Samual Black is different.Hes not a normal human. He dosnt fit in with the werewolves or with the vampiers or with the shifters ,but he doesnt fit in with the humens eaither. Hes an outcast. An outsider. But his blood. It nothing anyone has ever seen before. Theres power in his blood. Power everyone wants to keep.© Bonnie™ 2017. All rights reserved.


1. Chapter One

From first glance Rozaline Aveyard didn't look at all intimidating….sweet and innocent maybe but never anything to be afraid off. With her curly pale hair cascading down her shoulders rosey red lips and  big blue eyes you'd think even a slight breeze might tip her over and leave her in the dust and leaves. But  you’d be wrong. Behind that angelic face was a vicious animal. Capable of doing menacing things. Those  pale slim fingers could rip a man 20 times her built and height into pieces. That enchanted smile could become malicious snarl at any moment and that beautiful voice commanded thousand of weres and shifters in  combined area. She was the pack Alpha for the Cronan Wolves. A deathly pack hidden in the Shiverport area.She didn't have more  people than Ora but She ranked high enough in power that even the vamps knew not to walce into her area un-announced.  She gained as much respect and fear as Ora or Erik . That and she was a total bitch. But Samuel didn't find her one bit scary.He found her amusing.. Rozaline Aveyard was tolerable unlike most of the supernaturals  he'd accidently came across over the centuries. He couldn't really call her a friend. More like unforgettable  acontece maybe? Or stalker girl.It had been his luck running into her in Vergina. Looking at her he couldn't tell if that was good or bad luck.  Although he hadn't known her as  Rozaline Aveyard the  ‘’scary ass pack leader’’ born to be feared and  respected he’d  definitely known something had been..different with her.  He'd spent centuries avoiding supernatural beings. He could spot one from a million miles away. Apparently she’d spotted me too. She'd known Samuel wasn't completely human. She'd spotted the difference most humans or sups did not notice until he bled. But when she appeared out of thin air in his bedroom scaring him half to death out of his sleep with her eyes glowing in the darkness he did not find her amusing.

‘’Oh..did i scare you’’ Rozaline had  said . She had the audacity to sound amused . Shed appeared out of the darkness smiling eyes glowing silver.  His fear turned into annoyance.

‘’What do you think Roze’’

Samual says glaring at her in the darkness.

‘’I think you won't sound so annoyed with me once you hear what i have to say.’’


‘’So what you're saying is-’’

‘’Is that Ora herself has demanded your appearance at the royal Bloom Ball next Thursday in Shreveport.. And you have no choice but to follow her orders. ‘’

It was 3:oo in the morning. He hadn't gotten any sleep last night and had barely gotten any tonight. So he wasn't surprised when Rozaline gave him a are you stupid look. He had to admit he was acting a little slow. Downing a cup of black coffee he hoped it would wake him up. Make at least one part of his brain jerk into  gear.

Sam was currently glaring at Rozaline over the rim of his coffee cup, legs spread elbows on his knees, eyebrows pulled to a frown in the most intriguing way that Rozaline could help but to stare back.  He was staring for so long Rozaline thought for a second he'd fallen asleep with his eyes open.  


‘’Why does Ora want me?’’ Sam said confused. Which he had every right to be. Ora is the head leader of the shifter community. Just like Eric is  the head leader of the vampire community and so on and so on in the supernatural world. Every supernatural had a queen or a king to answer too.  Rozaline answered  to Ora. Samuel did not. He was neither werepanther, suknie, vamp or anything else. From one point of standerd he was still human. Humans didn't  go by supernatural laws as the supernaturals skimmed against human laws. So why would the queen want me to attend some supernatural get together?V

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