Her lies

Something I wish would happen. Mainly for me and @mariebvb6325.


3. My POV

I was walking out of my last class of the day when ms.pom-poms herself walked up to me. "Why do you insist on hooking up with every girl in this school?" I just pushed past her, trying to get to my locker. I felt arms grab me up from behind and I snapped. I kicked backwards as hard as I could and swung around. "Don't you ever touch me again! If you EVER touch me, I WILL kill you, understood?!" She nodded and walked away, mumbling about how much of a slut I was. As soon as she did, I ran up to her and punched her dead in the face. I heard everyone egg us on, but I focused on the issue at hand. She swung at me, but I was already on the other side of her. I was about to punch her again, but mistress caught me up. "Mia stella! Do not hit her, she isn't worth it. I backed away and started walking to my locker when Miranda (the cheerleader) grabbed me and punched me. I felt it and all of the other girls hits before I finally was let go of. I lay on the ground for a while before Selena tried to wake me up. "Little doe! wake up!" I felt her tears and I reached up to wipe them away. "I'm okay. I'll be okay." I walked away and made sure she didn't follow. I finally felt the pain from years of humiliation and abuse start coming out, so I ran to the bathroom, crying out my eyes. I was hurting too much to care about anything or anyone, so I got my razorblade out of my pocket and cut my wrist, making sure I could feel the pain. I started thinking about Selena, which made me cry harder and try to stop the blood flow. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I love you. I thought of how fast the pain would end,then I was out.



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