The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


16. 16

The Triton came out of phase and quickly approached the orbit of Egyin II, where the Seminar and two Negation transport ships held their positions (side by side with the Seminar in the middle) over the planet, as the Triton approached the three ships holding orbit.  Lord Valkyrie continued to watch through the viewing windows, as they approach, and someone said, “My lord we have a visual of the area where the person of interest is located.” Lord Valkyrie turned and saw one of the cloned officers wearing a captain’s rank and he replied, “Very well captain.  Let us see what kind of person holds this power.” Lord Valkyrie approached one of the large, flat screen monitors on the wall consoles along the port side of the bridge as the captain of the Triton pressed a few buttons (as Captain Cruz and Lt. Greers stood by and watched) and the monitor showed the area in question.  The screen revealed a large pyramid (equivalent to that of ancient Egypt) with a large tarp covering the top (with two eyes drawn on it as if watching the sky and the land before them) and an entire city surrounding it with people covering the streets.  Lord Valkyrie stated, “Zoom in on those buildings.” The captain of the Triton pressed a button and the image grew larger on the two buildings and the pyramid to reveal a large crowd upon the two buildings and a caravan moving between them.  Lord Valkyrie said, “Looks like we found our person of interest.  Can you get any closer?” The captain replied, “I’m sorry Lord Valkyrie, but this is the closest we can get.” Lord Valkyrie approached the monitor and said, “Allow me.” He placed his right, gloved hand onto the panel, next to the monitor, and looked down as he continued breathing through his mask as they watched in silence.  


    On the planet below the people in the entire city surrounding the pyramid kneeled and raised their hands before bowing to the ground and repeated as they chanted and five groups of four strong men carried five people (that sat in elaborately designed chairs) covered in elaborately colored robes with gold head pieces of a wolf, hawk, bear, snake and a lion covering their heads as they were carried to the large pyramid with the lion head figure leading the way.  Lord Valkyrie tensed beneath his helmet as he looked concerned as he watched the leading figure till one of its eyes glinted bright blue and Valkyrie removed his hand as he stepped back suddenly, making Captain Cruz and the ship’s captain look at him with concern and Captain Cruz made a single step towards Lord Valkyrie and asked urgently, “Sir are you all right?” Lord Valkyrie raised his left hand towards her to stop any further approach as he recovered his composure and replied calmly, “I am fine Captain Cruz.” He then turned to the ship’s captain and with a firm, demanding tone he ordered, “Captain Valz, have the ship and the Seminar hold position in orbit directly over the pyramid and have all neutron and nova cannons standing by as well as all our fighters!” The captain snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir!” And he turned away and headed to one of the wall consoles as Lord Valkyrie turned to Lt. Greers (as he snapped to attention) and ordered, “Lt. Greers, notify the general to begin his assault and destroy that pyramid at once!” Lt. Greers replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie!” And he made an about face and headed to the communications station, where the ship’s captain was already giving orders to the Seminar.  Lord Valkyrie turned to the viewers and looked down on the planet below, towards the city, as he stood with his hands on his hips.  Captain Cruz approached Lord Valkyrie, from his left, and she asked, “Lord Valkyrie, do the inhabitants pose a threat to us?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Not the inhabitants Captain Cruz.  Those beings they are worshipping.  They are not only a threat to us, but to the entire galaxy.” Lord Valkyrie watched as the two Negation transport ships began their descent towards the outskirts of the city.


    Still fully clothed (and their heads still covered) the five figures were lowered to the ground before the pyramid’s entrance and they stood up and walked in single file, with the figure wearing the head piece of a lion leading them and two guards before it.  They entered a large room filled with writings along the stone walls and columns holding up the ceiling, except a twelve foot circumference opening in the middle that led straight up to the top of the pyramid, and two stone, waist high, flat surfaces sat before them with a bald, dark skinned male humanoid lying on his back on one of them.  Two females stood beside each of the five figures and removed the robes and head pieces of each one of them to reveal their true identities.  The one that had a head piece of a wolf looked like the hairless version of a true wolf by its light pinkish skin but its snout is shorter (almost to that of a regular person) and bared his sharp fangs.  The head piece of the bear is removed and revealed a large, black, reptilian skinned, balding man with bright yellow eyes as the head piece of the hawk is removed to reveal a middle aged, white female with white hair, blue eyes and multiple scars on her cheeks and neck.  The head piece of the snake is removed to reveal a green skinned, balding man with a narrow face and made a short hissing sound as he revealed four sharp fangs as the lion figure had its head piece removed to reveal an old, bald, blue man with two black cables running from the left and right side temples of his head down to his neck and wore a black and dark blue body suit with various figures, drawings and writings all over it.  He approached the bald man that laid on the stone table and an old woman appeared in a black robe and stood alongside the man (that looks like he is sleeping) and asked, “Does his age and appearance satisfy you my God?” The blue old man walked around calmly with a somber expression as he looked at the younger man till he stopped, looked up at the woman and nodded his head as he replied, “Yes.” He then turned around and laid on the other stone table, next to the younger man, as his four companions took their places on each of the farthest corners of the old blue man and the young, dark skinned man on the stone tables while outside about a dozen strong men on each corner of the pyramid pulled thick ropes and the tarp on top of the pyramid was split into four pieces to reveal a smooth, golden pyramid top beneath it as it shinned brightly from the high noon sun’s glare.  


    Inside the pyramid, the woman in black stood at the head of the two men on the stone tables and she and the four mutant like people standing on the far corners raised their hands and began chanting in sequence.  As they prayed a blue light enveloped the five prayers and the two men on the tables and a yellow energy beam connected the four people that stood on the corners and two beams connected to the woman in black from the nearest two beings and she lite up like an orange lantern when suddenly the room shook and dust and small pebbles fell amongst them and the yellow beams dissipated and the guards and people that stood back and watched looked and spoke with puzzlement and fear while the four people that stood closest to the blue and young men looked at each other in anger and either hissed or snarled.


    Outside, the people in the entire city surrounded or faced the pyramid and either kneeled or stood with their hands raised as they prayed or chanted, blocking various mechanical sounds behind them as they grew louder and louder.  A middle aged man wearing only sandals and a dirty orange kilt heard boot stomping sounds and looked back with puzzlement to see a blitz trooper suddenly drew his blaster rifle and aimed it at his head as the middle aged man looked in shock.  Behind the plexiglass the Miranda Cruz clone looked at the man with grim and determined face and stated firmly in a high tone, “Get out of the way!” The man stood back and she ran forward as more blitz troopers and various other soldiers surged towards the pyramid with a dozen Republican Walkers, four Bus Tanks (shaped in long rectangular structures with various small and medium caliber artillery guns along the top with blaster cannons for support in between  as the Buses were driven by six two storied sized wheels) and multiple Scouters (two tall legged box shaped machines with four .50 caliber blaster guns on the bottom and sides) amongst them. 

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