Samual Black is different.Hes not a normal human. He dosnt fit in with the werewolves or with the vampiers or with the shifters ,but he doesnt fit in with the humens eaither. Hes an outcast. An outsider. But his blood. It nothing anyone has ever seen before. Theres power in his blood. Power everyone wants to keep.© Bonnie™ 2017. All rights reserved.


2. Chapter Two

'' Why does Ora want me?’’ Sam said confused. Which he had every right to be. Ora is the head leader of the shifter community. Just like Eric is  the head leader of the vampire community and so on and so on in the supernatural world. Every supernatural race had a queen or a king to answer too.  Rozaline answered  to Ora. Samuel did not. He was neither werepanther, suknie, vamp or anything else. From one point of standerd he was still human. Humans didn't  go by supernatural laws as the supernaturals skimmed against human laws.So why would the queen want me to attend some supernatural get together?
''I don't know'' Rozaline says just as curious as Samuel. She leaned back in the sofa and crossed her legs, tapping her red manicured nails on her knee.        

''The Queen  wouldn't tell anyone-not even me- whats going on.Maybe only the people on The Council and a few elete others only know whats doin' ''  

she says as she pulled out a thick manilla  folder  and tossed it on the coffee table in front of me.

''Whats this?''
''Agin i'm clueless, but she told me to give this to you. You can read it on the plain on our way to Shreveport''
''We?'' Samual says.
She cocked her head  the side. ''Yes..we. Why do you think i'm here? I mean it was nice to see ya again Sammy boy , but you don't really have a choice in this.

Ive been assigned to escort you to shiverport rather it by free will or by force. I'd rather just have you come with me willingly, but if i have to drag you by that curly ass black hair of yours all the way there then i will''

Her eyes watched him with a  level of calmness and focus. As if she were prepared to pounce if Samuel  decided to run. Rozaline wasn't just  a pack leader but she  was apart of the queens elite Hunters and worked for the queen from time to time to track down and bring in people "under the radar" . Samuel wasn't  exactly sure what else Rozaline did for the queen - rather that be legal or illegal because  he'd never ask. Hed never wanted to know. Never  wanted to get too far in with the supernatural world.

Too late. That ship had sailed a long time ago no matter how much he didn't  want to admit it. He knew too much..or ed least knew enough  that would get any "normal human" killed. And here he was digging himself deeper.

The Queen of all shifters and werewolves wanted to have an audience with him in front of all the other supernatural  royal-ties.

As he glaced at Rosaline he realized pretty damn well that he in fact did not have a choice. Just like she'd said. Those black high heels and  baby blue eyes didn't fool him in the least. And running was frutal. Even if Samuel did get lucky and lose Rozaline on the run, there would be more coming after him. He didn't really have a choice.

Samuel  ran his hand  threw his hair and over his tired eyes  as he  groaned  and glanced at the clock on the wall. The three cups of coffee he'd chugged were wearing off.
He stood up from the couch and walked to the kitchen as Rosalie  stared him down. "Fine"
He placed his mug in the sink and washed it out.


"I'll fucking  go" he said turning the water off.

"But I need sleep Roze. I'm tired."

A smirk spread across her face as she watched him.

"Want me to tuck you in baby" She said her blue eyes twinkling. He knew Rozaline  was only half serious just as he was always half serious. Half. But tonight he just wasn't in the mood. Not tonight. They'd  have time to play later. Maybe.

If he lived that long. Ten days from now until the Ball. Now didn't he feel like Cinderella.

"Night Roze" he said walking towards his bedroom door.

"Night Sammy"

Samuel didn't have to turn his head to know that she was no longer on the couch. She always did that.  Vanishing suddenly and repairing out of nowhere. He was used to it. Just like he'd  grown used to everything else.

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