Bitter sweet

Bad obnoxious,(bitter), wolf boy meets
Good, shy,(sweet), wolf, girl
How will this end?
Find out....


4. Misty

What a fatefully awkward meeting with that strange dude. He looked scary. He had a huge bruise on his cheek I don´t even wanna know where he got that from. Someone suddenly started shouting, I looked behind me. It was the guy from before. What is wrong with him? Why is he following me? I was lost the mazes of corridors bewildered me. Figuratively speaking I was a duck in an ocean. The wall color slowly faded into a redish color the more I ran. Suddenly A bell worse then a dog whistle rang,  I screeched to a stop covering my ears. Doors slammed open and pale students oozed out of the rooms. The red walls and the pale students told me something bad was going to happen. I felt someone yank me out of the crowds of students. I looked ahead it was the weird creepy stalker dude that was chasing me earlier. ¨Hey what the....¨ I stumbled over my words then finally came to a conclusion. ¨Who are you and why do I sense something bad´s going to happen?¨

¨My name is mark and there not regular people there vampire that hate us. Your obviously new here since you don´t know anything about anything here.¨


¨Excuse me but your kinda dumb.¨ Suddenly I felt an opposite force grab my other hand and pull me away from mark. ¨OWW THAT HURTS LET GO¨ I screeched. I looked at the hand that grabbed mine and followed that hand up to a face. it was a pale student baring its..... fangs?

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