The song of two beating hearts

Poetry made by me and my coauthor for the co compitition


2. Nothing~Anna

Wake up in the morning and look in the mirror.

Is there any light there?
No, just darkness, behind these eyes.

I told you to help me,

Called out to you.

But you never came.

You shut me out and say nothing.

Tell myself to not look in the mirror.

But everyday I see all of these people around me.

Beautiful and handsome.

Blond haired and blue eyed.

Athletic and strong.

Brunette and hazel eyed.

So many different combinations,

So many different people.

So many different personalities.

So why do you not see me?
I am that bad? 

What's wrong with me??

So alone and not driven.

So short that you wouldn't notice me.

I thought that you almost liked me.

But then as always,

I messed it up.

And made it back to the beginning again.


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