Dragonriders of pern, The return to Terra

Fanfiction on Dragonriders of pern a book series by Anne Mccaffrey.
The change of the path of the red star was a successes and pern is freed from its dangerous enemy but unknowingly to the people of pern the red star now passes Earth. The humans on earth who are not used to the dangers of thread fall send out a signal with technology far beyond that of pern asking for help. But the riders of the weyrs are unwilling to help so a single bronze rider and his dragon takes it on themselves to try and save Terra. As they jump between traveling to Terra they meet the girl Willow whom they bring back to Pern to stand for a clutch so she can gain a firebreathing dragon to fight thread with back on earth. But things docent's go after the plan when Willow impress a golden queen.


2. The first Candidate of Terra, I

(okay just a quick info dragon talk is writh in italic but so is a rider mentaly speaking with his dragon)

Benden Weyr Turn 9002 fall, interval

The council meeting room was filled to the bring, it appeared that all had come, all expect the weyrwoman of Southern Weyr who's gold was much too close to rising. Bendens weyrwoman looked up, it was her weyr they had gathered in so she felt she should talk first. "We all heard it, or dragons caught the message and we all know what our choice have cost. The question now is what we should do." She leaned back in her chair her eyes landing on each of the 5 other weyrwoman. The weyrwoman from Ista stood "I don't see why you dragged as all the way to up here to tell us something like this. If this was all you had to say we will be leaving" A man dressed with bronze knots stood from his seat "Please wait Atira, we did not ask for you to come here to waste your time" the woman seemed to want to say something but sat back down in her chair arms crossed over her chest as she waited for the Benden Weyrwoman to talk again.  "Thank you. Now as you all know it was a message from Terra. A planet which we did not even know of until recently were som ancient records were found. It has also been discovered by Nok'ath of Blue Toth that a dragon can not only jump between time but also space. I know Nok'aths discovery have been labeled pure chance and that between though space have been made forbidden but do we not have an obligation here? We were the once who pushed the red star out of orbit, thinking that we saved Pern and that the star never again could do harm. But as it appears we have instead doomed another planet, a planet that can't defend itself from thread." The room seemed to fall silent for a moment before one of the men spoke "what do you propose we do then Munara, rush to their rescue? can Benden really say they have the dragons to spare for such a mission?" Munara hesitated for a moment knowing that he did have a point none of the weyrs had the dragons they used to The man spoke again "you don't none of us have, ever since the red star was cast out of orbit there have been fewer clutches and even fewer queens in them. We must focus on our own problems" many of the other leaders nodded in agreement. "You right Benden have no such power, but if all the weyrs together created a force to send they might just stand a chance." A woman let out a huff, "I see were you are going Munara, but sending a group of such size would be of little use if no queen came with them to secure a line of dragons and what weyr would offer up such to this mission?" Munara looked over the gathered people before she sighed "so it's decided we will do nothing?" and the riders answered with their vote dooming Terra to handle threadfall on their own.


Fort Weyr Turn 9002 fall, interval

The young man was passing in his weyr eye angry as he know and then stopped to growl something. You will walk you feets of this way No'rk calm down the man turned to look at the bronze. "calm down? calm down! after what we been told? they just going to leave Terra to burn!" the dragon sighed I know but the decision have been made, we have nothing to say in it No'rk glared at his dragon "I can't believe they just would let it all perish like that, I know none of us have never seen thread but the songs about it still remains do they not?" the bronze huffed laying his big head on the ground. You should not get angry, we have drills son and your concentration is flawed when your angry No'rk glared at the bronze "How can you just ignore all this Wiroth!?" the dragon huffed his riders anger in his mind I can because I have no other choice, we can't go that is how it is as bronze uttered the words No'rk smiled in a way that had the bronze growl slightly. no, no way we are doing that No'rk just nodded "oh yes we are, we are going to Terra. if they ain't willing to send a wing of our riders we just have to give terra their own. we just need to bring back a few candidates to stand once they impress the can go!" the bronze huffed you know that is not how it works and besides we would need far more candidates than I can carry No'rk just sighed "I don't care if I can do anything to help we are doing it" the bronze sighed heavily There is no way I can change your mind is there...... Gareth and L'er will have our heads No'rk smiled triumphing "we will go tonight, and be back before we gather too much attention" the bronze just sighed

As darkness fell over the weyr a large bronze shape fo a dragon barely visible aginst the dark night sky, however, his wings spread out far you sure you wanna do this Wiroth asked his rider who were placed on his back "yes and the faster we get out of here the better, you got the Image from Toth?" the bronze sighed with a yes as he one last time looked down catching the shape of the golden queen Kurith seen us he reported "then go!" and with that they dissaperd into the cold and empty space of between.


Terra Turn ?? fall 1 pass

Minutes passed in the dark No'rk tightened his grip around his riding straps his lungs burning for oxygen and his body shivering from the cold. Ans as Wiroth finally pulled them from between he collapsed gently aginst Wiroth's neck No'rk?! a slight hint of panic in the bronzes voice. I'm fine just take me down Wiroth the rider said as he looked around times changed the bronze nooded yes a bit, I'll take us down some where out of sight you need to rest we can search for possible candidates once you rested. No'rk smiled "should have brought a blue or green rider along their dragons are more sensitive. the bronze said nothing he just took them down hidden from prying eyes a bit from what looked like a large hold.  

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