away, towards the landing platform, with his black cape trailing behind him and the Kamanians that are in his path quickly moved to the side as he walked through, making them cower and look on at Lord Valkyrie with fearful eyes as he passed.                   


    The doors to the landing pad opened and Lord Valkyrie stepped out and headed towards his shuttle as Captain Cruz stood at attention, with her rifle at the ready, and when Lord Valkyrie approached Captain Cruz followed his left side and said, “Sir, Commander Gleam reports that he has another clone that is a defect and calls himself Tightrope.” Lord Valkyrie continued walking towards the shuttle’s ramp as he asked, “Is the clone still alive?” Cruz replied, “Yes sir.  Gleam personally made sure that he is captured alive, after Tightrope tried to escape and nearly killed one of the guards.” Valkyrie stopped in his tracks and looked at Cruz before he replied as if pleased, “Impressive.  He may prove to be the perfect director for overall cloning production if he continues his obedience.” Captain Cruz spoke, “Sir.  Since your meditation, Commander Gleam has been personally responsible and continuously oversaw the production of my brothers and sisters to this day.” When they entered the shuttle and the Blitz Troopers followed close behind, the ramp closed and the shuttle lifted off as two A Fighters flew in as escort as both the fighters and the shuttle flew away.  In the meantime, the Blitz Troopers sat in their seats, against the bulk heads, while Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz remained standing as the shuttle flew smoothly and Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Have the production of clones on The Facility cut in half.  That way Commander Gleam would not have as many problems with clone defects like he does now.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” The co-pilot turned his head back and called out, “Lord Valkyrie, incoming message from Captain Valz!” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Transfer it to Holo-board.” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned to their right and stood before a standup computer bank with an empty space in the middle as it lighted up and an 18 inch size, red, transparent figure of Captain Valz appeared as he snapped to attention and Lord Valkyrie asked, “What is it captain?” Valz spoke, “My lord, we have the location of Raphael Valkyrie.” There is utter silence (except the low humming of the engines) for a few moments till Lord Valkyrie asked, “How captain?” Valz replied, “My lord, we intercepted a smuggler smuggling illegal substances and as the Search Troopers checked the ship and confiscated the drugs they have come across a data file that has Raphael’s location.” Again, silence.  Lord Valkyrie broke the silence as he ordered, “Prepare the Triton to go to maximum phase.” Valz spoke with caution, “Sir Raphael’s location is close to Zhargosia Space.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Then make sure we are not detected, captain.” Valz bowed and said, “Yes sir.  Also I want to report we have updated armor for our troopers and Captain Cruz that we have received from R & D.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Have both Blitz and Stun Troopers retrieve their armor and have a platoon of each standing by and ready once we reached Raphael’s location.” Valz replied, “Yes my lord.” And Captain Valz’s image vanished.  The shuttle shook as it locked onto the docking clamps and Captain Cruz turned to him and asked, “Sir, are we taking prisoners?” Lord Valkyrie replied dryly, “We shall see, captain.” 

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