The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


20. 20

The Facility, Commander Gleam looked through the balcony glass windows as he watched the clones, in a large hanger size training room, conduct hand to hand martial arts training on one another.  Behind him two Blitz troopers guard the entrance as Gleam looked down at the training area, smirked and stated, “If only I would have overcome my ego and plan on creating an empire of clones during the war to begin with, I would have become their leader.” The door behind him opened and an African American male in a red and white uniform entered, stood at attention and said, “Commander Gleam, we have a female defect clone from the Lala series.  What do you wish to do with her?” Commander Gleam looked at him with a little surprise and asked, “Is she able to perform her duties like the other clones?” The African American male replied, “I don’t know sir.  We only just woke her up and she is able to understand and speak our language.” Commander Gleam turned to his direction and said, “Then lets see what else she can do.  Have a psychiatrist examine her and take me to the examination room at once.” The African American male saluted, made an about face and left the observation room with Gleam following behind as the African American male pulled out a communications device and began speaking.  


    A pair of doors slid open and Commander Gleam and the man, he was following, entered a small room with a one way glass window and saw a heavy set, bearded man with glasses sat behind one end of the table and a young girl (wearing a grey hoody sweatshirt and pants with tennis shoes) sitting on the opposite side, with her head down, as two clone Security Troopers (in their grey body armor, black jack boots and grey helmets with bulletproof glass face masks) stood guarding the exit of the examination room.  Gleam looked at the heavy set man with puzzlement as his escort spoke, “Sir we are able to clone some of the doctors that created us so we can have doctors to examine us if we present any difficulties both mentally and physically.” Gleam looked fascinated and said, “Interesting.  Training Lt. Elba, you may begin the examination.” Elba pressed a button on the console before him and a green light appeared on a small panel to the right of the doctor’s side of the table.  The doctor opened a manilla folder to reveal a set of papers and the doctor spoke, “Anya Taylor, is that your name?” Anya replied, shyly, “Yes.” The doctor asked, “Do you know why you are here?” Anya replied, “To see if I have the right to join my brothers and sisters to serve our leader.” The doctor said, “Correct.” He flipped through a page and spoke, as he looked at the paper, “Both your vitals and your IQ levels are normal.  The only thing that is different is of course your appearance.” Anya looked up, shyly, to reveal eyebrows and skin are grey (almost white), and her lips are light purple while her short cropped hair is grayish/brown and her eyes are brown.  The doctor asked, “Does your appearance bother you?” Anya placed her hands on the table to reveal white, grayish, nails and she replied, “No.” The doctor looked at her and asked, “Do you like being who you are?” Anya replied, as if she is a robot, “Yes.” The doctor asked another question, “Do you like the people that are treating you?” Anya repeated, “Yes.” The doctor looked at her with confusion and asked, “Really?  You liked being locked up in a room away from the others?  Because up to this point you are being treated as if you are an outcast.” Anya looked down silently as the doctor spoke again, “What would happen if I recommended you should not be allowed to leave your room?” Anya looked up at the doctor and gave a hint of some annoyance as the doctor continued, “What if I recommend you should be terminated?” Commander Gleam looked angered and ordered, “End this.” The doctor then spoke aloud, while thumping his hand on the desk, “Answer me!” Anya looked down, as if hurt by the doctor’s tone, and the doctor yelled, “What would you do?” Anya then glared up at him and suddenly the doctor’s chair moved, as he was shoved back by an invisible force, and his back slammed against the wall as the doctor looked in surprise.  Elba slammed his hand on the talk button and yelled, “ANYA!” As the Security Troopers pulled out their batons, but before they took a single step, the doctor’s neck snapped as an invisible force twisted his head (all the while Anya continued to glare at the doctor).  The Security Troopers, Elba and Gleam stood in shock as Anya stood up and looked down somberly when all of a sudden the lights went out.  


    A moment after the lights went out the red, back up, lights came on and Anya is missing.  Commander Gleam and the others looked around, surprised, and Gleam called out, “Where did she go?” A female computer voice spoke, “Initiating lockdown in 10....” A dark shadow crossed the examination room making the two guards inside raise their batons and stood at the ready (back to back), “...9...” Suddenly one of the Security Troopers was grabbed on the shoulders (from above) and yanked upwards as he yelled and thrashed his baton at whoever was pulling him up till as he closed to the ventilation shaft above his head was ripped off and his lifeless body and a splatter of blood fell to the floor, “...8...” Grey/white hands (partially smeared with blood) cradled the shocked and lifeless head of the dead clone from the ventilation shaft before letting it fall to the floor below as the remaining trooper looked up in horror, “...7...” The dark figure at the shaft’s entrance disappeared as the red lights flickered and Commander Gleam yelled, “Where’s Anya damnit!” The computer voice continued the countdown, “...6...” Elba pressed the call button and yelled, “Get out of their soldier!” The Miranda clone trooper turned towards the exit when suddenly Anya appeared right in front of her, “...5...” Anya said, “Do not be afraid.” And she approached the clone Miranda (as she stood stiff with her tighten grip on her baton), “...4...” In a blink of an eye Anya raised her fist and struck the soldier so hard in the face that the clone hurled back and fell to the floor before the one way mirror with a juicy crunch sound from the impact of Anya’s fist, “...3...” Anya’s stood there with her bloody left hand till she disappeared by another flicker of the lights and a bloody hand slammed onto the one way mirror, forcing Gleam and Elba to jump in shock, “...2...” The clone struggled to stand as she revealed a bloody, mauled face (with her right ear dangling around her orange hair as it is covered in blood) and Gleam and Elba looked on in horror, “...1...” The clone’s body exploded into a painting of blood and guts all over the mirror as Gleam and Elba yelped and flinched in horror and Gleam screamed, “WHAT THE HELL IS SHE?” Suddenly there is a sound of an explosion and the examination room is covered in fog and a moment later there is a dull thud sound.  Elba pressed a button on the console and an infer-red image appeared to show the headless body of one of the Security Troopers and another figure that appears to be Anya, lying face first on the concrete floor unconscious.  Elba breathed a sigh of relief and said, “She’s unconscious.” Gleam looked at him (as if he’s crazy) and exclaimed, “Put that thing in a cry-tub now!  And inform the Triton that we will be using the particle transport to transport cargo that must be kept under heavy guard at all times and Lord Valkyrie must see her at once!” Elba looked at him and said, “Commander, we haven’t tested the particle transport on a live person, especially at....” Gleam yelled back, “I don’t care just get rid of her, now!” Elba stood at attention as he looked grimly at Gleam and replied, “Yes commander.” And he pressed a button and began relaying Commander Gleam’s orders as Gleam looked at the blood smeared window and spoke to himself, “I hope for God’s sake Lord Valkyrie terminates this, alien.” The fog began to dissipate and the door to the examination room opened, allowing clones (in bio-suits) to walk in and approach the unconscious form of Anya.

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