Bitter sweet

Bad obnoxious,(bitter), wolf boy meets
Good, shy,(sweet), wolf, girl
How will this end?
Find out....


3. Mark

Marks POV

Huh, I couldve laughed at her but, I felt a strong urge to help her up. Why? I´m not exactly your idea of nice, kind and friendly person. Reality hits you and i´m quite the opposite. I leaned forward to help her up but she scrambled backwards towards the wall. With a pip-squeak voice she managed to say,

¨Please dont hurt me.¨

¨And... why would I do that?¨ I grunted. She looked up at me like I was the devil or something. She quickly gathered up her things and said, ¨I must go now¨ She ran down the corridor leading towards the vampire/Human-vampire section of the school . ¨Obviously new here.¨ I mumbled. For a split second I stood there. Then I ran after her.... Wait what? Why, was she running away from me in the first place? Better yet, Why was I running after her!??!?!?

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