The Moon in the Dark

Long ago, the Monsters and Humans fought a great war. The Monsters lost, and were sealed in the Underground. It would take the power of seven human souls to break the barrier that kept them imprisoned. They only had six. And so the Monsters waited and hoped, praying that another human would find their way to the Underground. Some thought the seventh soul would give their King the strength to break the barrier. Some dreamed of a human who would be their friend, and save them all...or had nightmares of one who would bring back the war.
...but nobody came.
...but somepony did.
Eons after the war, with no way to tell how much time had passed above, a tiny blue filly with wings and horn fell into the underground, calling for her Mama. None knew the poor creature's nature or origins...but her soul was powerful with magic, even more so than a human soul.
None can know what will come...of this little 'Woona'.


57. The Coward

Alphys found herself in soul form, staring up at the figure the Sage Soul had taken on.  It stood upright like an adult human, but retained the solid dark green appearance over all visible 'flesh'.  Its face was featureless, and it wore a black suit with a red tie as its only distinguishing characteristic as it stared down at her from a face without eyes.  The faceless being filled her with terror as she realized she faced off against the full power of an adult human magic user, filled with the intent to kill, and had none of the technology she relied so much on to aid her.

Despite the orange soul pulsing beside her, she felt herself overcome by fear as she stared up at the creature, watching as in her fear-warped perception it grew and grew into immensity.  Despite all her vaunted words of standing with everyone, she knew she stood no chance.  This sage would crush her like a bug at its leisure, and then join with the others to crush her friends one by one, and it would all be her fault that her friends would die...and Woona as well.

"I...I can't do this alone..." she whimpered as she felt the power of her soul fading, and the orange human soul along with her.

"You're not alone, darling."

Alphys' eyes shot open as she heard that voice.  Spinning, she found herself confronted with a pink blook, hair brushed over the right eye as an affectation.  "M-Mappy?" she gasped, stunned.  "How are you-?"

"Our bodies aren't here, Alphys," Mettaton explained.  "Just our souls.  The shape we take is the one we choose for ourselves...and I needed to show you just how much your friendship has meant."  He sighed softly.  "I know I haven't been the best of the point you were afraid to complete my body for fear I'd leave and never return.  The worst of that is I can't deny the truth.  Before Woona reminded me about Blooky...I'd forgotten where I began, and how much that mattered to me, so blinded had I become with the desire to achieve the dream I held dear..."  He smiled warmly.  "But that dream is worthless if achieved alone.  Come, Alphys...let's show this so called Sage the beauty inside us both!"

Alphys stammered as she turned towards the massive figure that stood over them.  "We...we might die here..."

"That is true," Mettaton admitted.  "But it will be together."  Losing cohesion, Mettaton turned into a stream of pink light, which swirled with the orange stream Alphys became as they orbited the orange human soul.  "And that will make our last moments, win or lose...absolutely beautiful!"

The Sage Behemoth rocked back as the boxy form of Mettaton took shape around the three lights as the power blazed...and then transformed.  The box unfolded, revealing a pair of glowing hearts joined vertically at the points, one pink and one orange.  The two hearts spun as the wheel base was withdrawn, extending out sharply angled legs ending in high heeled boots.  Shoulder spikes shot upward from the top of the box, looking like inverted legs.  The left arm extended, ending in a hand, even as the right arm took shape with a massive buster.  A humanoid head extended out the top, recognizable as Mettaton's head from the way the hair hung down over the left eye.  Then the left eye blazed pink, the right blazed orange, and the entire body flared with power as the hair shot upright and wings of light erupted from the shoulder spikes.

But the transformation wasn't done.  As the power focused inside them unlocked the limits of their imagination, the combined shape expanded to immensity to match the figure before a pink and white sailor fuku took shape over their black and white body.  As the transformation completed upon massive scale, the figure performed a delicate pirouette as a crowned scepter appeared in the left hand.

"We are Monster Fighter, Neo Neo Mettaton!" they proclaimed together.  "Sailor suited mech warrior of justice and freedom!"  Standing tall, they gestured through reality to where Woona clung to existence.  "And in the name of our moon..."  They leveled their scepter at the Sage Behemoth, who recoiled in...something, since there was no emotion on its featureless face.  "We will punish you!"

Was...was that really alright? Alphys asked worriedly.  It seemed...a little much...

Darling, it was all you! Mettaton reassured her.  That makes it truly beautiful.

The Sage Behemoth braced itself and lunged forward, but Neo Neo Mettaton shot into the air above it, flipping head over heel and spinning before bringing both pink spiked heels into the figures back, twisting to inflict more damage as they kicked off.  Swarms of box bots carrying bombs and laser guns in addition to their tiny umbrellas leapt from the scepter as it was waved, smashing into the Sage Behemoth, each one far too small for the beast to spot, let alone evade.  It reared up and unleashed its own counter attack of fireballs and ice shards, barraging Neo Neo Mettaton and pushing them backwards before lunging to grapple.  The Sage's two hands gave it an advantage as far as grappling, as it could grip Mettaton at the elbow joint.

Any ideas, Alphys? Mettaton asked desperately as they were pushed back.

Just one, Alphys replied, causing their fused body to jerk one leg up, driving the spiked top of the high-heeled, knee-high boot into the fork of their foe's leg.

A strangled squeak forced its way out of the Sage's body as it staggered back, clutching at itself. does realize it doesn't actually have those parts right now, right? Mettaton asked, though internally wincing himself despite the total absence of said parts on his Blook form or any of the robot forms he'd taken so far.

Not gonna question it, Alphys countered as she pressed her advantage, leveling the cannon on their right arm and firing off a massive blast that tore through the Sage's immaculate suit, shredding it as it was pushed back.

We've got the advantage right now, Mettaton called out.  While I'd love to draw this out, probably nearly as much as you would...

Too much is riding on this, Alphys agreed as she stuck the base of the scepter into the barrel of the arm cannon, focusing all their energy into their hands.  Besides...we're only one of seven here.  Plenty of spotlight to go around.

The Behemoth struggled up to its feet as it saw the energy being gathered.  It braced itself for what was coming.

Show me your beautiful final attack, darling! Mettaton called out in their shared mind.

"Now!" Alphys proclaimed in the voice of Neo Neo Mettaton.  "Taste our rage, our love, and all of our sorrow!"  The energy focused tightly into the left hand, making it glow with white hot fire.  "Kisatsu..."

Neo Neo Mettaton suddenly vanished, to reappear ducked under the Behemoth's guard.  "Shoryuken!"  With that shout, the flaming uppercut sent the Sage flying into the air.

I don't remember it going that way... Mettaton commented in amusement.

You really thought my final attack would draw from only one franchise? Alphys countered, excitement lending strength to her voice.

Mettaton chuckled, lunging into the power.  Then how does it finish?

With Undyne's favorite...  With that said, Neo Neo Mettaton's entire body erupted with spirals of hearts in the shape of drills, before fusing into one massive heart shaped drill that formed around the scepter and arm cannon.  Lifting it up, it began to spin.  "Love Love...Giga Drill Breaker!" Alphys screamed in the fused voice, shooting up into the air.

The Sage Behemoth screamed as the drill dug into the body it had generated...but it tore through, reaching the soul within...and shattered it.  But Neo Neo Mettaton didn't stop there as they shot upward, drilling into the weakened barrier to take even more of its focus away from fighting Woona's breach attempt.  "This is the drill that will pierce to the heavens!" Alphys caused their fused form to scream.

Mettaton chuckled softly in the privacy of his own mind.  Even he had to admit this had gone more than a little silly, and way over the top...

But Alphys had cast aside the chains of fear and anxiety that had held her back so long, and showed her true heart...and it was absolutely beautiful.

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