Becoming BTS's best friend

Do you love BTS? Have you ever imagined being their friend? Well here's your chance. Take an exciting journey through both love and drama.


2. The Concert

10 days later and today was the day of the concert. I got up and put my special outfit on. I ran down the stairs. "Good morning, good morning, good morning!" I yelled excitedly. "Good morning Indiya," They all said. My mother and I went in the car we started driving. A few hours later we arrived in Seoul. We went to the upper floor because that's where we had to sit. Half an hour later BTS came and started to sing. First they sang Blood Sweat and Tears. Then they sang Save Me. After that, they sang fire, then baepsae. They announced the winners. And the winners were BTS. I started screaming crazily. Jimin started to look around and saw me screaming. He started to laugh. While they were leaving the stage, all if them noticed me. When I started to leave BTS walked towards me and said, "Annyeong, do you want to hang out with us?" "Yes, sure," I replied. Even though I didn't show it outside, I was screaming on the inside. We went back stage. We were asking each other questions, playing games. Me and Jimin was making funny faces. A few hours it was time to go. We all exchanged numbers and I left.

The next morning, I got ready and went to school. When I got there I searched for my friends to tell them the great news. "Annyeong," I said. " Annyoeong," they said. "Guys, guess what, I'm friend with BTS and I've got all of their numbers," I said. " OMG, really, you're so lucky," Djenabu said. "And I'm seeing them tomatoes after school," I said. "We'll it's tine to go to lesson." So we all went to our lessons.

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