The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


11. 11

Michael’s entire body shivered from the intense pain as he tried to sit up but struggled as he cringed and moaned loudly in pain as Chloe yelled out, “Listen here fucker!  We are done!” Michael continued to cringe and groan in pain till he was finally able to ask, “Why?” Chloe made a short laugh and replied, “Why?  Are you that clueless?  Since we had our children all I want is to settle down and enjoy our lives with them, instead you almost completely ignore them and hop around the galaxy as if our children never existed!” Michael spoke aloud, “I want to settle down Chloe, I really do!  It’s just we have to get rid of him...” He pointed at Serenity, “And stop him from hunting us before we could actually be together and live in peace!” Chloe screamed in anger, “BULLSHIT!  I am not going to help again restoring peace in the galaxy when we were spat on and questioned because of how we helped them and giving all the credit to someone who just stood on the fucking sidelines!  Not anymore!  From now on I agree with your future self on having an empire ruled by us and if anyone decides to question our methods will fucking die or suffer the consequences!”  Michael is able to overcome his pain and looked shocked at what Chloe said and replied calmly, “Chloe, think about what you are saying.  Dictatorship does not bring peace.” Chloe snorts and says, “Spare me.  So far freedoms of speech, press, etc., etc., have only brought complaints, complaints and even more whining and discrediting the definition of the word hero by trying to make them look like villains.  For example, you and me and I’m sick of it!  I only want our children to live a normal life!  The only way to stop them and have true peace is what Lord Serenity wants!  An empire under our own rule where no one can touch us!” Michael looked worried this whole time and then calmed a little and raised his hands (as if to calm Chloe) as Chloe pulled out her gun and pointed at him and he spoke, “You know that won’t stop me.” Chloe replied as she looked at Michael firmly, “After all we’ve been through you want to bet on that?” Serenity intervened, as he finished wrapping where his right eye was with a bandage and said, “I think it’s my turn to reeducate myself honey.” Serenity put his left hand over the barrel of Chloe’s gun and she lowered it and put her gun away and said, “Fine, he’s all yours.” She looked at him with worry and asked, “Will you be alright?” Serenity nodded as he gave a small smirk while patting her right shoulder and replied, “I’ve been through much worse.” Chloe looked relieved and said, “Good.  Make sure you paralyze him quick, or else it will be more difficult.”  Serenity smirked as he looked at her and replied, “I know.” They both kissed as Michael looked on in anger and balled up both his fists and tightened his muscles before they stopped and she smiles at him and says, “Bye, bye honey.  I can’t wait to see what your future self can do in bed that you can’t.” And she walked away and the sliding doors were about to close till Chloe turned around and said, “Oh by the way!  I already took the children!” Michael looked at her in anger and spoke aloud, “Why you...” The doors closed before Chloe, as she started to laugh, leaving Michael with Lord Serenity.


    Serenity laughed as he walked up to Michael, as he struggled to get up, and looked at Serenity with disbelief as the red lenses of his eyes flickered beneath his human eyes.  Serenity spoke, “By this time your visual senses are flickering.  You are totally predictable as I know how I fought when I was my age at that time.” Michael cringed as he first tried to crawl away (backwards) as Serenity approached him, till he stopped, smirked and made a short laugh and said, “Really.  Then you should see this coming.” Suddenly he pressed a button on the watch of his right wrist and there is a soft, consistent, beeping noise as Serenity looked confused till a robotic male voice spoke in the loudspeaker, “Collision alert. Collision alert....” And Serenity looked up and he looked wide eyed in shock as he saw Michael’s ship approaching at high speed towards them leaving only time for Serenity to scream, “NOOOOOO...” Suddenly the glass in front of the throne room was smashed in (before the electronic shield suddenly went up to prevent the air from being sucked into space) and there was a sound of a large explosion as the ship shook violently and Serenity is throttled back as Michael dodged to the right while outside the two main engines at the back of Serenity’s U shaped ship exploded as Michael’s ship smashed through the throne room and into the main engine room before Michael’s entire ship finally exploded, obliterating the engine machinery.  Large pieces of metal (including metal frame beams along the throne room’s walls) fell from the sides and walls as there were multiple explosions and the machines surrounding the room’s entrances and walls were crushed by various falling debris.  Serenity looked up both shocked and angered when he suddenly saw debris falling about him and he immediately covered his head with both hands and kneeled as pieces of burning wreckage fell, crashed around or bounced off him till he was engulfed by steel beams and large pieces of burning rubble.  Michael laid face down on the deck, as he covered the back of his head while burning debris fell about him and the throne chair in the middle of the room was suddenly smashed by a single metal beam as it struck down the center of it sending artistic rock and metal pieces either falling to the deck or flying about.


    When the random explosions stopped, Michael rolled over and sat up as he looked around at the burning wreckage and Michael sighed with satisfaction and said, “Thank God he’s dead.” There was a metal screeching sound and various large metal debris fell away to reveal Serenity and he looked untouched with the exception of a black smudge on his face and his uniform partially ripped on the shoulders and sleeves.  A robotic male voice echoed as Serenity looked up, “Port and Starboard engines 1 and 2 destroyed.  Ship critically damaged.  Entering planetoid Wol III’s atmosphere in t minus thirty-five minutes, twelve-seconds and counting.” Serenity’s face turned red in anger as he screamed, “NOOO!” Michael smirked and made a short laugh before he said, “Sorry dude, good luck on trying to conquer the galaxy without a ship.” Before he knew it, Serenity appeared right in front of him, grabbed him by the collar, lifted him up and punched Michael in the chest sending him flying back and falling into the burning rubble as Serenity screamed in anger.  The broken sliding doors smashed in and Chloe entered with her uniform torn and tattered as her face looked wet and dirty and she yelled, “What the hell happened?” Serenity replied (as he tried to control his anger), “Michael rammed his ship and destroyed both the engines.  In a few minutes this ship will re-enter the atmosphere and crash on the planet’s surface.” Chloe screams, “DAMNIT!” She glowered at Michael as he smiled and gave her the finger.  Chloe turns and starts walking towards Michael with her sword ready, as Michael continues to smile at her, when Serenity said, “Enough.” Michael looks to his left as a large shadow looms over him and sees it is Serenity and Chloe approaches his side as she looked worried and asks, “Are you okay?” Serenity felt where his right eye was and notices that the blood is dry but hydraulic fluid still steadily leaked and he frowned and replied, “At least my robotic functions are able to stop the bleeding, but only slow down the hydraulic leak.” Chloe looked worried and was about to tear part of her uniform till Serenity stopped her and said, “No matter, since I don’t have a right eye anymore.” They heard Michael laughing and they both looked at him as if he was crazy and Chloe asked, “What’s so funny?  You will be dead soon.” Michael tried to stop laughing as he replied, “Looks like we are going down together.” Both Serenity and Chloe looked up as the ship started to shake and saw (where the viewing window was, now replaced with a transparent force field) Wol III growing bigger as the ship began to make re-entry.  Suddenly Michael grabbed a sharp piece of metal as he jumped up and he pulled his arm back when he is struck in the chest by two star blades and he was thrown back to the floor and made a short yelp in pain.  Chloe started pulling out another blade as she yelled, “YOUR BALLS ARE NEXT!” Serenity grabbed her by the shoulders and Chloe struggled under his grasp as Michael tried to sit up again.


    Michael grabbed one of the knives and (while trying to keep from screaming in pain) yanked the knife out of his chest causing blood and hydraulic fluid to leak out till he put his right hand over his chest and applied pressure on it.  Serenity spoke calmly, “Don’t worry my love, this is not the end.  After all, our children are waiting for us.” Michael yanked the other blade out before he screamed in anger, “YOU SON OF A....” Serenity cut him off as he laughed and said, “It’s not my fault!  You neglected to take care of your family and spend quality time with the children!  Instead, you did what I expected!  You cared more about the people that are strangers to us more than our family!  And now, you are paying the price.” Michael screamed, “LET MY CHILDREN GO!  IT IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME!” Chloe yelled back, “NO!  THEY ARE OURS!  And I will marry Serenity and raise our children the way they should be!” She grabbed Serenity by the waist and held him for comfort as Michael (his face red with rage) screamed, “NOOOO!” He grabbed one of the bloody stars that he pulled out, by his side, and threw it at Chloe’s face as he screamed in anger. The knife flew when suddenly Serenity and Chloe dematerialized and the last thing Michael saw was their smiles before they disappeared and the knife flew at empty space and struck the metal wall and bounced off.  Lord Valkyrie watched from the side as the ship began falling about him as the ship’s hull burned during the planet’s reentry phase and the deck below and around him began to buckle and before he knew it, half the forward deck in the room (where he sat) fell and he stretched out his hands and arms to grab onto anything that is solid only to no avail.  Lord Valkyrie stood in empty space as he watched Serenity’s ship continued to burn through reentry and there were multiple explosions as the hull broke away in two large pieces and various medium and small size debris leaving a trail of smoke and fire in its path as it reached the planet’s surface. 

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