The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


13. 13

The transport ship (with its four fins folded out) flew from the hanger of the destroyer and headed straight towards the planet’s surface with four black, boxed shaped cockpit structures in-between two collapsable solar like panels on each side.  The transport and the fighters entered the atmosphere and landed on the dark, rocky surface and the rear ramp lowered and a black trooper ran out with his blaster gun drawn.  Once he reached the bottom the trooper immediately spun around and waved his hand left and right as purple troopers rushed out with their blaster guns drawn and the black trooper yelled, “Move, move, move!  Cover the flanks!  Prepare incoming assaults!” The troopers immediately took cover behind multiple boulders and when the last troopers left the transport, Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz exited the transport and stood in the open.  Captain Cruz asked, “What are your orders sir?” Lord Valkyrie looked at the rocks ahead and over them as all is quiet till Lord Valkyrie crossed his arms and called out, “I am here to speak to your leader!  Take us to your leader now!” There are multiple high pitch caw sounds and bird like people (like Gala except only their faces are human and their hands and feet are black in color) emerged from the rocks and either stood on top of them or flew overhead and landed all around them.  The troopers raised their guns and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Hold your fire!” The troopers stood around, as if hesitant, as the bird like people stood as if ready to fight and one of them approached Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz and cawed, “Follow me!” Lord Valkyrie nodded and he and Captain Cruz followed with the troopers following behind (with their guns still raised) as the bird like people surrounded them or stood among the rocks watching over them as Lord Valkyrie and the others walked ahead through a canyon.    


             They continued till the canyon opened up to reveal an open area surrounded by large boulders except one section is cleared and has a set of wide steps leading to three rock formed seats with three bird like people that are covered with black feathers as well, except the feathers around their faces are white and grey and their faces looked like elders.  One of the elders spoke in anger, “I am Gartock leader of the council of Birdmock, why do you come here?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “We are here for Gala and have imprisoned her for making contact with us.” The elders and the surrounding Birdmocks cawed in anger as the Stun troopers stood their ground, including Captain Cruz, while Lord Valkyrie continued looking at the council leader, as if he is ignoring their angry cries, till the cawing ceased as Gartock raised his hands and lowered and he replied, “We do not wish to see any other kind except our own!  Be gone!” Lord Valkyrie pointed a finger at Gartock as he spoke, “Not until we have Gala.” Gartock yelled as he stood up, “You want Gala, you can have her!” He made a loud, echoing, caw and two Birdmocks flew over the ridge to the left and dropped a woman between Lord Valkyrie and Gartock as the Birdmocks continued to fly and disappeared to the right of the ridge.  A naked woman lie before them with her skin either bruised red or bleeding as she shivered and balled up, facing away from Lord Valkyrie.  


    Lord Valkyrie looked at the woman, as the troopers and Captain Cruz stood by, and began approaching her slowly and spoke, “Gala?” The woman cringed when he spoke and made a weak caw that sounded more like a rasping sound and Gartock spoke, “She has been de-feathered and removed her ability to speak like one of us for her punishment.” Lord Valkyrie kneeled and touched Gala lightly on her left shoulder as she flinched to his touch and Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Gala, I’m here.” She continued to shiver and Lord Valkyrie gathered her in his arms and with one wave of his left hand the brown, long hair that covered her face was gently moved away to reveal her tear stained face as she looked up at him.  Lord Valkyrie said, “Gala, it is me, Michael.” Gala stammered as she continued to cry and said, “Michael, they took my wings, my beauty.” She smothered her face to Lord Valkyrie’s chest as she cried and Lord Valkyrie caressed her and replied, “Your beauty is not taken away from you my love.  Nothing can.” Gala looked up at him as she stopped crying, but tears still running down her cheeks, and lightly touched the chin part of his mask and Lord Valkyrie asked, “Gala, who did this to you?” Gala hiccuped as she tried to hold back from crying and replied, “My father, Gartock.” Lord Valkyrie held Gala closely as she embraced him for comfort when Gartock spoke aloud, “You must leave, now!” Captain Cruz approached behind Lord Valkyrie and removed her cape as she wrapped it around Gala.  Lord Valkyrie stood with Gala before she walked away with Captain Cruz helping her till they are in the middle of the group, but Lord Valkyrie remained where he stood (with his head down).  In a low tone of voice Lord Valkyrie spoke, “You tortured your own daughter.” Gartock spoke aloud as he pointed at Gala, angrily, “THAT is not my daughter!” Gala looked away as he spoke and pointed at her and Lord Valkyrie repeated (but in normal tone), “You tortured your own daughter.” Gartock cawed angrily, ruffled his black wings and spoke aloud, “That creature is not....!” Lord Valkyrie yelled, “YOU TORTURED YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!” And suddenly Lord Valkyrie thrusted his left hand up, grasped the air and Gartock was suddenly hovering a foot off the ground and began grasping his own throat as he made choking sounds and struggled to caw while all the Birdmocks rapidly flapped their wings, while some of them sent black feathers flying into the air, and made loud cawing sounds that echoed in the open area causing many of the Stun troopers to cringe and cover their ears from the loud cries.  Gartock was suddenly thrusted towards Lord Valkyrie’s outstretched left hand till his throat connected to it.  The red lenses of his eyes pieces on his mask grew bright red as Lord Valkyrie stared at Gartock and stated, “Witness your death.” Gartock made a loud, angry caw till suddenly Lord Valkyrie shoved his right gloved hand through Gartock’s chest and exited through his back (as black liquid sprayed/exploded out through Gartock’s back in the process) with Gartock’s heart (black) in his grasp and Gartock’s caw was cut short and turned into a gasp as he looked at Lord Valkyrie with wide eyes.

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