Dragonriders of pern, The return to Terra

Fanfiction on Dragonriders of pern a book series by Anne Mccaffrey.
The change of the path of the red star was a successes and pern is freed from its dangerous enemy but unknowingly to the people of pern the red star now passes Earth. The humans on earth who are not used to the dangers of thread fall send out a signal with technology far beyond that of pern asking for help. But the riders of the weyrs are unwilling to help so a single bronze rider and his dragon takes it on themselves to try and save Terra. As they jump between traveling to Terra they meet the girl Willow whom they bring back to Pern to stand for a clutch so she can gain a firebreathing dragon to fight thread with back on earth. But things docent's go after the plan when Willow impress a golden queen.


4. The first Candidate of Terra, III

Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass, Dragon hideout.
No'rk looked at the bronze who snored lightly in his sleep, they done it they finally found a candidate. after but 3 days the first candidate had been added to their team. Writing down the name of the woman an odd name actually as it seemed that these Earthians did not name like the Pernian people did. Instead, they carried multiple names a last name with no indication of from which hold the belonged. And with careful movements, he wrote down her name.

Willow Casandra Black 17 Turns, of New york city hold.


Honestly, it seemed to him that ever thing was named oddly even their holds. Haven noted it down he leaned back closing his eyes for a second. this mission might be to big for him, even if he and Wiroth brought back a handful of people to stand Wiroth was no blue and no search dragon. At the given time bronzes were not even used to help pick out queen candidates anymore, only weary few weyrs still used that custom and Fort seemed to change its mind o it depending on who lead the weyr. As Omira, when she became weyrwoman, had put back in the old tradition of bronze dragons searching out queen candidates. And so far no queen egg had been laid on the sands while he been bonded to Wiroth.  a queen will be born soon ehough Wiroth's sleepy voice had him look over at the bronzes large head. "I don't know, Fort been lucky we have 3 queens but Omira is getting old and so is Kurith, There been whispers she retire to Senior Weyrwoman soon. I fear that the loss of the red star might be affecting the dragons, I mean queens used to clutch more frequently when the red star was in the sky, but know clutches are spares and fare between." the bronze hummed in thought. time change and perhaps you are right, dragons are no longer needed in the skies of pern now that the red star no longer pass. No'rk started at his dragon horror while he knew he just said the same hearing it from the dragon itself was horrifying. but i do not think Omira nor Kurith plan on pulling out anytime soon, they might be getting old but Kurith still shine strongly No'rk smiled by his dragons words as he leaned back "I guess she does, Fort is currently the strongest weyr with 3 clutching queens. So why won't they see that we are most suited to send a queen to Terra?" he paused for a moment "that's it! Bronzes Searched queen candidates in the past and still do, we need to bring a queen candidate back to Fort. IF Terra have a queen fo their own they might just stand a chance" the bronze growled lightly to catch his riders attention one queen doing a fall does not save Terra, and I do not believe that Fort will allow a queen to fly to her death. No'rk huffed as he pulled the skin over his body "they have to, they need to." he mumbled as Wiroth sighed laying his head on the floor. The darkness of sleep slowly pulled them both in.     


Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass, Black residence
"mom?!" she called out as she got out of the bath her hair damp and body cooling by the cold air in the hallway. "Yeah Will?" Her mother's voice roos from the room used as her bedroom, her voice still a bit sour from their argument once she returned home. "Where is Mark?" She called out wondering why her brother was so late today the sun had set houres ago. "Staying at Stacy's" she called back and Will stuck out her tongue, she never understood what her brother saw in the snob.

Sighing Will made her way down the hall entering her room she pulled on some comfy clothing. She needed to tell her mother of Pern, needed to explain she be leaving. She knew her mother would not like the idea, she might even try to forbid it. But she was almost 18 years and soon her mother would have no choice but to let her go. However, at 18 another problem stood in front of her, the choosing. A system had been said up as the alien tore the world apart and so far the US was the once who did best. Their system craved that every 18 year old teen drew a card a card that determines if they be enlisting the the force that fought the alien, a force where many died. And only 1 out of 4 drew a card that let them go free. She could not risk going there and she knew there were no way around it, if she did not go freely she be forced there. It was odd her sudden disliking for the force in the pass he dreamed of entering to help. But know after the tales of Pern and dragons she realized that the Force was not a hope but a death sentence. If Terra could get dragons like Pern they could defend themselves from the silver thread. Leaving her room and heading off for her mothers she stopped outside the door taking a deep breath she entered it finding that the woman sat staring at a picture.

"Mom?" Will sat down beside her looking at the picture of her father "I miss him too" she said hugging the woman. Her father had been a soldier and had been among the first soldiers to enter the force. "Dad died protecting everyone, and so will I" Will said her mother turned to look at her "I don't want you to volunteer I want you to draw and draw free like your brother" her mother grabbed her hand and held it tight tears sprouting in her eyes. "I am not going to join the force there is another way mom a way that works better where fewer people die" Will spoke quickly as her mother looked at her in confusion "I meet a man, he call himself No'rk of a place called Pern they fight Thread, the alien, for generations. They found a way to kill it before it hits the ground." her mother caught her off "what?" Will nodded "He came seeking to help. The message sent out into space did not fail someone heard it but only few wanna help so No'rk came to find candidates to stand for dragons so that a wing can go to Earth or Terra as they call it and....." her mother caught her off with a quick slap to her right cheek "you think this si fun!? you father died protecting us stop making up stories like that" her mother raged and Will look at her with tears in her eyes. "I'm not! he has a dragon a king dragon a Bronze!" her mother shook her "be quiet, there are no such things as dragons!" Will pushed her mother away and stood "yes there is I can prove it they are at the old Warehouses" her mother raged "get out and you will stay in the house!" With that Will ran from her mother's room into her room tears streaming from her eyes, she had to get to No'rk it did not matter if her mom believed her or not she go. She would save the world from a dragon of her own.  

As she turned around to leave her room her mother stood in the door arms crossed over her chest. "You stay" she demanded and Will just stared her anger growing in her chest "don't you understand?! No'rk can help us save the world!" She raged stepping up to her mother who stood a bit smaller than her, truth to be told her mother was a small woman and she tilted to the high end of the average size for a woman. "No i don't know what lies that man told you but I will not let you just run away" Will raged as she pushed herself through the door her mother trying to stop her but Will wasn't weak and easily ripped free from her mom. "I don't care what you mean, I will go I'm almost 18 and if I have a chance to actually save the world from thread by going with him I do that rather then be put in the froce and die in a fight that can't be won!" she scared as she slammed the main door open and left running out into late after none air. Her mother screaming behind her    


Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass, Dragon hideout.
Will? Wiroth looked up surprised as she entered the warehouse, "where is No'rk?" she asked the bronze who looked at her with worry in his big yellow eyes. Out looking for Candidates, it not going as well as we thought it would. It appears that no one believes him, someone even tried to force him with them. The bronze spoke concern I his voice. "Yes my mom did not believe me either she pushed it away and called me a liar. I don't think the believe him unless they see you" she said looking at the bronze yes we discussed it to the dragon agreed. will you still be coming with us back? the bronze asked and Will nodded "yes if I have even a slim chance if impressing and saving my world I do it." the bronze purred lightly We hope to find a queen candidate to so that Terra can support its own population of dragons. Will looked at him in confusion the queen dragon is the only dragon who can lay eggs but she, however, can't flame as firestone makes a female dragon infertile. That is the reason that greens, the other female dragon does not clutch he said and Will nodded "I see, I hope I impress a bronze like you" She spoke and Wiroth laughed I'm afraid that is not possible as Women does not impress Bronzes they impress greens blues and golds, though sometimes the might impress browns to. he said and Will nodded a frown on her face. "what a shame, guess I can hope for a fighter than" Wiroth nodded his big head you will do great as a rider Will, but you have no interest in a queen? the bronze asked and Will shook her head. "no not really, I wanna fight for my home and if my dragon can't breathe fire I don't think I could do it" The bronze nodded I see, no worries I am quite certain you will find your dragon Will smiled at the dragon as she sat down leaning against a box she.

No'rk? How did it go? Wiroth asked as his rider entered the warehouse. Not good no one believe me the man sighed and the dragon huffed. I will come with you tomorrow when they see me they must believe the rider nodded as he looked around his eyes landing on Will, What's she doing here? He asked the bronze who also turned to look at the sleeping girl. She had a fight with her dam, I think she intends to stay with us until we return The bronze said as he crooned lightly she wish for a fighter but might have potential for more the bronze said causing No'rk to look at him surprised You mean she could impress I queen? he asked surprised and the dragon hummed I am not certain, maybe. But Will I difficult for me to read and her wish to save her world might make her uninteresting for a queen. After all they are to protect their own weyr, not fly off to some random wrold. No'rk looked at Wiroth confused we still must find a queen candidate, she will likely not suit to impress a queen Wiroth said placing his head down on the floor as he Yawned. No'rk nodded as he sat down leaning aginst his bondeds side eyes on the Terran woman.

Yawning Will opened here eyes slowly the light hum from Wiroth as he greeted her Goodmorning had her smile. "Is No'rk here?" she asked and the dragon shook his head no he went out insisted I stayed behind to watch you. "What? why?" she asked "weren't you supposed to go with him to prove we don't lie? and I don't need to be watched over" she grumbled and the dragon nodded while rumbling in draconic laughter I were but last night, while you and No'rk slept I woke by someone sneaking around in here I scared him off but No'rk was worried about leaving you alone As Worpths eyes swirled red she nodded "I did tell mom were you were hiding maybe she told the force so now they come looking for me, for running away" the dragon nodded that might prove extra trouble for us and there is another matter which is starting to trouble us as well. Will looked at him confused and he continued. We have been her almost a seven-day by now and we heard of no fall so far Will leaned back aginst a box "I don't know it hasn't been that long since the last fall, but Erath eh Terras communication system have been out for months." the dragon nodded. I fear Thread will fall soon and I can't defend us from a fall all on my own we must leave before the fall starts. Wiroth warned as he looked around eyes swirling. "We could go find him, he told you to stay with me but I didn't say we have to stay here did he?" she asked looking at Wiroth who laughed as he shook his big head No'rk will have my head knobs if I do that Will looked at him with big puppy dog eyes "please Wiroth you said it yourself, they won't believe him until you see you." Wiroth was about to say something when the sound of metal binge pryied open echoed through the Warehouse. Someone is coming, apparently, they are blind for not seeing the giant hole in the wall the dragon huffed "or they aren't dumb enough to use the front door" Will said as she felt panic rising in her stomach. Alright let's go find No'rk, he said not to interact with terra's people without him. Will look surprised at the bronze as he stood. My riding straps are over there, quickly I guide you through putting them on And with Wiroths instructions she managed to get the dragons saddle-like leather work fastened to his body. Get on He grumbled and offered Will his leg so that she could climb on "I don't know how" she Said as she managed to tie the last straps I do just hold on and try to follow my movement the bronze said as he stood fully and started to move Will clinging to his back and the straps. But suddenly the loud noise of a gun rang through the air before Wiroth's horrifying and painful roar echoed in the warehouse. "Wiroth!" Will scream as the bronze last his balance for a second before getting back on to his legs I'm fine, Whatever that was hit my left hind leg I can't stand on it He said his voice holding pain as he spoke, only minutes before No'rk's voice rang in his head and wiroth explain what had happened. We are leaving I have to get into the air hold on Will With that he managed to get outside but things were a chaos and cars carrying the mark of the force. "Get in the air, get in the air!" Will screamed panicking and the bronze set off his powerful wings carrying them into the air before he winked between. No'rk image! the dragon demanded as his rider through their mental link showed him an image of where he was.


Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass, Large square
Appearing out from the cold space of between, Will's hard were hammering aginst her rib cage as if it was trying to flee. Wiroth, however, opend his mind for all to hear as he demanded that people moved so that he could land. Not that he needed it as most ran around screaming as soon as the bronze had appeared in the air. Wiroth your bleeding! No'rk called out as he hurried to his dragons side Yes a Terran weapon hit me I do not think we are welcome anymore The bronze said as he looked around the screaming pole still moving while some had stopped to look in amazement. "Everyone calm down, Wiroth will not harm you." No'rk called out but only a few seemed to take note of what he had to say.  Suddenly large van appeared the mark of the Force on the sides. No'rk that mark we got to go! the dragons said to him and with a groan No'rk climbed up in front of Will "I take the straps now but hold on the trip from Terra to Pern takes longer than the short trip between you just took with Wiroth" he warned as the bronze set back into the air. we are going back? the bronze question Yes no use in staying we clearly aren't welcome and your injured, think you can make the job without risking to much damage? The bronze snorted as he carried them into an altitude where the jump was safe I think so, but with such a long jump I don't know. Better hold on tight both fo you The bronze said before the image of the oddly formed peak at fort Flashed in his mind and he disappeared between.

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