Dragonriders of pern, The return to Terra

Fanfiction on Dragonriders of pern a book series by Anne Mccaffrey.
The change of the path of the red star was a successes and pern is freed from its dangerous enemy but unknowingly to the people of pern the red star now passes Earth. The humans on earth who are not used to the dangers of thread fall send out a signal with technology far beyond that of pern asking for help. But the riders of the weyrs are unwilling to help so a single bronze rider and his dragon takes it on themselves to try and save Terra. As they jump between traveling to Terra they meet the girl Willow whom they bring back to Pern to stand for a clutch so she can gain a firebreathing dragon to fight thread with back on earth. But things docent's go after the plan when Willow impress a golden queen.


3. The first Candidate of Terra, II

Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass, Dragon hideout.  
The bronze opened his eyes a tiredly as he lifted his head prying out from their current cover. A woman had stopped on the road not too far from them, she was dressed lightly some strange pink strings hanging from odd objects placed in her ears.  The bronze watched her as she stretched for a moment before looking up into the sky, the red star stood brightly aginst the late afternoon sky. The woman rolled her shoulders and the dragon let out a pleased croon causing the woman to freeze and look around. "Anyone there?" her voice was forced calm but her fear was far from hidden. And as the bronze gave no reply the woman turned back and ran her legs carrying her surprisingly fast for such a tiny human. "What's going on? Wiroth?" No'rk asked his voice groggy from his short sleep and the bronze just tilted his big head to look at the man. The bronze sent him a picture of the girl though their shared mental link and the man groaned "if you thought she was a possible candidate why did you not wake me?" the bronze huffed and placed his head don the ground we will find her tomorrow. Wiroth said "I hope so we can't risk binge caught in a threadfall here" No'rk spoke and the dragon nodded slightly in agreement.


Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass
She hadn't been able to forget the feeling of binge watch she had the afternoon before. The strange sound echoed in her dreams a sound she had never heard before. Her legs picked from binge held up inside all day, even school was like a prison ever since the first stands of that silvery alien life form had fallen from the sky around the same time that Lighe's star had appeared. It tecnaly wasn't a sky but something ells something that dropped a deadly silvery life from over earth, an alien that burned away anything organic. She lost her dead to it, he been caught in the fall while binge out in the open, and even though he managed to find cover the alien eat him up. She hadn't even gotten a chance to say goodbye that morning when he left for work. She sighed as she stood from her bed pulling on her training clothing she went up the stairs from the basement to the main floor. They had been living in the dark of the basement and the main floor for months now her mother had more or less banned her from going back upstairs to her old room ever since her father had been killed. And even tough she could not blame her for her fear it was kind of silly, the house was not organic it was more or less solid rock so there was no need to fear that the second floor was more dangerous then they first.

"Wil. dear where are you going?" her mother's harsh voice sounded from the kitchen "for run mom I won't go far" She pulled on her shoes as her mother appeared in the hallway "you most certainly will not your brother haven't returned yet and I am not having both of you be out there where I can't lose you too" Will mumble something "I be fine, stop worrying, the alien fell a few days ago they never fall this close i bee fine." Her mother grabbed her by the arm as she open the door "I said you stay" Will  turned around here eyes angry "I'm not a little kid anymore and I be 18 in a month Stop treating em like I can't take care of myself" she raged as she pulled free from her mothers had and weren't out the door her mother yelling and crying after her but did not leave the house. She never did, after her father's death, her mother had been too scared to even set foot outside their house.

Running moving the anger burning in her slowly disappeared and a strange feeling of freedom started spreading in her chest. And without thinking about it, she ended up back where she been a few days ago, by the old and empty warehouses. The were houses were one of the few buildings in the city that seemed to stand firm aginst the alien and even if most fo the plant growth had been destroyed they still stood tall. She is here again look No'rk! a voice echoed around her and she froze looking around "who is there!" she shouted again I think she noticed us, better go talk with her. She do great I know it. Again the voice, a voice of a mature man deep and yet warm rang around her and yet it wasn't around her, it was more like it was inside her head. "Show yourself!" she demanded and out from a nearby warehouse a man stepped out, he could impossibly be much older than her and yet the vibe he gave off was that of a grown man. "I'm sorry if I scared you I'm No'rk of Fort Weyr" He introduced himself bowing formally and she just stared at him in surprise.His clothing looks like something from a different time and strange straps hang from his waist along with a leather hat and flying goggles. "Fort? Weyr? what the hell are you talking about" she asked anger rising in her chest, what did he take her for, a fool? The man sighed as he held up his hands in defense "sorry if I angered you miss, Fort is a weyr, the home of dragons located on the planet Pern" Will broke him off "Dragons? what do you think I am an idiot!" she raged as she stomped closer to him fists clenched "no and I am talked the truth miss" No'rk just replied calmly causing her to grow even angrier "fuck you and your messed dup mind" she yelled as she got close enough to hit him she did so sending him stumbling back a few steps. Before he grabbed her by the wrists and flung her to the ground placing a knee on her back to make her unable to move. "Please calm down miss I don't wanna fight you!" he yelled as he tried to hold her "fuck you, your creepy bastard" she argued trying to wiggle free until once again a voice sounded in her head. Enough! she froze as a large bronze dragon walked out from the warehouse.  


Terra Turn ??? Fall, 1 pass, Dragon hideout.           

 "You a dragon rider? from a plant called pern? you dragon breath fire which you use to kill the alien which you call thread and it falls as long as the red star passes?" she questions trying to make scenes of what No'rk and his bronze dragon Wiroth had told her. "Yes" No'rk replied as he placed another piece of wood on the fire. "I don't understand, It's perns fault that earth is now binge burned by thread because you changed the path of the red star?" Will asked and No'rk nodded "we got your message, but no one wanted to help so we came here on our own hoping to find someone to stand and impress so that Terra or Earth could defend itself" he explained again and she sunk back aginst a wooden box hiding her face in her hands. "And you wanøt me to come with you to pern?" She asked a lifted brow as she looked back up "yes, you and others who have potential to stand" No'rk replied. Will just watched the for a moment as they spoke and something became clear to her, they though she could not hear Wiroth. Of course she could not hear what No'rk said but she could make out the conversation by listening to the dragon. We should ensure she understand that this si the only way to save their home the bronze spoke "I do understand" Will said causing both rider and dragon to look at her You can hear me? "you can hear him?" the two spoke and she nodded "yeah" They sat in silence for a moment "you a hear all then a rare trait" The dragon hummed as he spoke to her better no tell too many people though in Pern hear alls are not treated with the best of respect Will nodded "So when will we leave?" she asked and No'rk smiled "guess that means you come with us then right Will" Will nodded  "yes and My full name is Willow everyone just calls me, Will"         

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