Her lies

Something I wish would happen. Mainly for me and @mariebvb6325.


4. Her POV

I walked home after I said by too my little baby girl at school. Entering the apartment I had bought I realized how empty it really was. I had all the furniture but no one else besides me was her. I threw my bag on the ground and plopped down on the couch. Pulling my legs up to my chest I turned on some of the superfruit videos I saved and listened to their laughter and playfulness as I let my mind wonder to Rae-anne. What was she doing and if she was ok. I missed her so much already. I looked over at the clock and saw that it flashed 8:00 pm at me and I sighed. Getting up and walking to the bathroom I turned on the shower and stripped, looking in the mirror I watched as a tear silently fell down the left side of my face. I had always been so careful to avoid looking in the mirror and now I'm forcing myself to look at everything I hate was stairing right back at me. I quickly stepped in the shower and tried to forget every ounce of myself I just saw but I ended up finishing my shower and collapsing to the floor shaking and crying. this is how I fall asleep, naked, alone, upset, and crying.

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