Dragonriders of pern, The return to Terra

Fanfiction on Dragonriders of pern a book series by Anne Mccaffrey.
The change of the path of the red star was a successes and pern is freed from its dangerous enemy but unknowingly to the people of pern the red star now passes Earth. The humans on earth who are not used to the dangers of thread fall send out a signal with technology far beyond that of pern asking for help. But the riders of the weyrs are unwilling to help so a single bronze rider and his dragon takes it on themselves to try and save Terra. As they jump between traveling to Terra they meet the girl Willow whom they bring back to Pern to stand for a clutch so she can gain a firebreathing dragon to fight thread with back on earth. But things docent's go after the plan when Willow impress a golden queen.


5. The first Candidate of Terra, IV

Pern, fall turn 9002, interval, Fort Weyr, Weyr Bowl  
The jump from the warehouse to the Square was on thing, She had been in the empty space for only a few seconds but know it appeared that minutes had passed. And she felt as if her lungs could explode, her lungs were burning and her head getting light. Would she die here? in a space of nothing? No, she could not! if she died then the earth would be lost and she have no chance to save it. She had to make it she had to go to Pern and impress a dragon so that she one day could return to fight thread. She pulled herself closer to No'rk who moved lightly be her touch, but his movements were slow and Wiroths voice touched her mind telling her not to worry. And then they were over the weyr. The sharp sunlight had her groan in pain her lungs burning as she breaths sharply, they made it they were back. A voice echoed in her mind, it wasn't Wiroths this one was female, and somehow seemed older. Then another one and one more voices rang in her mind like a deafening humming and she pressed her head aginst No'rks back groaning apparently The rider realized that something where wrong. The bronze get on the ground and for a while, he was along until another bronze landed in front of him his voice cutting clearly through the humming You disobeyed a direct order, you both did! The large bronze growled and his rider dismounted claiming his bronze he signed No'rk to dismount as well but surprise crossed his face as the man's eyes landed on her.  Even his great bronze seemed surprised to find a girl clinging to No'rk.  Who is she Wiroth? The other bronze spoke his voice demanding and clearly not accepting silence for an answer. "Rember Hear all's are not seen with kind eye, no one can know." No'rk whispered as he dismounted helping her down on the ground She is Willow Casandra black of new your City Hold, Will agreed to come to pern and stand as a candidate to save Terra. Wiroths voice was calm as he spoke, however, the other dragon snarled as he looked at her. "Is this true?" He asked eyeing Will as he spoke to No'rk "Yes sir" the bronze rider spoke.  "No'rk you broke the rules and put both yourself and your dragon in danger by doing so."  No'rk bowed his head as "I now sir but I could not stand by while tread ripped Terra apart." the older rider cut him off "Pern have survived Thread for generations and so.." Will spoke up her voice angry "Maybe but you have a way of defending yourself earth don't!" she pulled free from No'rk her body swing for a moment as the whispers and humming of dragon voices grew larger. "We can't defend ourselves, our farms are destroyed and food is running out, good men die trying to defend us from a foe we can't fight." she said feeling her head get heavy and every things seemed to be spinning as the voices of the dragons increased in her head. Her head felt like it could explode. As the bronze snarled to enter weyr She should not be here she does not belong! and as if a switch hade been pushed the weyr exploded in dragon voices. Will cried out in agony as she placed her hands to her head, No'rk and the other bronze rider along with the other people who by know had made I to them looked at her in surprise. And then she collapsed, No'rk managed to catch her before she hit the ground.    


Pern, fall turn 9002, interval, Fort Weyr Infirmary  
"if she is sick she must go back, we can't risk her sickness spreading to the rest of us what if it spreads to the dragons as well?" The bronze riders who had been in the bowl spoke his voice hushed but clearly disapproving of her. But a woman's voice warmer and calm broke him off "With all respect Weryleader, she doesn't appear to be sick. Actually, her health seems to be more than fine." and a hand were placed to her forehead. "Pleas L'er I seen Terra they need help, she could help them." Another woman's voice broke No'rk off, "No'rk you know as well as any of us that one dragon will not save Terra. But I stand by the other Weyrleaders decision traveling between Terra and Earth is and will stay forbidden." silence filled the room and her toughs wandered the humming in her head had started to return and she groan. "She is vaiking!" the first woman's voice rang around her, "I guess you better give her the news then No'rk, while she is saved from thread she will not be returning to Terra ever again. And you No'rk will be ground bound until either I or L'er say, other vices. If we can't trust you to follow order we can't trust you to fly thread either"

Openign her eyes she looked around four people standing by her bed she knew two of them, No'rk and the man from the bowl who appeared to be L'er. "Morning you been out for quit a while, dear" the woman spoke her eyes warm and kind despite the sentence she just placed "I'm Omira of gold Kurtih Fort's Weyrwoman. This is L'er of Bronze Fereth Fort's Weyrleader and this is one of Fort's master healers Aila" She said pointing the each of the two, Alia nodded to her carefully as a wired looking tiny dragon sat on her shoulder looking down at Will with suspicious eyes. "Will can you possibly tell us if you might have been sick befor leaving Terra or if any sickness were appering in your Hold?" Aila asked and Will shook her head "no not as far as I know,  and I ain't sick, I'm allergic to dogs and cats but nothing ells." The three people looked at each other. "Dogs? and cats?" L'er asked susbicus "yes you know, small creatures who are kept as pets, cats have whiskers pointy ears and soft fur and say miau. Dogs are bigger but can be small too and have all kinds of ears and say Woof"  she said all they of them laughing lightly "you mean felines and canines then" Omira said a smile one her lips, "but we still ned to figure out what had you faint." Omira added and Will looked at No'rk who just looked back at her his face a bit pale and eyes avoiding hers. "I..ehhh" she spoke trying to figure out what to say before she sighed "I can hear the dragons, but it never been this strong back on earth it was just Wiorth but now I can hear all of them.... and they don't stop talking they just hum and are noisy." she said and all four people looked at her in surprised "you can hear them?" L'er said and disbelief and she just nodded. Omira, however, sat down on her bed "hmm, you say you can hear them all? like the once around us in the infirmary?" Will shook her head, "no all of them like all, all of them" The Weyrleaders look at each other "That explains why you fainted, but I must admit its been turns since a hear all have appeared in Fort or any other weyr as far as we know. They don't hold the best light as their ability to hear all dragons make them valuable spies for toughs who wish to harm us." Omira looked at her eyes still kinda as she smiled  "you say you wish to be a candidate?" Will nodded, "You can't be serious" L'er said but Omira just waved her hand "L'er please, I been leading this weyr far longer than you and Will I will allow you to stand if one of our search dragons say you have the potential." she looked at No'rk "i think he have something to tell you though" Omira said gesturing to the young bronze rider who finally looked at Will "I'm sorry Will but you can't go back to Earth even if you do impress, I broke the rules when I traveled between to go there and I can't take you back." Will looked at him "what?" He looked away "I'm sorry" he just said as he turned away and left her alone with the other tree. "Will I understand that you came to save Terra, and as much as I do not want to keep you from your home I can't risk losing a rider to take you home, what No'r did was reckless and unacceptable he could have killed both himself and his dragon but also you" Omira said her eyes seeking Wills who were just staring empty out into the room, she was unable to go home ever again? "I have Kurtih shield you from the dragons but it will not be foolproof, it should, however, keep the worst out" Omira watched her for a moment befor she sighed "we leave you along for a while, come to me when your ready to meet a search dragon or if you wanna talk about whats to happen" With that the leaders left leaving Will along with Aila.

"So you'r saying I have to work?" she questioned Alia who sat at the edge fo her bed "yes everyone contributes to the weyr on their own way, you could potentially take up a craft. You be far behind but I'm certain a master would be willing to bend the rules a bit." Alia said smiling lightly "what if they won't?" Will asked eyes on the healer "I guess there is drudgery, they are the lowest rank in the weyr" Will looked up surprised, so she had to work as a crafter or become a slave, just great. "I hate it" she grumbled Aila looking at her with sorrow in her eyes, "you could try to talk to Omira about getting searched, you came here to impress did you not?" Will looked at her "what good is impressing when I can't go back to Earth to save my family?" she almost hissed as she stared at Aila. "I don't know love I really don't know, the last clutch was laid a turn ago and the dragons from that clutch are almost ready to be placed into wings but no queen have flown since then. And as far as I know it's happening in the other weyrs as well." Will looked surprised at Aila "so there are fewer dragons then there used to be?" Aila nodded "yes most weyrs are pressed because of it, Fort is lucky we got 3 queens but the others are not as lucky most weyrs have two queens but both the weyrs Tegal, Ista and Igen only have 1. And many worries for Ista, they have the fewest bronzes of all the weyrs and their queen is growing old Some fear she leave the weyr with no queen." Aila said leaning back in her chair. "What crafts are there?" Will asked, as much as she hated binge stuck she had no interest in becoming a drudg. Aila seemed thoughtful "technically you could join any but some craft are not too happy about women taking them up, got any interests?" Will thought about the question "I don't know, I like running and I used to play the guitar and sing" she said pulling her shoulders a bit "You sing?  guess you could try joining the harper craft but I don't know you don't know any Perness songs the masters might not wan't you therefor. Juts be warned the last hear all who help trying to destroy the weyrs were a harper spy, if you intend to join them I would keept the hear all thing out of the way." Will nodded "I don't know, I was never particular skilled in sing." she said looking around the infirmary, Aila smiled as she saw the other look around "you could take on the healer craft I be happy to teach you" Will looked surprised "a healer? I guess I could help, actually I like to" Will said smiling, Healing did not seem like a bad choice.


Pern, fall turn 9002, interval, Fort Weyr Weyrwomans Weyr
The Weyr used by the weyr woman was close to the ground, and even closer to where Aila had said the hatching sands would be. Nooking on the door Omiras voice sounded from within and Will entered. "Oh Will, its good to see you back on your legs." Will nodded her eyes landing on another woman probably about her own age. "This is Nora of Zireth our youngest goldrider" Omira introduced the other woman and pointed to the two golds at the ledge one a bright yellowish gold the other much paler. Greetings Hear all, Will of Terra the pale gold spoke, making Will guess that the pale gold likely was Omiras. "I have Kurith Call for a search dragon then Nora can show you the way to the barracks along with ensuring you get to meet the Candidate master" Omira spoke quickly while she moved around her Weyr, leaving Will no time to speak what was on her mind, "and you need to be introduced to the weyr many still wonder who the woman No'rk brought is..." "Omira!" Will finally said her voice loud, something that surprised even herself "I'm not going to be a candidate. I came to impress a fight so I could help where I come from but if I can't return I see no reason to stand. I am going to take on the healer craft instead, Aila have offered to take me under her wing"  Omira seemed confused for a moment before disappointment crossed her face. "I see, I am surprised but I understand." Omira paused for a moment before she spoke again her face changing into more neutral tones "I'm surprised so far Aila have refused to take an apprentice, she docent do well with young people. She never seemed to have much maternal instinct." Will smiled "Yeah, she seemed short fused around the younger apprentices." Omira smiled "You do well as her apprentice, she is one of the weyrs finest healers, some say that she might be on the path of binge the next Weyr healer." Smiling will bowed lightly for the two women "I be heading back the infirmary then" Omira nodded but as Will was about to exit the weyr into the halls she called her back, confused Will looked back at her. "Nora can follow you one the way, She need to talk to the weyrmaster healer anyway" Will looked at the other rider who looked at hr just as surprised "I think Zireth and I can get there on our won just fine, no need to slow down Apprentice healer Will of Terra now are there" the young goldrider spoke her words Icy and somehow Will felt that the queen rider was not someone she wanted to be anywhere near. "Nonsense Nora, you will follow her to the infirmary" there were something in Omiras voice that had it run cold down Will's spine as the two woman stared at each other before Nora huffed "Fine mom" Suprised Will looked from one to the other, they carried almost no resemblance to each other only their dark skin they had in common.  

As the left Omira's Weyr Will walked figuring that Nora would just follow up which she also did and then they walked in silence for a few minutes moving further into the weyr before making their way towards the infirmary. As they neared it Nora huffed "you know your nothing right? A freak who would never have been capable of impressing anything better then a green if they even bother worthy you a look. Face it your useless, I be surprised if the masters even allow you to become a Journeyman. Also tell Master Torak I come by for some herbs later and don't forget I'm a queen rider and you're a nothing." With that, she turned away and walked down a different corridor  


Pern, fall turn 9002, interval, Fort Weyr Infirmary  
Stomping back into the Infirmary Aila looked up surprised "What happened?" She asked concerned as she saw the irritated look on Will's face. "I meet Nora" Aila lifted a brow and Will glared at her, "Nora is a bit special yes" the Healer said and Will just huffed "Special? more like spoiled rotten" Aila grabbed her by the arm "Nora might be special in her personality but she is a talented queen rider." Will jus glared at her "fine then we say that" she just huffed as she sat down on a chair with no intention of finding the Torak, if she wanted her message getting through she should have gone to the infirmary herself. "I got something for you" Aila said and pulled out a strange looking robe which was braided and shaped in an odd looking way. Laughing by the look on Will's face she spoke "It's healers apprentice not, to mark you as an apprentice everyone who holds a rank have one. Also, you might wanna change clothing, blending in would likely soothe you better." Will looked down realizing she was still wearing the clothing she worn when No'rk and her had left earth. "Yeah, thanks, Aila" She said smiling while Aila joking said "Its Master Aila to you, Apprentice Healer Will of Terra"

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