The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


12. 12

There was a soft beeping sound and a small blinking red light and suddenly the darkness vanished to reveal a large room that is all white and a figure wearing red armor and a black cape, while carrying a large, black, metallic rifle, entered the room and a female voice spoke, “My Lord, I am sorry to disturb you but we have a situation that requires your full attention.” Lord Valkyrie (sitting Indian style) asked, “Explain Captain Cruz.” Captain Cruz replied, “One of our cruisers found the ship we used to arrive here and gave to Gala to find her home world.  It is empty.” Lord Valkyrie remained seated and asked calmly, “Anything on where she might be and if her contact to her people was successful?” Captain Cruz replied, “According to the ship’s logs she is able to reach her home world, but...” Lord Valkyrie looked up (showing his red lensed eyes as he stared directly at Captain Cruz) and asked, “But what captain?” Captain Cruz replied, “She has been taken into custody by her own people for allying with us and having a relationship with someone that is not part of her species.” Lord Valkyrie stood up (as he grabbed his sword from behind and put it on his belt) and began walking out of the room as he said, “Have the nearest available cruiser ready for launch.  Do you have the coordinates of her home world?” Captain Cruz followed closely behind and replied, “Yes sir, and I have the best troopers assigned for security detail or combat.” They exited the room to reveal cloned female and male soldiers wearing white, purple or black armor (with grey under armor) except they wore grey helmets with a glass shielding in front of their faces.  Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent captain.” Captain Cruz said, “I have the shuttle waiting outside for transport my lord.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Very good captain.” The next set of doors ahead of them opened and a large, one story shuttle sat on a platform as they approached the opened rear ramp.  The shuttle flew away from the planet and approached a grey triangular shaped ship with two orange strips running along the center line of the ship (except the command structure in the center) and passed through a yellow energy barrier, separating the hanger bay from outer space as the shuttle landed.  Two flanking rows of white armored troopers stood at attention as the rear ramp lowered and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz exited the shuttle and Lord Valkyrie said, “Order the captain of the Triton to go to phase immediately.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” And she pulled out a small communications device and began relaying Lord Valkyrie’s order.  The space cruiser came about and moved out of orbit before it stretched, like a rubber band, and disappeared.


    Lord Valkyrie continued looking at the viewer as the Triton zipped across space and Captain Cruz stood next to Lord Valkyrie as he spoke, “Captain Cruz, since I was meditating, what is the extent of our power?” Captain Cruz replied, “So far eight sectors my lord and no habitable planets in either of them.  Since you were meditating, we concentrated our efforts in creating and training our forces both for ground and air combat, as well as learning duties outside the military.  We also colonized two systems for environmental suited combat training as well as space combat and another two systems for weapons testing.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Very good.  How about weapons and research?” Captain Cruz replied, “We have many that are operational now, including Destroyer, Space Cruiser, Star Piercers and Negation type starships and more still in development or inspection phases.” Lord Valkyrie then asked, “Any word about my family?” Captain Cruz replied, “Only that your younger brother, Raphael, is a slave servant somewhere in this quadrant my lord.  Thanks to the threats of Lord Serenity and the Zhargosian cowards.  No offense to the people you formerly served my lord.” Lord Valkyrie turned in Captain Cruz’s direction and spoke as if sarcastically, “Your apology is not needy captain.  They are what you say and will get what they righteously deserve, once we are ready.” Just as he finished speaking, the Destroyer class ship came out of phase near the orbit of a planet that is wrapped in darkness as Lord Valkyrie looked out of a viewing window while the crew in grey and white uniforms worked at the control consoles behind and below him.  He then turned around and walked down the center walkway (passing the control operators beneath him) and when he reached the other side, Captain Cruz followed him to the turbo lift and Lord Valkyrie said, “Have my shuttle ready and prepare an assault team.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” A few moments later the turbo lift opened and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz exited the turbo lift to be greeted by multiple rows of various colored armored troops as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked straight towards the shuttle and the lowered ramp.  Once Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz pass the last four rows of purple troops they made a left/right face and followed them into the shuttle before the ramp closed behind them. 

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