The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


17. 17

The swarm of troops and vehicles descended upon the city as the people that faced the pyramid screamed and ran away (or made feeble attempts to block the clone troops but were shoved away) as the clone units charged forward.  Four clone troopers (Two Miranda, one male and female dark skinned) stood around a circular table holding their helmets to their sides as a hologram of Lord Valkyrie and General Vars appeared before them and one of the Miranda clones spoke, “Lord Valkyrie, we have entered the city with light resistance and are already upon the pyramid.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “What’s the status inside the pyramid Commander Minn?” Minn replied, “We have detected a strong energy reading but is also morphing and there are five more energy signatures that appear to be feeding it by being supplied from an energy source from the top of the pyramid.” General Vars spoke with confidence, “Target the top of the pyramid and destroy it, and have all troops surround the pyramid and order them to surrender.” Lord Valkyrie interjected as he gave a tense order that made the clones stiffen as they stood, “No, have all cannons and phase blaster rifles fire and destroy the pyramid.  Leave nothing standing or alive.” Minn snapped to attention and replied, “Yes my lord.” The rest of the clones snapped to attention as the holograms disappeared before them and Minn turned to the male dark skinned clone and ordered, “Commander Beefler, have all guns from the Republican Walkers and Scouters aim at that pyramid and destroy it.” Commander Beefler replied firmly, “Yes Commander.” And he made an about face and left.


    A black armored clone trooper pointed at the pyramid and yelled, “Fire at the pyramid!  Fire! Fire!” The troopers surrounding the black one and beyond aimed their rifles at the pyramid and began firing with the Republican Walkers, Scouters, Buses and other vehicles aiming all their guns and phase blaster cannons at the pyramid and began unleashing their firepower onto the pyramid blasting chunks of rock and mortar off.  Inside, the pyramid began to crumble around the people as they resumed transferring the power and consciousness from the blue man to the other.  Two blue energy beams appeared, connecting the older blue man to the young dark skinned one, and the color of the young man changed from dark skin to blue and the older man began to wilt and crumble and turned to color of old granite.  As the temple began to crumble, a small rock fell straight down and struck the woman in black on the head (splitting her head in half) and barely gave a short yelp before she crumpled to the ground and the yellow beams (that focused on her) disappeared and the pattern changed to that of a rectangle.  Then a large block of rock fell and crushed the two followers to the right just as the ground below all of them collapsed and they all fell into the black abyss below, only even as they fell they still continued the transference of power and consciousness of their leader.  The cloned troopers and their vehicles continued to fire upon the pyramid as the golden top suddenly fell into the large cloud of dust and debris when the pyramid began to cave in and fell directly on top where the mysterious beings were before they fell into the black abyss.  The cloud of dust and debris soon enveloped the pyramid just as it collapsed from the intense bombardment as Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the others watched on the monitor on one of the consoles of the bridge of the Triton.  Just as the pyramid collapsed Lord Valkyrie ordered, “General Vars, ordered the troops to cease fire.” General Vars snapped to attention and replied, “Yes my lord.” And he turned away as Lord Valkyrie continued to watch the troops resuming their bombardment till they ceased firing once General Vars order was passed down.  Lord Valkyrie turned away and faced General Vars and ordered, “Have all troops report back to the transports and leave at once.  Our mission is complete.” General Vars replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie turned and faced Captain Cruz and said, “Captain Cruz, notify the captain to set course for Station 3 in the Zarn Protectorate, maximum phase.” Captain Cruz snapped to attention and replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.  Where will you be in the meantime my lord?” Lord Valkyrie dryly replied, “Seeing the status of Gala.” And he walked out without looking back to see Captain Cruz watching him with uncertainty even as she tried to keep from expressing her emotions from her face.  The clone troops on the ground made their way back to the transports as the people in the city gawked either at the pure destruction the clone troops have caused to the once tallest structure in the known lands or at the troopers, as they returned to their transports and left the surface of the planet.  Once the transports left Egyin II’s atmosphere and rendezvoused with a Space Cruiser the Triton left orbit and immediately went to phase as Lord Valkyrie’s flag ship headed straight towards the Zarn Protectorate.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie stepped out to see Sofia standing by the viewing window with her left hand on the window, looking inside the recovery room where Gala was lying down and resting, ignoring Lord Valkyrie as he approached and asked, “Ms. Demor, why are you here?” Without looking away she replied, “Checking the status on your girlfriend and to congratulate you.” To the surprise of some of the clone officers and soldiers that passed by, Sofia embraced Lord Valkyrie and kissed him firmly as Lord Valkyrie did not resist her.  When she stopped Lord Valkyrie asked, “I take that as your way to congratulate me?” Sofia looked unfazed and replied, “No, just to make sure you are still yourself under that suit and mask and not a soulless machine.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Then let me show you.” Then part of his mask (covering his mouth) either folded back or down to reveal smooth and attracted dark brown lips before he embraced/lifted Sofia and kissed her firmly as she embraced him as well (all the while Gala continued to sleep) before he set her down and his lips were covered up by his mask once again.  Sofia took a few short breaths as Lord Valkyrie asked, “Does that satisfy you, Sofia?” Sofia gave Lord Valkyrie a warm smile as she replied, “Yes my lord.” She then looked serious and back at Gala and stated, “Based on the speed and direction we are heading we are not returning to Saa.” Lord Valkyrie looked at Gala as well, with his hands on his hips, and replied, “Yes Ms. Demor.  We are currently heading towards the Zarn Protectorate.” Sofia snapped her gaze at Lord Valkyrie and looked alert and spoke aloud, “Those are the people that allowed Commander Gleam to create us and allowed him to mistreat us!” Lord Valkyrie replied with eerie calm in his robotic voice, “I am well aware Ms. Demor, but once we arrive and you join us on the away team you will know why we must have them as our allies.  Also, they owe me a favor in my previous life for stopping the Yaraka Federation Forces from annihilating them and relocated the Zarnians.” He then turned to Sofia and stated, “I suggest you keep training Ms. Demor as we have to prove ourselves to every other civilization we encounter that The Empire is not to be taken lightly.” Ms. Demor faced him and made a weak attempt to stand at attention and replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie walked past her, as his black cape whipped around her and the entranceway to the recovery room as Lord Valkyrie entered and Gala bolted upright in her bed and yelped, “Michael!” Lord Valkyrie raised his right gloved hand and replied calmly, “Relax Gala.” He then lowered his hand and asked, “Am I allowed to see you?” Gala sat tight lipped as she stared at him for a few moments till she finally replied, “Yes.” She then moved her left to the side of the bed as she indiscreetly indicated the chair next to her and Lord Valkyrie walked briskly around her bed and sat close to her.  Gala then laid back in her bed as Lord Valkyrie took her left hand, comfortably, and he asked, “May I stay awhile, by your side?” Gala gave Lord Valkyrie a warm smile as she looked at him with her head on her pillow and her dark brown hair caressing the right side of her face as she replied, “Stay as long as you want, Michael.” And Lord Valkyrie stroked her left hand as they both stared at each other till Gala fell asleep and Lord Valkyrie continued to watch over her, like a mother bird watching her nest, as Sofia looked on from the other side of the viewing window (with her left hand on the glass once again).


    An orange haired woman (wearing a dark colored robe over her black jumpsuit and her hair is down to her shoulders while the rest tied up to a bun) stood before a stone statue in the middle of the far end of a room, with pews on either side.  She continued to stand there in silence, even as the door to the room on the other side slid open and closed, till she heard the sound of someone breathing through a respirator.  The woman looked up, clutched the top front of her robe and immediately turned to see (to Miranda’s surprise) Lord Valkyrie approaching her in a slow but steady pace with his black cape trailing behind him.  Miranda was about to snap at attention only to be interrupted by Lord Valkyrie (as he raised his right gloved hand), “There’s no need Captain Cruz, you are off duty.” Captain Cruz relaxed a little (but stood as if ready to snap at attention) and looked away to her left as if she is ashamed and said, “Yes my lord.  Forgive me for not being in uniform.” Lord Valkyrie stopped to her left and behind her when he replied calmly, “There is nothing to forgive captain.” He then looked up at the statue of a man in robes looking down at them with his hands open and Lord Valkyrie spoke with a hint of curiosity in his voice, “I didn’t know you are a religious woman captain.” Captain Cruz looked up at the statue with a neutral expression on her face as she replied, “Only on certain occasions.  For example, going back to the people that used us to fight their battles for them and don’t care about our well being.” Lord Valkyrie turned his head slightly (almost Unnoticeable) in Captain Cruz’s direction before looking back up again and replied to her comment, “You don’t approve of having the Zarn Protectorate as our allies.” Captain Cruz’s body went rigid before she replied firmly, “No sir.  I will follow whatever order or decision you make sir.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “I am aware Ms. Cruz.  I only want your personal opinion.” Cruz made a quick glance at Lord Valkyrie as her lips quivered till she finally gave a response, “Sir, if you want my personal opinion, I think we should go to war and wipe them all out.” To Cruz’s surprise (as she raised her eyebrows as she looked at Lord Valkyrie) Lord Valkyrie gave a short laugh and replied, “Looks like for once I’m going to have to play diplomate rather than a ruler if I am going to keep us from killing each other.” Cruz stood almost at attention (still clinging onto the collar of her robe) when she stated, “My lord, I...” Lord Valkyrie immediately raised and pressed his gloved finger onto Captain Cruz’s lips and cut her off aloud, “Don’t!” Cruz’s lips quivered as she tried to contain her frustration and puzzlement as Lord Valkyrie removed his finger, looked back up onto the statue and spoke, “Back to my original query at hand, are all your brothers and sisters are as religious as you are?” Captain Cruz relaxed as she looked towards the statue and replied, “Yes and no.  Originally, only the 200 of us believed in a single God, but as time passed and currently about half the clones in service believe while the rest cling onto the purpose of The Empire and whatever orders are given to them.” Lord Valkyrie stated, “In other words they are like machines.” Cruz turned to him and made a firm reply, “Not true sir.” Lord Valkyrie looked at her and even though his mask hides his face, making any other clone or person fear that they have angered him, Captain Cruz continued to stare at him with a firm gaze and continued, “Even though they will follow whatever orders you give them, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they and everyone else now and in the future will live in peace and freedom till their last dying breath knowing they have done this on their own free will.” Without flinching, Captain Cruz watched as Lord Valkyrie place his hand on her left shoulder and suddenly one of Miranda’s clones voice came over the loudspeaker and stated, “Lord Valkyrie, T minus 15 minutes till we reach our destination.” Lord Valkyrie replied aloud, “Affirmative, I will be on the bridge shortly!” He then removed his hand and spoke calmly, “Gear up captain.  You will join me in the capital and represent your brothers and sisters to Supreme Leader Cassel Depkun and the Zebu Family.” Cruz kept a blank expression on her face as Lord Valkyrie walked back out the way he came, with his black cape trailing gracefully behind him.  When he left, Miranda took a deep breath and her lips quivered into a smirk before she took one last look at the statue again before leaving as well.

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