Becoming BTS's best friend

Do you love BTS? Have you ever imagined being their friend? Well here's your chance. Take an exciting journey through both love and drama.


1. The Concert Ticket

My name is Indiya and it's my birthday. I'm turning 14 today. My mom, dad, brother and sister came into my room and sang, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Indiya, happy birthday to you!" They sang. Then came the presents. My dad got me an iPhone 6s+, my sister got me some makup, my brother got me some perfume and my mom got me a concert ticket to see my favourite K-POP boy band BTS. "OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I yelled. "Your welcome," My family said. "Alright, time to go to school," Mon said. On the way to school I listened to some BTS songs. When I got to school, I searched for my friends Feven, Djenabu and Marie. "Annyeong," I said to my friends. "Annyeong," They said. "Guess what guys, I got a concert ticket to see BTS," I said to my friends. "OMG, you're so lucky," Marie said. "Well it's time to go to lesson," Feven said.

(5 hours later) "Uggghhh, that was so long," I said. "Tell me about it," Djenabu said. "Guys, let's go shopping to go find an outfit for the concert," I said.when we got to town we went into different shops until we found the perfect outfit for the concert. It was the next day and I got ready for school. Today was different. It was a collapse day. We got to do different lessons to what we normally have. I got home and changed. It was 10 days until the concert and I couldn't wait. "OMG, I can't believe it, I'm going to see BTS, I'm so excited," I said happily.

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