diary of the living Punching bag

Hello guys this is going to be my first "story" since i signed up for movellas. So i really hope you enjoy. It's about this girl who spends her life as human punching bag and she writes in her diary everyday. Meaning that she gets bullied and she gets abused by her father. Who became an alcoholic after her mother died in a car crash on the way from the bar. Her dad was driving and he looks to drinking as an escape but he takes it out on her. She has one friend but she starts dating this really cool guy from another school. Jane is her name. She's alone most of the time now. Until........
she meets this guy named Ryan. He and her talk every night. He is her escape from the real world. Do they get together. Do they run away. Let's find out.


4. The brother




                                                                                                                                                                  May 24th 2015


                                                                            Dear diary,



                       My brother is here and i cant be more glad. He's made the past two days feel so much better. Hes helped a lot. And we picked up dad yesterday. He feels fine. I dont know how he got away with nothing but a broken finger a black eye and a couple cutes and burses. But im glad one of them made it. Even though one didn't. I wouldn't know what to do with neither of them. Today my brother and I went and talked to our dads boss and he said that he will be suspended for 120 days. Until this all blows over? Thats not right. Anyways i dont know what we are going to do my bother will be going back to collage after moms funeral and then there is just me and dad. Yay. Not. It going to be so hard. Dont get me wrong i love my dad and all but we aren't the best of friends. Maybe this will get us closer than before. Because we'll need each other more than ever now. My dad has been locked in his room for the past day in a half and i dont know how to talk to him. He hasn't ate seen he left the hospital and he needs to. They say he will have depression or something until he can cope with it. It like the stages of divorce or whatever. Acceptance is the last stage and can take a long time to get to. lets hope not to long.



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