The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


14. 14

Dead silence.  In a span of a minute, the Birdmocks were cawing and flying their wings madly when they saw their leader being choked by Lord Valkyrie and suddenly stopped once they saw Lord Valkyrie punch through their leaders chest with his heart in hand.  The Birdmocks, stun troopers and Gala looked either in utter shock or shear horror as they saw what Lord Valkyrie did and when he pulled his hand back out (with Gartock’s heart still in his grasp) and held Gartock’s heart before him (with Gartock watching in horror as he is unable to move once Lord Valkyrie let go of him and fell to the ground) and Lord Valkyrie closed his fist and Gartock’s heart exploded in his hand, sending black liquid chunks flying, falling or dripping from his gloved right hand.  The last thing Gartock saw was his heart exploding in Lord Valkyrie’s hand as Gartock’s eyes widen and suddenly he fell hard on his back and laid motionless.  


    All the Birdmocks crocked and cawed so loud that it made many of the Stun troopers cringe.  The Birdmocks suddenly flew straight at Lord Valkyrie and the others and the Stun troopers fired their rifles relentlessly (including Captain Cruz). Instead of pulling out his sword, Lord Valkyrie let out a grunt as he slammed his right fist to the solid rock beneath him and the area he hit cracked and the ground bubbled upwards and then fell creating a wave from the rocky terrain (causing the ground and the surrounding rocks either to crack or crumple as the wave passed) followed by a transparent energy bubble that expanded outwards and the troopers, Cruz and Gala stumbled while the Birdmocks were either throttled back or fell (or slammed into their comrades) to the ground in mid-flight.  Valkyrie stood as the Birdmocks ruffled their feathers as they stood as well (cawing madly in the process) and one of the elder council members cawed angrily, “KILL!  KILL THE VISITORS!” The Birdmocks flew straight at them in one large horde and Lord Valkyrie roared in anger as he immediately unsheathed his sword and a red energy light glowed around the blade before the first Birdmock flew at him and in one swing he chopped the Birdmock in half.  


    The Stun troopers and Captain Cruz fired their blasters as the Birdmocks descended upon them as Gala huddled behind Captain Cruz.  As the Birdmocks flew and tried to grasp Lord Valkyrie he swung his sword viciously, slicing off the hands of one of the Birdmocks as the Birdmock cried loudly in pain (as he watched the black blood bubbled/spurted out of his stumps) and then suddenly exploded into severed limbs and feathers as Lord Valkyrie swung hard.  Lord Valkyrie repeatedly swung his sword sending limbs, black blood and large amount of feathers flying about as he threw up his left open hand repeatedly sending Birdmocks hurtling backwards in the air and either rebounded off the rocks or flew away from sight.  A Birdmock flew right at Lord Valkyrie as he cawed, but Lord Valkyrie immediately kicked her in the chest, sending her falling onto her back and the Birdmock cawed in anger only to have Lord Valkyrie raise his sword and (with a snake like hissing sound) in one quick movement Lord Valkyrie chopped her head off.  Lord Valkyrie made his way through the thick crowd of Birdmocks, as they either charged after him or tried to grab him with their long toe nailed feet, and Lord Valkyrie repeatedly swung his sword, smashing/slicing apart the Birdmocks as they started charging at him (sending balls of feathers flying about in the air in the process) turning the cawing or crocking sounds of anger from the Birdmocks to sounds of pain and agony and the Birdmocks began moving away from him. 


    Gala watched in horror as Lord Valkyrie slaughtered the Birdmocks about him, sending feathers, black blood, limbs and hurtling bodies about.  Even as the Birdmocks tried to get away, Lord Valkyrie still pressed on relentlessly.  A Birdmock tried to fly away from Lord Valkyrie, only to stop in mid-air as Lord Valkyrie raised his hand in a grasping motion and the Birdmock cawed in desperation till Lord Valkyrie clinched his fist and there is an audible “snap” sound as the Birdmock was instantly crushed into a ball of feathers and crushed limbs before Lord Valkyrie dropped his hand and the dead Birdmock fell to the ground like a fallen basketball.  Captain Cruz stopped firing, raised her hand and yelled, “Cease firing!” And the Stun troopers stopped, but as a group of Birdmocks flew away Lord Valkyrie turned  towards them and they suddenly stopped in mid-flight and began to squawk and caw erratically.  They were suddenly pulled back and Lord Valkyrie swung his lighted sword, repeatedly, and chopped the Birdmocks to pieces and he walked briskly to the other side of the rocks to see female and children Birdmocks about him, looking up at him with shock and awe.  Lord Valkyrie continued to make a hissing sound as he exhaled in his mask and, without a second thought, he swung his sword at the leading female Birdmock before him and sliced her apart as if cutting through a pillow, sending the other female and children Birdmocks cawing and screeching as they tried to get away (only that it is too late).  


    Captain Cruz heard a series screams and cries of agony and she looked back at the Stun troopers and called out, “Let’s go!” They ran up to where they last saw Lord Valkyrie and when they reached the top of the rocks they all stood and watched as Lord Valkyrie slaughtered the Birdmocks below even as they tried to get away.  Gala covered her mouth as she looked wide eyed in horror as she watched Lord Valkyrie swing his sword and chopped off the head of a small boy Birdmock before he turned and made a hissing sound before spearing a female Birdmock through the chest as she tried to stab him in the back with a knife before pushing her corpse off his sword and sliced through the children Birdmocks, sending small limbs, body parts and feathers flying about as if participating in a massive pillow fight.  Lord Valkyrie then swung his sword high over his head and he called out, “You want to be isolated!  Then you shall have it!” His red glowing sword grew brighter and Gala screamed, “MICHAEL NO!” Lord Valkyrie did not listen as he screamed with rage, through his mask, and when he struck the tip of his blade onto the rocky surface the ground bubbled up and down, creating a small wave of rocks and pebbles (just over Lord Valkyrie’s head as he kneeled) that when they struck the Birdmocks they were immediately consumed and buried beneath the surface as they screamed and their cries cut off as they were consumed.  Many of the Birdmocks flew from the surface only as the wave on the rocky surface is created a shockwave is also formed and struck the Birdmocks in the air, forcing them to hurtle towards the ground and are consumed as well.  Captain Cruz held on to Gala as the Stun troopers stumbled back or tried to scramble on top of the rocks as they wave approached them fast and as Captain Cruz (not showing any fear) and Gala (terrified) watched as the wave approached them the wave parted away and went around them as well as the Stun troopers.  The Stun troopers looked on in disbelief while Captain Cruz kept a straight face and Gala looked shocked.  Some of the Stun troopers looked behind while the others looked around as they all watched the wave of rocks moved along the surface consuming the screaming and cawing Birdmocks in its path along the entire surface till they could not see it anymore.


    Lord Valkyrie stood up as he yanked his sword from the ground with ease, disengaged the lighted red beam around the blade and put his sword back on his holster.  He looked at the ruined, rocky surface and up into the blue night sky of space (ignoring the shocked and stern looks behind him) and stated, “Captain Cruz, notify the Triton that this planet shall be a suitable place to conduct weapons and field exercises for our ships and military personnel.” Captain Cruz still looked firmly at him (and stood as if she is at attention) and replied, “Yes sir.  I’ll have them relay the message back to Saa and transmit it to the rest of the space fleet.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Excellent captain.” He then turned around to see Captain Cruz and the rest of the Stun troopers standing at attention, while Gala crouched behind Captain Cruz as if she needs protection from Lord Valkyrie.  Lord Valkyrie approached Captain Cruz and his shadow casted over her and Gala and she coward away with a terrified look on her face but ended up stumbling and falling onto the ground as her body is still numb from having all her feathers torn off and wrapped the cape, Captain Cruz gave her, tighter.  Lord Valkyrie started to reach towards her till she started to crawl away from his outstretched gloved hand and he stopped.  He stood there for a few moments before he stood back up, faced Captain Cruz and stated, “Have Gala report to Medical immediately.  I’ll take the transport ship back to the Triton with the rest of the troops.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” Lord Valkyrie walked away with the Stun troopers following behind in a two column formation as Captain Cruz kneeled and attached a small metallic device to Gala’s left shoulder before they dematerialized.

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