The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


1. 1

Blackness, that is the only thing he sees when he hears his name when suddenly there was a blinding flash of white light and it cleared to show Michael’s home world and a young boy with the right side of his head has an almost metallic blond hair while the left side is black as the boy yelled, sadly while looking up, “NO!  COME BACK!” A large, rough hand held onto the boy’s right arm and yanked him back as Michael looked at the man and saw it was his father, Gallactor, and he said firmly, “Quiet boy.” The young boy ignores him as he tried to break his grip as tears rolled down his cheeks as he looks up and yells, “NO!” Michael looks behind them and sees his mother, Methusa, standing next to his older brother, Gabriel, as they looked up to see a small, box shaped ship fly away towards a large ship hovering along the planet’s orbit.  Suddenly there was a bright light that surrounded him and he covered his eyes from the brightness when he heard people screaming and his wife, Chloe, screaming in fury, “YOU’RE A PIECE OF SHIT!” Then he heard his own voice, most likely Lord Serenity, yell, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE!” He looked around to find where his wife and Serenity are but to no avail and he heard a deep, mechanical, male voice say, “You want me to become you.  Here I am.” He then heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed from behind and he turned and saw a large sword raised over him in the hands of a man in a black, body armored suit with an emblem of (what looks like) an eagle over the left chest.  Michael tried looking at his face but it was blinded by a white light and the blade of the sword was suddenly lighted up by a red light and the man made a mechanical yell as he brought the sword down at Michael as Michael raised his hands over his head (as if to block it) and he screamed in fright, not hearing a woman calling out his last name.


    The white blinding light disappeared and saw a woman with orange/red hair looking down at him with a concerned look as she shook him gently and said aloud, “Valkyrie!” Before he knew it, he grasped the woman’s throat and pushed away as he fell forward to the ground on top of her and tried to choke her as he glared at her with furious rage and screamed.  He suddenly stopped and looked side to side with angered confusion as he became aware of his surroundings and looked down at the woman that gave a firm but calm expression as she held his wrists that are around his throat and she asked, “Mr. Valkyrie, you all right.” He let her go and tried to stand up, but ended up falling back onto the floor, as he struggled to stand and the same woman lifted him up beneath his shoulders and half dragged, half carried him back to Valkyrie’s bed and he looked around to see more orange haired women that looked exactly like the woman he was trying to choke in a beat up, worn torn, dirty room with only a worn dirty brown sheet that served as a door to the outside (which is sunny) and the women looked at him with a mixture of fear and shock.  The woman got up, brushed herself off and said aloud, “Get back to work!” The clones at first hesitated but followed her orders and left as they glanced back with concerned looks as the woman extended her hand and Michael looked at it and her with both puzzlement and shock before taking it and was pulled up to his feet.  The woman said, “My name is Miranda Cruz, and up till now I was the leader of my sisters.” Michael looked slightly confused and asked, “Miranda?  What happened?How...” Miranda said, “I think its better if you relax till your legs are fully healed.  We used up of what’s left of the Organic Re-creator and reassembled the mechanical components of your legs to rebuild the ones that you lost.  It will take awhile to explain.” Michael sat on the edge of the bed as Miranda sat next to him and she began to explain.


    Michael yelled, “WHAT?” Miranda did not cringe as he yelled and replied calmly, “Yes Mr. Valkyrie.  It is true.  When we found you, your legs were crushed by a large section of the ship and your entire body was paralyzed due to the fall and one of my sisters was able to repair your mechanical spine.  If you were a total humanoid you would have already been dead.” Michael (still could not grasp what he heard) said, “You mean to tell me that more than half of what I have seen or heard is all an allusion?” Miranda replied, “Yes, the life that you told is mainly all your imagination.  From what we have gathered from what’s left of the databanks on Serenity’s ship the only people that were on the Runabout were you and your wife.” Michael looked down (still in shock) and said, “I don’t even have a sister?” Miranda replied coldly, “That is correct.” He sat there for a few moments till he stood up and walked towards the entrance, with Miranda (wearing what appears to be a robe) standing behind him as he moved back the curtain (that is improvised as a front door) and looked outside.


    He saw a large, pen shaped ship with a single rocket in the back as Miranda’s clones walked up and down the side ramp either empty handed or bringing in various parts that as Michael scanned them with his visual sensors saw they were parts of Serenity’s crashed ship.  Michael asked, “How long was I unconscious?” Miranda replied, “Three months.” Michael asked again, “Where do you plan on going, once you leave?” Miranda answered, “We researched the planet with highly advanced technology that you dreamt about, as we observed your consciousness on that ship’s mind reader, and found the planet Saa that is ten sectors away and we plan to go there.” Michael asked, “And what do you plan on doing when you reach there?” Miranda replied, “If you ever awake we are hoping you will tell us.” Michael looked at her shocked till she saw the seriousness in her blue eyes and he looked at her with stern confidence before he looked back out onto the rest of her working clones and he said, “In that case we don’t have much time to lose.” He then walked out as Miranda looked at him, perplexed till she saw him removed his black leather jacket and under shirt to reveal his exposed, muscular upper body in the sun and handed them to her and said, “Put these back on my bed and join us.  We have a lot to do in order for us to get out of here.” She took them as she nodded in reply and set the jacket and shirt on his bed before leaving the room and joining Michael’s side outside.


    The first thing Michael did is he saw eight clones trying to push up an unpowered large, four truck wheeled cart loaded with power cables and removable control consoles up the ramp but to no avail.  Michael yelled, “Clones on the cart!  Get on the sides and guide it up!  I’ll take it from here!” They turned and saw Michael take their place (to their amazement) and he began to push as his feet dug into the ground before the ramp and the cart slowly began moving up.  The clones immediately moved on each side of the cart and guided it up the ramp as they pushed and the large cart moved up faster till it reached the top and inside the large hanger.  Since he helped push the cart into the hanger and the clones unloaded the cables and console parts, Michael went about the ship ordering and advising the clones of how to put the ship together and assigned tasks to each group of clones.  He organized 100 clones to work in the inside of the ship and connect all the power cables and other parts to get the ship and engine running while the other 100 scrounged whatever is left from the wrecked half of Serenity’s ship and (with the aide of Michael) carried or pushed them in the large carts into the ship and offload them for the rest of the day.


    On the afternoon of the next day, Michael stood over a sand dune as he drank a bottle of water and watched the desert like Savannah terrain.  He eyesight then displayed, “Detect life sign.” He then looked along the horizon till his visual sensors zoomed in on a patch of sand and rock, next to a sand dune a few yards away and he noticed (what appears to be) a black patch of ground.  He grabbed a saw-off shotgun from his belt and walked towards it till he noticed it wasn’t just the ground was black, but it was a ruffle of black feathers.  Michael looked perplexed and said, “What the...” Suddenly the sand around the group of feathers flew into the air and almost blinded Michael as he tried to cover his eyes and was suddenly knocked back and fell to the ground with his back pinned and as he fell he immediately threw up his hands and held back whoever was on top of him.  He tried to look up but suddenly he heard the sound of what he believes is a crow as it cawed loudly making Michael cringe as his ears hurt.  When he finally looked up he tried to keep a straight face as he gazed to a face of a woman.  She had brown hair that just past her shoulders, blue eyes, dark red lips and light brown skin on her face and hands while the rest of her upper body is covered with black and dark blue feathers and wearing black long pants and human feet.  Michael said, “I have to admit.  I have not meet a beautiful half bird and human before.” She lowered her face closer to his as she sniffed and Michael looked at her with an odd expression when out of the blue she licked his left cheek and he cringed and turned his face to the right and said, “Eww, disgusting.” She then looked at him as if angered by what he said as Michael looked back at her and said, “If you are trying to kiss me, do it properly.  Like this.” To the bird woman’s surprise Michael grabbed both sides of her head and Michael kissed her hard as she looked wide eyed.  Suddenly she flew and was on her feet as she cawed again and Michael quickly grabbed the sawed-off shotgun lying to his right and got on his feet as well and pointed it at her as she stood, crouched and looked like she was ready to fight. 


    Miranda suddenly appeared over the sand dune behind Michael and yelled, “Valkyrie are you...” She saw the bird woman (as do some of her clones behind her) and she immediately pulled out a pipe made rifle as did the other clones to the left and right of her and aimed it at the woman as the bird woman looked up at them wide eyed but Michael called out, “Ms. Cruz stand down!  And tell the others to do the same!” She lowered her rifle and looked to her left and right and said, “You heard our leader.” Some of the clones looked at each other with worried expressions but lowered the rifles as well.  The bird woman looked from left to right at the clones as Michael raised his left hand as if to calm her and said, “It’s all right, no one is going to hurt you.  My name is Michael Valkyrie, what’s yours?” The bird woman looked at him curiously and blinked her eyes (as if she is a bird) and replied, “Gala.  You don’t belong here.” Michael replied, “Yes, and I’m sure you don’t belong here as well.” He then holstered the sawed-off shotgun and had both of his hands up (in a calming motion) and he said, “It’s all right.  We are planning to leave this planet.  You are welcome to join us if you like.” She sniffed the air in the clones and Michael’s direction and she replied, “Yes, but, you are not like the others.” Michael replied, “No I’m not.” He moved his right open hand to the direction of his hut and asked, “May we talk in my quarters?” She cringed at him and asked, “Why your home?” He cringed as well (worried) and replied, “Cause I think you need a bath.” She cocked her head at him and gave him a curious look and asked, “What’s a bath?” Dead silence as some of the clones gawked at her but Michael gave no indication of shock and said, “I’ll show you.” And she walked over towards him as he lead and said to himself, “Oh boy.” 


    Two cloned guards stood outside of a square, metal improvised hut with their pipe shaped rifles and ragged uniforms when the sounds of cawing and screeching echoed over the running water inside the hut as the guards cringed from the loud noises.  Inside, Gala (pant less) thrashed about in the shower screeching and cawing as Michael tried to hold/wash her and he yelled, “Hold still damnit!” Gala screamed, “I HATE WATER!  CAW!” And black and blue loose feathers flew from her body and into the air and either fell in the shower or into the bathroom as Michael yelled, “Damn you woman!”  


    When they finished Gala (bottom exposed) ran out of the bathroom and jumped on top of Michael’s bed and began thrashing about to dry herself off, even as Michael just stood outside the bathroom with a towel in hand as he looked irritated with scratch marks on his face, chest and arms (with a towel wrapped around his waist).  Michael said, “Didn’t I say before, a towel is meant to dry yourself off with?” She stopped thrashing and looked at him with an angry expression and made a single caw sound and Michael just sighed and shook his head.  Gala then sniffed the air in Michael’s direction and asked, “What makes me so attractive to you?” Michael then looked up perplexed and asked, “Do read peoples minds just by sniffing the air at them?” Gala cringed and replied, “No, but I can sense their feelings.  All of my species can.” Michael said, “Interesting. To answer your question, is your beauty and your personality.” Gala cocked her head and asked, “What do you know about my personality?” Michael replied, “I know beneath your bird like traits you are kind hearted, curious and will do anything to stay alive and keep people from trying to change what you are really are.” Gala looked a little astounded and asked, “You got that just by looking at me?” Michael replied, “Yes, for I am half man and half machine.” Gala suddenly moved back at the edge of the bed, away from Michael, as she looked shocked and made a low caw sound and said, “That explains why you smell differently.” Michael replied, “Yes.” They continued to look at each other till Gala slowly stepped off the bed and walked fast towards Michael and before Michael knew it she embraced him and kissed him hard (to his shock) before she pulled back and said, “Is that how females express their love in your home world?” Michael first looked shocked and then smiled and said, “Not quiet.” And he dropped the towel (he was holding for her) and they both embraced each other as they began kissing and moved towards the bed.  Outside there was a single loud caw sound that made the guards cringe before there were more cawing sounds (but not as loud) coming from Michael’s hut and the guards turned their heads slowly and looked at each other, even as the cawing quickly died away, before they turned their heads back outwards still at attention. 

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