Dragonriders of pern, The return to Terra

Fanfiction on Dragonriders of pern a book series by Anne Mccaffrey.
The change of the path of the red star was a successes and pern is freed from its dangerous enemy but unknowingly to the people of pern the red star now passes Earth. The humans on earth who are not used to the dangers of thread fall send out a signal with technology far beyond that of pern asking for help. But the riders of the weyrs are unwilling to help so a single bronze rider and his dragon takes it on themselves to try and save Terra. As they jump between traveling to Terra they meet the girl Willow whom they bring back to Pern to stand for a clutch so she can gain a firebreathing dragon to fight thread with back on earth. But things docent's go after the plan when Willow impress a golden queen.


1. Info

This page will change as the story progresses.

Time: 12 pass (1 pass of terra)

Map of Pern

(map by Oracle-The on DeviantArt  http://img12.deviantart.net/846a/i/2012/058/2/5/map_of_pern_by_oracle_the-d4r7f24.png)

Weyr Hiraki

Fort Weyr

WeyrWoman: Omira of gold Kurith

WeyrLeader: L’er of bronze Fereth

Junior WeyrWoman: Sorila of Gold Terith & Nora of gold Zireth

WeyrSecond: Sa’rk of bronze Nereth


Weyrlingmaster: M’osk of Blue Nerath

Weyrlingmaster's Assistants: Sarena of Green Likath & Bur’t of brown Sorth


Candidatemaster: Fuksa of Brown Vanath

Candidatemaster's Assistants: S’el of Green Kirth & Min’e of blue Sinth


High Reaches Weyr

WeyrWoman: Paira of gold Sarith

WeyrLeader: Lo'ka of Bronze Moreth

Junior WeyrWoman: Katri of gold Kath


Tegal Weyr

WeyrWoman: Narea of Gold Larith



Igen Weyr




Benden Weyr

WeyrWoman: Munara of Gold Juujith



Ista Weyr

WeyrWoman: Atira of Gold Lunuth

WeyrLeader: O'rok of Brown Teth


Dragon Color's sorted by rank


The queen of the weyr, always female and always bond to women. Her hide is in shades of gold with a metallic sheen. She as the only female can clutch and will lay between 10 to 25 eggs. 


The king of the weyr, always male and always bond to men. His hide is in shades of bronze with a metalic sheen.He chases females of all colors.


The highs rank chromatic dragon, always male but my bond to either gender though more commonly to male. His hide in any shade of brown. He chases females of all color but will only rarely catch golds.


Always male and bonds to either men or woman with no preference. his hide is in any shade of blue and chromatic. Chases greens only


Always female and bond to either men or woman with no preference. Her hide is in any shade of green and chromatic. Greens are sterile and will not clutch.


weary little is known of the white dragon, as none have hatched since Ruth, It is believed that the white dragon always is male.     


Characters wroth nothing 

Willow Casandra Black (Will)

No'rk of Bronze Wiroth

Aila Master Healer

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