diary of the living Punching bag

Hello guys this is going to be my first "story" since i signed up for movellas. So i really hope you enjoy. It's about this girl who spends her life as human punching bag and she writes in her diary everyday. Meaning that she gets bullied and she gets abused by her father. Who became an alcoholic after her mother died in a car crash on the way from the bar. Her dad was driving and he looks to drinking as an escape but he takes it out on her. She has one friend but she starts dating this really cool guy from another school. Jane is her name. She's alone most of the time now. Until........
she meets this guy named Ryan. He and her talk every night. He is her escape from the real world. Do they get together. Do they run away. Let's find out.


3. The nightmare



                                                                                                                                                           May 22 2015



                                  Dear Diary,


              This morning I woke up with sweat everywhere on my bed and my pillow. I had a nightmare  i dreamed that i was the one driving that night and im the one who caused my mom to die. My mom isn't here anymore. I lost the person who cared the most about me. My dad is still in the hospital they sent my mom to the funeral home or wherever they send people when they die. Im so scared to go back to school. It hard enough that i only have one friend and i mean she does keep me company but she can't stop what they do to me. They already push me around they knock the books out of my hands. They laugh at me. Just because of what happened with Blair (captain of the football team). I never get a break until i get home. Its horrible. But now that the word has gotten around about my dad drinking and driving and it killed my mom you can only imagine what they are going to say. Some people already have sent me messages on Facebook about it saying my dad is a murder and deserves to be in prison and that hes gonna kill me next and that im gonna be just like him. Me and my mom were closer than me and my dad. I mean i didn't hate him and he didn't hate me but i wasn't what he hoped Sorry to disappoint i guess. I have a older brother yes. Hes 21 now and in collage so he doesn't play sports anymore. So my dad thought that when i got into high school i would be on the basketball team but my dream isn't as important. Im into photography and cooking. Basic girl roles in the world right? At least thats what my dad thought. My mom on the other hand was happy for me. After they had me my mom decided no more kids. Lol. So i was the last hope. I haven't called my brother yet. But i probably should. since nobody else has or can





So i called my brother he was mad for a minute because i didn't care once it happened or whatever. But i didn't know what to do or how to handle it myself so what did he expect me to day. I was in shock and i still am. Hes already on his way here, it's about like 5 hours away. It'll feel much better with him here with me tonight. Dad gets out tomorrow so that should be good right? I hope so. He asked me how am i holding up. I said im fine. How? because i can write all my feelings down and thats the best way to do it, to handle stuff.


1. scared

2. alone

3. Confused

4. angry

5. Depressed


7. Hopeless

8. Helpless

9. sad

10. mad


Thats about it really im only mad because how can god just take away a loving and caring person like my mom she has and would had done anything for anyone. But he decides to take the good ones first. Maybe there is a reason and maybe there isn't i dont know but what i do know is that it wasn't her time to go!










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