Becoming BTS's best friend

Do you love BTS? Have you ever imagined being their friend? Well here's your chance. Take an exciting journey through both love and drama.


3. Meeting BTS

It was the next day. I was getting ready when Jungkook texted me, "Meet us at the park by your park when you finish." "Ok, See you later," I replied. We drove to school. 5 hours later I finished school. I went straight to the park when I finished. I waited for a bit until they all came. "Annyeong," I said. "Annyeong," They said back. " So where do you want to go?" Said Rapmonster. "Can we go to the fun fair?" I asked. "Yeah, sure," Rapmonster replied.We all went to the fun fair for a few hours then we went to get something to eat. "So we're having a concert next week Sunday. Do you want to come?" Suga asked. "Yes," I replied. They took me home after we started to know each other.

The next day I went to school and we did the usual routine. In assembly they announced that thee will be a talent show happening. Before I had to go to the head teacher's office. When I got there, there was a boy. I guess he's new. "Would you please show the new boy around the school?" The head teacher said. "Yes, sir," I replied. The new boy and I went out of the head teacher's office and I started tot how him around. "I forgot to ask you your name, what is your name by the way?" I asked. "My name is Romey," he replied. "What's yours?" "My name is Indiya," I replied. We exchanged numbers and then we went to lesson.

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