The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


22. 22

The Triton sat in position between the other two space cruisers that escorted it, at the edge of the Zarn Protectorate, as Lord Valkyrie rematerialized in a small room with a control station and a male, hispanic, clone standing at attention behind it and Captain Cruz standing at attention as well at the bottom of the single platform.  Lord Valkyrie stepped off the single person platform as Captain Cruz asked, “Is your personal particle transport fully functional my Lord?” Lord Valkyrie stated, “Yes, report captain.” Captain Cruz reported, “Sir, we have left Munoz and are now holding position with the E.S.S. Copperas and Yakut.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Is the ship ready to head to The Facility?” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir, but we have transported the woman into the isolation chamber in Med Bay so you can see her right away.” Lord Valkyrie put his hands to his hips and said, “Very unexpected captain.  I take it the particle transporter is fully operational.” Captain Cruz stated, “Yes sir, but it only works if it transports a single person and can transport only between other military vessels and facilities, no where else.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Then we will have to make do.  Show me the clone captain.” Captain Cruz led the way, with Lord Valkyrie following, as they left the room.  


    The clear white doors slid open and Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie entered the same hallway where they saw Gala, but the viewing windows were lined with Blitz Troopers (barely leaving any room for Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie to look past) and the four corners of the room inside had twin, small, mini-gun turrets.  Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie looked through the glass windows to see a girl wearing a grey hoody sweatshirt and pants huddled up in the far corner with the hood over her head as she looked down.  Through his red lenses Lord Valkyrie zoomed in on the girl and is able to look past the hoody to notice (as he visualized past his red and black colored eye sight) the girl’s eyebrows and skin are grey (almost white), and her lips are light purple while her short cropped hair is grayish/brown.  Lord Valkyrie asked, “What is her name?” Captain Cruz replied, “Her name is Anya Taylor my lord.” Lord Valkyrie barely moved his head from side to side and he asked, “Why the elevated security?” Captain Cruz handed him a tablet and replied, “Its better if you see it for yourself sir.” Lord Valkyrie first saw a pause image of Anya sitting before a heavy set man and pressed the play button and watched the video.  


    When the video finished Lord Valkyrie continued to face the tablet and Captain Cruz, unable to see Lord Valkyrie’s expression beneath his mask, asked, “Sir, are you...” Before Cruz can finish Lord Valkyrie handed her the tablet, looked up and ordered, “Open the door, now.” Captain Cruz face cringed (as she struggled to hide her confusion) and for a few moments there was silence as some of the Blitz Troopers began to glance over at Lord Valkyrie’s direction (while also trying to remain at attention) till Lord Valkyrie looked over at Captain Cruz’s direction and the troopers immediately looked forward and Captain Cruz regained her control and blank face and replied, “Yes sir.” Captain Cruz marched around Lord Valkyrie and stood before a Security Trooper by the door control panel, as Lord Valkyrie approached, and ordered, “Open the door corporal.” The Miranda clone Security Trooper looked confused till she is covered by a dark shadow and she looked behind Captain Cruz to see Lord Valkyrie standing behind the captain,  as if patiently waiting.  The Security Trooper immediately snapped to attention, as her face sweated and looked as if terrified, and replied, “Yes Captain!” And she faced the control panel, pressed two buttons and the door opened before Lord Valkyrie entered and the door closed and locked behind him, isolating Lord Valkyrie with Anya Taylor.


    Lord Valkyrie calmly walked over to Anya as she still remained huddled in the corner till a dark shadow is casted over her, covering her into darkness and she barely moved her head as she glanced up to see the towering figure of Lord Valkyrie standing over her with his red lensed eyes gazing down into hers as she felt a sense of fear and shivered when Lord Valkyrie lowered his open, gloved left hand and spoke, “Rise, Miss Taylor.” Anya stood up (as if she is being controlled) as Lord Valkyrie raised his hand, but her face continued to stare down onto the floor as her head barely reached the chin of Lord Valkyrie’s mask.  Lord Valkyrie spoke, “You have a very special gift Miss Taylor.” She then looked up at him and is not afraid of Lord Valkyrie’s mask as he stared straight into her eyes till Lord Valkyrie said, “I have seen what you did at The Facility.” She looked surprised and looked down from his gaze and Lord Valkyrie spoke again, “I have abilities as well.  Although they are accompanied by some DEFORMITIES as I was experimented on by Cervello.” Anya continued to stare at the floor, but is now hugging herself as she stood nervously and Lord Valkyrie’s left gloved hand curled into a fist, making a squeaking noise as the glove flexed in his grip, and Lord Valkyrie resumed rumbling, “If you are willing to join us you will need to have confidence within yourself Miss Taylor.  First, by looking at me.” She continued to stare down at the floor and Lord Valkyrie demanded, “Do as I say.” Anya looked worried as she glanced side to side but continued to look down from Lord Valkyrie’s gaze.  Lord Valkyrie grabbed her by both her shoulders and squeezed, but Anya looked like she is unaffected by Lord Valkyrie’s strong grip and Lord Valkyrie spoke with tight anger, “Look up, or I will do what your previous doctor has recommended.” Anya glared up at Lord Valkyrie, reveling her iris’s in her eyes turning yellow, and with one sudden push of her hands Lord Valkyrie was thrown back and hit hard on the far wall of the opposite end of the room (creating multiple cracks on the glass portions of the wall behind him).  Captain Cruz and many of the Blitz Troopers looked surprised at what they saw and Captain Cruz immediately bolted to the door when in a blink of an eye, Anya grabbed and tore off a piece of the wall panel beside her and threw it at the door lock, wedging it so the locking bolt is unable to pull back and let Captain Cruz and the others in.  Before Captain Cruz could yell, to warn Lord Valkyrie, Anya crouched and jumped to the other end of the room and pinned Lord Valkyrie to the wall and held his head back as Anya pulled back her lips to reveal her stark white teeth, only four sharp fangs began to appear and a smaller second row (all sharp, pointed teeth) of teeth appeared behind her primary as she began to bite into Lord Valkyrie’s throat.

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