Bitter sweet

Bad obnoxious,(bitter), wolf boy meets
Good, shy,(sweet), wolf, girl
How will this end?
Find out....


1. Mark

                                                                                                Bitter sweet                                                                                            Marks POV


¨I swear im gonna kill that little...¨ I mumbled to myself. ¨Calm down bro¨ Henry sighed, ¨its not the end of the world just because you got hit in the face¨ Henry continued.  We were walking down the corridor, the aqua looking wall paint specified this section of the school as werewolf/Wolf/human-wolf. Lockers were trailing in front and behind us with there dark blue paint. There was a girl up ahead she had black pageboy cut hair with ears down, she looked about the same age as us. She was definitely up in la-la-land right now, with the glazed look over her eyes. We heard a huge crash by the corridor leading down to more rooms. Me and Henry stopped to look at the ruckus down the hallway. Then suddenly I felt something smash into the side of me.


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