Bitter sweet

Bad obnoxious,(bitter), wolf boy meets
Good, shy,(sweet), wolf, girl
How will this end?
Find out....


2. Misty

Misty POV

It was my first time being in a school where my kind were. I was ´bout ready to go hide in a corner. I've always gone to human schools and got mocked for my ears and wolf looking body finished with a huge black tail. ¨Freak...¨ Kept echoing in my head ever since I got in this place. My head was wondering the stars by now, then it hit me. I had crashed into someone and heard all of my text books fall out of my hands and scatter all over the floor, And not to mention my binder which is huge decided to grow wings and fly out of my hands and drop to the floor like a duck that had just been shot down. It echoed through the long musty hallways followed along with complete silence it was embarrasing and awkward enough until I looked up. A pale wolf human with white silverish hair and blue eyes. Followed along with white wolf ears. He was wearing a blue t-shirt with baggy shorts, finished with a jean jacket.


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