The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


15. 15

The transport flew from the planet’s surface and headed towards the Triton before passing through an energy barrier (separating the hanger bay from space) and connected itself to the holding clamps above and the walkway extended to the entrance of the transport, where the Blitz troops stood in formation, facing each other, awaiting Lord Valkyrie to exit the transport.  The rear ramp opened and Lord Valkyrie exited the transport, as the Stun troops followed behind, as the Blitz troops snapped at attention and Sofia stood (as if at parade rest) in the middle (in Lord Valkyrie’s path) at attention wearing an improvised grey uniform holding a metal pole with a remote on one end as she awaited for him.  Lord Valkyrie approached and stopped before her as he looked down and up and said, “I see you prefer to make your own uniform Ms. Sofia.” Sofia remained at parade rest as she replied boldly, “I am not like the others Valkyrie.” Some of the Stun troopers squirmed behind Lord Valkyrie while the Blitz troops remained at attention at Sofia’s retorted reply and Lord Valkyrie said, “That’s true Sofia Demor, especially according to the minds of some of your clone brothers and sisters that your call sign is “The Assassin” after all.” Sofia kept her firm gaze as she spoke, “I am a better killer than the rest of them after all.  Just don’t get any ideas of reading my mind.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “I would not dream of it Ms. Demor.” He continued walking and Sofia followed along his right side when an officer, in a grey uniform, approached Lord Valkyrie’s left, walked alongside him and spoke with a sense of urgency, “Sir, one of our cruisers has detected a strong energy reading from a M class planet in the Nebarlian System that requires your attention.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “What kind of energy reading?” The officer said, “It’s not a what sir, but who.” Lord Valkyrie stopped in mid stride, looked at him and asked, “What do you mean who?” The officer replied, “Sir the energy reading is highly concentrated on a single individual.  Enough energy that he or she could decimate an entire world.” Lord Valkyrie looked away (as if pondering under his helmet) and the officer spoke, “Sir if he or she could decimate an entire world, image if that individual would decide to explore beyond their world.” Lord Valkyrie looked back at the officer and stated, “Inform the captain to set course to the Nebarlian System  at maximum phase and have all nearby Negation transport ships to rendezvous with us and the cruiser Seminar and prepare for an assault.” The officer snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir.” They parted ways while Sofia kept following him and she asked, “Lord Valkyrie, what if that person is not our enemy?” Lord Valkyrie gave a side glance, as they both kept walking, and replied, “We shall see when we reach the planet Ms. Demor.” They kept walking till they entered the elevator and Lord Valkyrie pressed a button on the small panel and spoke, “Bridge.” And the elevator moved up as they waited in silence.


    The Triton went into phase as the elevator doors opened and Lord Valkyrie and The Assassin stepped out with Captain Cruz and an officer standing outside, waiting for them.  Lord Valkyrie stood before them and stated, “Report.” The officer spoke first, as he snapped to attention, “Sir General Vars reports that the 5th Mechanized and 3rd Tank Divisions are reporting as ordered and ready for deployment.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Thank You Lt.  Inform the general that we should arrive momentarily.”  The Lt. replied, “I already have Lord Valkyrie.” Captain Cruz glanced at the Lt. as she tightened her grip on her blaster rifle, as they all stood in silence, and Lord Valkyrie stated, “Name Lt.” The Lt. replied, firmly, “Lt. Greers Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie then asked, “Have you informed the general anything else Lt?” Greers stood his ground at attention and replied, “Only to hold position over Egyin II in the transport ships till you arrive Lord Valkyrie.” There was a brief silence till Lord Valkyrie replied (to the surprise of some of the surrounding bridge personnel close to them), “Very good Lt.  Their maybe a future in the general corps. for you yet.” He then pointed at Greers and continued, “Do not disappoint me.” Greers hid his satisfactory/relief expression when he replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.  Will that be all?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Yes Lt. Greers.” Greers snapped to attention one last time before making an about face and leaving.  Lord Valkyrie kept looking at Greers direction as Captain Cruz and The Assassin took notice and Captain Cruz asked, “Lord Valkyrie, do you want me to discipline him?” Lord Valkyrie looked as if he wasn’t listening till he replied, “No captain, I just have a feeling that Lt. Greers will become one of my most trusted generals one day.” He then turned to Captain Cruz and asked, “How is Gala?” Captain Cruz replied, “She is well sir.  The doctors informed me that she should fully heal in two hours, but...” Lord Valkyrie asked, “But what captain?” Captain Cruz continued, “She is still in shock about what you did sir.” Lord Valkyrie looked ahead and spoke, “You mean whip out her entire race.  I am not surprised captain.  Inform her that I will not see her unless she calls upon me.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie, I agree with that decision.” She made an about face and walked away, leaving only Sofia (The Assassin), and Lord Valkyrie turned to her and said, “Leave me Ms. Demor.” The Assassin replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.” And she bowed and walked away and Lord Valkyrie walked towards the viewing area of the bridge, as the few humanoid bridge personnel below (as the rest of the bridge is operated by androids or other humanoid looking machines) and along the left and right sides of the bridge made glances at him as he walked by, and stood before the viewing window (with his hands behind his back) as a tunnel of blue light and streaks speed past the bridge as the Triton speed forward.

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