Her lies

Something I wish would happen. Mainly for me and @mariebvb6325.


1. My POV

I was tired. All day everyone was whispering about me, but I just scrunched into myself. Let them whisper, let them talk. All they are is little white lies. I was listening to one of my personal songs that I had made when I heard the laughter. “Look at her, always walking around…” “She’s always on that computer...” “What does she do?” I ignored them and continued walking, listening to music on my tablet. I felt someone bump into me and laugh, letting everyone know that they did it on purpose. I felt the anger well up and try to let loose, but I kept walking to my gym class. I walked up the bleachers and got onto my movella account, automaticly looking for mariebvb6325.


Baby Girl 3902: hey babe, how are you today?

Mariebvb6325: It was good, but I want to play ;)

Baby Girl 3902: O-o-okay, l-l-lets pl-pl-play.


I sat there trembling when I noticed a really hot girl looking up at me with her nose scrunched up. I just smiled evily and looked back at my screen.


Mariebvb6325: *stalks close to you* what do you want little doe

Baby Girl 3902: *gulps* you


I started shaking and breathing hard and I was pretty sure my pupils were dialated. I looked up and just so happened to see the girl stand up and grab her stuff, walking over to my spot. Everyone was watching her and whispering. Okay, fine. She wants to be shunned by the school, fine, not my fault. I looked back down and realized that my gf (I think) had yet to respond. I felt my brows start to crease and I felt the desire turn into fear.


Baby Girl 3902: babe, you there?

Mariebvb6325: …

I was starting to get scared when I felt the girl sit beside me. I started tensing up and trying to scoot away, but she grabbed me and hung on. “Now, why would you want to do that? We have been talking all this time, haven’t we? I mean, you are Rae-Anne, right?” I looked over and sucked in a sharp breath. “Selena? No, can’t be, you don’t even live around here.” She started moving her face towards mine and talking. “I moved here to see you. I wanted to see how you looked like in person, and I have to say, I like what I see.” She was close enough to notice my pupils getting larger. I was breathing shakely, trying not to let her see how much this affected me. Then I heard the whispering. “Why is that girl sitting so close to Rae-Anne? Unless she’s one of those unnattural people.” I looked over and found who was talking. It was one of the cheerleaders that had hated me since day one. I started to get up to go tell her where to shove her pom-poms when I felt lips on mine. I felt and heard gasps ignite from around the room. I couldn’t move, but that didn’t matter. I didn’t care, I wanted this to last forever. I leaned in to the kiss and started to close my eyes when she pulled away. I saw her smirking when I opened my eyes. “Have you never been kissed before? If so, good. I’m glad to be your first.” I shook my head, trying to speak. “N-n-no, you’re n-n-not. I-i-i’ve been k-k-kissed before.” She smiled and shook her head. “Well now we can act out all our little role-play games any time you want to. Also, where’s the bathroom?” I stood up and almost fell flat on my face. “Woah! You okay?” I nodded and started blushing. I showed her where the bathroom was and started walking away when she grabbed my arm, pulling me so that my back was against her chest. “Where are you going?” She said, nibbling my neck. I felt my breathing rate accelerate and it was getting harder to talk. I felt wetness between my legs, causing me to try to cover up the evidence. “Naughty, naughty, naughty. You’re wet already. Come on.” I walked in and let myself get lead into the bathroom. I sat down on the seat, looking down at my hands so that she couldn’t see my face. “Look at me. I want to see your face.” I looked up and saw her eyes were just as big as mine. I saw her lean down and get as close to my mouth as she could without touching mine, moving her hands between my legs. “Wait, what are you doing?” I let out a gasp of suprise when she touched me. I started moving my hips and trying to get as close to her mouth as I could. “Please, kiss me.” I managed to groan out. She moved her hand and her mouth, causing me to whimper. “What are you doing? Don’t stop!” She smirked at how much of a common whore I was acting like. “Turn around and bend over.” I nodded and bent over, getting ready for what she was about to do. I felt her kiss a trail along the back of my neck, causing me to shiver with pleasure. I was so engrossed in the way her mouth was making me feel, I almost didn’t notice her hand moving to the insides of my thigh. I started whimpering and moving my hips, begging for more. She smiled against my neck and bit down. I felt that bite all the way down to my toes, making me even wetter. I started moaning and rocking my hips to the tempo of her fingers, trying to make her go faster. “Shhh, Mia Stella. We can’t get caught or we won’t be able to do this very often.” I nodded and bit down on the insides of my cheeks to try to help. I was getting used to the feelings of her fingers when she removed them. I looked over at her and she smiled. “Turn around for me.” I did as she said and turned around. She put her fingers back and, as a bonus, started kissing me. I grabbed her hair and moaned into her mouth, pushing my hips against her fingers. I was getting closer to the edge, and she knew it, so she upped the tempo. I started moaning even more and moving even faster until, finally, I came. When I did, I started screaming into her mouth, trembling and bucking my hips. “You okay sweetheart?” I nodded and put my head on her shoulder, gulping in deep breaths. “I’m fine.” I managed to gasp out. I started calming down and breathing deeper and slower. “Let’s go. We still have class.” I nodded and walked out hand-in-hand with her.

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