The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


18. 18

The Triton and two other Space Cruiser class ships came out of phase and approached a series of tube shaped space colonies with two equally long solar panel sails attached to each end as Lord Valkyrie stood on the bridge and watched the series of space colonies through the viewing windows.  An alarm went off and the clone officers and soldiers ran about their stations as A clone Miranda officer approached behind Lord Valkyrie and spoke urgently after she snapped to attention, “Sir, a dozen Mobile Units are heading straight towards us and are fully armed!” Lord Valkyrie replied calmly, “Raise shields and shut down all weapons, and notify the other ships to do the same.” The officer replied, “Yes sir!” Before she made an about face Lord Valkyrie added, “Hail to whoever is in charge and notify them that Lord Valkyrie requests an audience with Supreme Leader Cassel Depkun and Chancellor Karma Zebu immediately to discuss terms of an alliance.” The officer replied, “Yes sir!” And she made an about face and walked fast to the communications station just as Captain Cruz entered the bridge wearing her red armor, black cape and carrying her rifle and Lord Valkyrie stated, “Glad of you to join me captain.” Miranda contained her frustration as she replied firmly, “Yes my lord.” Four green, four limbed knight looking Mobile Units with two red eyes that could rotate around their heads appeared in front of the Triton’s bridge and aimed large rifle shaped guns at them as the bridge crew either continued what they are doing or glanced up nervously while Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stood their ground and watched as if unfazed by the weapons that are pointing directly at them.


    There was a short pause (though to many of the bridge crew felt like it lasted almost an hour) before the lead Mobile Unit moved away, with its large rifle still pointed at them, and the others parted ways as well but split in twos as they kept their guns trained on the bridge of the Triton and the other units, at the other Space Cruisers, followed suit.  The captain of the Triton stood at attention behind Lord Valkyrie and announced, “Sir our request is granted.  They have ordered us to dock on Docking Bay 21K within Munoz where a representative awaits for us.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent, you may proceed captain.  Notify the Prometheus and Zebrine to hold position and maintain alert status till we return.” The captain snapped to attention and announced, “Yes sir!” Before he made an about face and left.  Nine, green block shaped ships appeared with three twin barreled cannons and three, red, oval shaped ship with a bridge tower on top and at the rear with multiple gun emplacements.  The green ships separated into threes and one red one took positions around the three Space Cruisers as the Triton proceeded towards Munoz as more two dozen Mobile Units arrived and formed a U shaped formation around and behind the Triton (with their large rifles pointed at the ship) as the ship moved forward.  Some of the bridge crew on the Triton looked up in awe at the viewing windows as they saw a sea of various large and small red and green ships and Mobile Units around the docking gate and Munoz as the Triton followed the blinking escorting lights to the open docking gate and entered the vast space colony while Lord Valkyrie stood, with his arms crossed, and Captain Cruz behind him both looking as if they don’t care.  Inside the Docking Zone, the Triton passed various ships (with one looking like it has been through a large space battle) as it proceed forward, with the Mobile Units still following it even as the walkway from Docking Bay 21K pulled out and a female voice boomed, “You are clear E.S.S. Triton.  We are now activating the docking tractor beam.  Please release your controls and lower your shields.” One of the male clone bridge personnel pressed a couple of buttons then pulled down a lever before pressing a button underneath a microphone and replied, “Maneuvering controls released and shields lowered Docking Control.  You may proceed with docking procedures.” The three engines of the Triton turned from bright to dark blue as the ship was pulled to port and the docking walkway extended till it latched onto one of the entrances to the Triton and the female voice called out, “Docking complete.” At that moment Lord Valkyrie turned away from the viewing windows and proceeded towards the turbo lift (with Captain Cruz following close behind) and Lord Valkyrie stated aloud as he was passing the ship’s captain (standing at attention), “Have all stations maintain red alert and have two squads of Blitz Troopers stand by at the docking entrance and await for our arrival.” The captain replied, “Yes sir!” Before Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz entered the turbo lift and the doors closed before them.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stepped out to see a squad of Blitz troopers on each side of the hallway, leading to the airlock door to the docking walkway, standing at attention with their phase rifles in front of them.  As Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz pass the troops made a left/right face towards the airlock door when both Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stopped right in front of it and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Open the airlock.” Beneath his plexiglass face mask of his white helmet, the alert Blitz trooper at the far back end of the hallway replied, “Yes my lord.” And he pressed a button and the large, solid, round, metal door slide open.  The door opened to reveal a platoon of green body armored soldiers (with a gold bird like crest on the front of their body armor) with red helmets and pointing tommy gun looking rifles at them and before Lord Valkyrie or anyone else could react, the Blitz troopers suddenly rushed in front of Lord Valkyrie, pointing their phase rifles at the opposing troops and Captain Cruz pulled her rifle out as well.  As Captain Cruz aimed her rifle she was stopped by Lord Valkyrie as he raised his left hand and blocked the muzzle and stated calmly, “Stand down.  We are here to talk, not kill one another.” A young, firm, female voice called out, “That is correct!” The green body armored troops in the middle parted and a short, young, red head female walked up in her green military officer’s uniform (with a bird like crest in the middle as well) and spoke, “Michael Valkyrie, Supreme Leader Depkun has sent me and a platoon of Zarn Guardians to escort you before him, Chancellor Zebu and Supreme Sentinel Warn.” Captain Cruz lowered her rifle, as did the troopers on both sides, and Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent.  I am also bringing Captain Cruz and two squads of my Blitz troopers as escorts as well.” The female officer replied unwaveringly, “Very well, if you follow me please.” She walked away and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz followed with the Blitz troopers and Guardians marching behind them, glancing at the opposing soldiers as they went till they entered a large shuttle craft that is able to hold all of them.  The door to the shuttle craft closed and the two pilots in the front pressed a few buttons and the shuttle launched, flying into the sea of skyscrapers and tall, oddly shaped buildings before them.

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