diary of the living Punching bag

Hello guys this is going to be my first "story" since i signed up for movellas. So i really hope you enjoy. It's about this girl who spends her life as human punching bag and she writes in her diary everyday. Meaning that she gets bullied and she gets abused by her father. Who became an alcoholic after her mother died in a car crash on the way from the bar. Her dad was driving and he looks to drinking as an escape but he takes it out on her. She has one friend but she starts dating this really cool guy from another school. Jane is her name. She's alone most of the time now. Until........
she meets this guy named Ryan. He and her talk every night. He is her escape from the real world. Do they get together. Do they run away. Let's find out.


5. The day of the funeral





​June 1st 2015        



​                                             Dear diary,



                 ​Today is the day, i haven't seen my mom since the accident and im honestly scared to. What if she looks different. I mean of course she is but like different in a BAD way like i can't recognize her? That could be the worse thing to happen in the world. I don't know maybe im just over thinking everything thats gonna happen. I've been dressed and ready for two hours. Im wearing a black dress with tights and black heels. My mom would love the outfit. She always wanted me to wear dresses all the time. Lilly should be here soon too. She's gonna stay with me this weekend so i have someone to go to school with on Monday. Because me and her both know thats gonna be a lot of fun. Kids stare at me and laugh and shit. The norm tbh.  Me and my brother are waiting for our dad to finish up so we can go it starts at 2 and its 1 now. Hes never motivated anymore. I honestly hate seeing him like this. It's not right. even though we never really had a bond he was a good dad and he was full of energy all the time. Thats why its not right. He said he was fine but i dont believe him. wait there is someone at my door. It was my dad he said he would meet us there so imma go and ill write about it later.






                        Well That was the worst thing i have ever done. I never want to see another funeral home in my life. Its true shes actually gone. It never actually hit my until today. I will never see my mom again. What if there is no heaven or hell. We just die and lay in the ground to get ate by bugs and worms. What if their is no after life. I want to see my mom again. Oh please if there is a god please allow and please oh please let there actually be a after life. Thinking i wont ever see her again kills me inside.

                               On the other hand. My dad showed up late. 45 minutes late, and guess what. HE WAS DRUNK as fuck. What makes him thank that, that was okay? I can't believe him. Hes in bed now My brother brought him home early and put him to bed. I just can't believe he couldn't stay sober for this night. The night he says goodbye to his wife forever. What kind of monster is he? Something is seriously wrong with him. But his doctor told me to let him cope and handle things his way or it could get bad. so i guess thats just what I'll do. Goodnight


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