The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


24. 24

The Space Cruisers and Destroyer came out of phase and approached the planet Kaman, where three more Space Cruisers awaited in orbit.  Captain Cruz stood on the bridge and looked through the large viewing windows to see the dark blue planet before her when an African American clone officer approached behind her, snapped to attention and stated, “Captain, we have reached Kaman and the captain of the Dominator reports that the Prime Minister of Kaman is awaiting for Lord Valkyrie on the surface.” Captain Cruz looked at the officer and replied, “Thank You Lt., I will notify Lord Valkyrie.” She turned and made her way to the communications station and pressed a couple.  Lord Valkyrie sat kneeling when Captain Cruz’s voice spoke, “Lord Valkyrie, we have reached Kaman.” Lord Valkyrie’s eyes lighted red as he looked up and replied, “Very well, captain.” Captain Cruz spoke, “I also want to report that the Prime Minister of Kaman is on the surface and awaiting for you arrival.” He then stood up and grabbed the hilt of his sword before attaching it to his side as he spoke, “Notify the Prime Minister of my arrival and meet me in the hanger bay for our departure.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie exited his quarters with his cape flowing behind him as he walked down the hallway with military personnel and ship’s crew standing aside as his dark shadow approached and resumed their duties once he passed through and his dark shadow dissipated.


    Three robotic suited beings stood ahead of a squad of Blitz Troopers on the spoon shaped landing pad as it led up to a series of upside down, tear shaped structures that stood over the calm, planet wide, ocean that covers the entire surface.  The leading Kamanian stood in front of the others (with a green and blue strips over his left breast) as the same transport ship (that flew to the surface of where the Birdmocks use to exist) approached the landing pad.  The transport swung about, facing the rear of the shuttle to the Kamanians, and landed before the ramp came down revealing a bright white light that almost blinded the Kamanians.  From the transport a large, tall, black figure gracefully walked down with a female, armored, companion following behind with her rifle at the ready.  As the dark figure approached the two Kamanians, behind the lead one, took a step back (as if retreating) as they looked fearful at the towering, menacing, figure of Lord Valkyrie as he casted a dark shadow over the lone Kamanian standing before him and Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Minister, I heard your people wish to join the Empire.” The Kamanian Prime Minister replied, with uttered calm, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.  I am Prime Minister Kalo Garman.  From what our medical scanners gathered from your clones, they are VERY interesting.  For instance, they are created as adult subjects rather than as an infant and go through the normal aging process.” Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly and in a threatening tone, “The clones are not subjects.  From now on, you will refer to them as people.” The Kamanian made a single nod as he still remained calm and replied, “Of course Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “The clones are created in a built in facility and is using outdated technology to create more of the populous and have a tendency of creating defective clones from time to time.” Kalo spoke as if answering a question, “We will gladly help you with updating the facilities as well as creating more ethnicities to your clones.” Cruz looked a little confused as Lord Valkyrie asked, “Ethnicities?” Minister Kalo answered, “Yes Mr. Valkyrie.  As your troops first arrived they were immediately scanned just as they entered our facilities and found out that out of your male and female genders of your clones you barely have a handful of different types of ethnicities.  We can easily expand that ratio from barely a handful to more than two dozen.” Lord Valkyrie and the Minister stood there in silence for a few moments as Captain Cruz kept her serious expression over her mixed emotions as she is both impressed and shocked by what she just heard when Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Give us a tour of one of your facilities, then I will decide if what you’re telling me is true or they are your final words.” The Minister moved to the side and indicated, with an open hand, to the complex before Lord Valkyrie and said, “If you would follow me please, Mr. Valkyrie.” The Minister led on as the other two Kamanians flanked him and Lord Valkyrie followed close behind as Captain Cruz and the squad of Blitz Troopers followed suit.


    The glass door opened as they were about to enter the facility till Lord Valkyrie stopped before the entrance and Kalo and his companions stopped after and looked at Lord Valkyrie as he stated, “Turn off the DNA scanner.” Kalo made a single nod and replied calmly, “Of course.” He pressed a button on the panel next to the door and the blue repeating like band that went around the entrance dissipated and Kalo spoke, “It is done.” Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the Blitz Troopers stepped through and followed the Minister in the clean, silver and grey hallway till they ascended a flight of stairs and stood in an enclosed, glass walkway witnessing the facility all around them.  The inside of the complex is wide open with various helicopter pad like platforms with various people conducting either hand to hand combat or various types of physical training while at the bottom the various types of clones either sat in rows of computer consoles and spoke through their headsets or conduct virtual reality training as the Minister pointed to the bottom floor and spoke, “We conduct extensive training both for aerial and ground combat with our clones.  If our client wishes to have clones only for construction or other labor that does not involve any military training, we proved them with those needs as well.” Lord Valkyrie looked on before turning to the Minister and said, “It seems they are all learning military tactics.” Kalo replied, “That’s because this complex is exclusively for military and combat clones.  The other complexes you saw as you arrived each create and train clones with various other tasks.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “What happens if you encounter a clone that is different from the rest or will not comply?” Kalo replied with a look of surprise, “Oh, we take care of them.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “By taking care do you mean eliminated?” Kalo replied with a voice of confidence, “Yes.” Lord Valkyrie pointed at him and stated, “That stops now.  If you encounter any defect clones they are to be transported to The Facility where they will be examined and find a job that is most suitable for their needs for The Empire.” Kalo nodded and replied, “Of course Lord Valkyrie.” There is a beeping sound and one of the Kaman reached a railing (that ran the length of the sides of the glass walkways) to the left of Kalo, pressed a button next to a small speaker and ordered, “Seal all doors and have cleaners stand by on all entrances and exits immediately.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Is there a problem?” Kalo replied, “Our barbaric neighbors, the Kneelers, are attempting to break into the complex.  I suggest you have your transport take off till the Kneelers leave.” Lord Valkyrie spoke in a satisfactory tone, “I beg to differ.  Let us show you the power of our clones.” He turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Have all available troops repel the Kneelers and force them down back to the depths captain.” Captain Cruz snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir.” Lord Valkyrie also ordered, “See to it yourself, captain.” Captain Cruz replied immediately, “Yes sir!” And she made an about face and walked back to the entrance they came from as Kalo spoke, “Your captain is most impressive for a clone.” Lord Valkyrie kept looking at Cruz’s direction and spoke (as if replying to Kalo’s comment), “She is the best.” Lord Valkyrie turned to Kalo and asked, “Do you have surveillance cameras outside?” Kalo replied, “Yes?” Lord Valkyrie stated, “Pull up the one facing my shuttle.” Kalo went to the railing to his right and pressed two buttons and part of the glass before him showed a colored video feed outside and showed it is cloudy to the extent that it might rain.

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