The Moon in the Dark

Long ago, the Monsters and Humans fought a great war. The Monsters lost, and were sealed in the Underground. It would take the power of seven human souls to break the barrier that kept them imprisoned. They only had six. And so the Monsters waited and hoped, praying that another human would find their way to the Underground. Some thought the seventh soul would give their King the strength to break the barrier. Some dreamed of a human who would be their friend, and save them all...or had nightmares of one who would bring back the war.
...but nobody came.
...but somepony did.
Eons after the war, with no way to tell how much time had passed above, a tiny blue filly with wings and horn fell into the underground, calling for her Mama. None knew the poor creature's nature or origins...but her soul was powerful with magic, even more so than a human soul.
None can know what will come...of this little 'Woona'.


18. Taking a Break

After the 'playdate' was finished, Papyrus provided Woona with the promised kiddy pool filled with his delicious spaghetti for her to swim around in while eating her fill.  He also provided a basin to wash her in once she was done.  While she swam, he decided to engage her in conversation.  "SO WHERE ARE YOU FROM, WOONA?" Papyurs asked curiously.

"The surface, originally," Woona replied, much to Papyrus' surprise.  "But I think my home's in the Ruins least, once I do what I set out to do."

"AND WHAT IS IT YOU SET OUT TO DO?" Papyrus asked eagerly.

"I need to find my Daddy so I can bring my family back together!" Woona proclaimed happily.  "Mommy's upset with Daddy, so I have to find him and punish him for being a poopyhead!"

"A WONDROUS GOAL!" Papyrus proclaimed happily.  "SO WHERE IS YOUR DADDY?"

Woona raised her hoof, then blinked.  "Uh...I dunno..." she offered, sinking sadly into the spaghetti.

Papyrus rubbed his chin in thought.  "VERY WELL!  I SHALL HELP YOU FIND HIM!  TELL ME, WHO IS YOUR DADDY, AND WHAT DOES HE DO?"  Papyrus flinched as something small and metal bounced off his head.  "SANS!  WHY DID YOU THROW A POLICE WHISTLE AT ME?  I'M TRYING TO BE A ROYAL GUARD!"  Sans merely chuckled in response.

Not understanding the joke, Woona decided to focus on the question.  "...I dunno..." she responded finally.  "Mommy didn't tell me."


Considering Asgore is 'Daddy', I'd say so, Chara muttered quietly.  Don't tell Papyrus that, though.  He won't be able to handle it.

Taking Chara's advice, Woona nodded.  "What's King Asgore like?" she asked curiously.

"WELL...HE'S..." Papyrus began slowly.  "...HE'S A BIG FLUFFY PUSHOVER!  HE'LL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU!"

"Yay!" Woona proclaimed happily, licking the last bit of sauce from her hoof before leaping into the bath.



After drying off from a bath that cleaned Papyrus as much as it cleaned her, Woona made her way east out of Snowdin.  Once she made her way off the snow, she dequipped her snow shoes to walk on the dirt floor inside the cavernous area that followed.  The sound of falling water echoed throughout.

She soon found herself in a smallish chamber.  She could see Sans behind a sentry booth, and a monster she didn't know standing beside a blue flower.  MK was also there, staring out at the distant falling water.  Woona eagerly approached him.  "MK!"

"Woona!" MK greeted happily.  "Are you sneaking out to see her, too?"

"Her?" Woona asked, confused.

"Undyne!" MK proclaimed eagerly.  "The Captain of the Royal Guard!  She lives here in Waterfall and she's just so awesome!"  MK's grin split his face, and his eyes were filled with stars.  "I wanna be just like her when I grow up!"

Woona giggled, finding his behavior adorable.

MK suddenly looked nervous.  "Hey...don't tell my parents I'm here.  Ha ha..."

Smirking, Woona winked.  Turning, she went to talk to the red fish monster standing beside the blue flower.

"This is an echo flower," he explained, gesturing to the blue flower.  "It repeats the last thing it heard, over and over..."

Curious, Woona walked up and nudged the flower, only to hear it repeat what the red fish had said in his own voice.  Satisfied, she walked up to Sans.  "Are you a sentry here, too, Sans?"

"what?  haven't you seen a guy with two jobs before?"  He shot her a conspiratorial wink.  "of course, two jobs means twice as many legally required breaks."

Woona giggled.  "So many jobs do you have to work until you're taking so many breaks you don't have to work at all any more?" she asked wickedly.

Sans chuckled.  "now you're thinking like me," he praised.  "i'm about to go on break, actually.  i'm headed to grillby's.  wanna come?"

Woona smiled eagerly.  "Sure!"  She clambered up Sans' clothes until she could settle in his hood.

Smiling, Sans walked through the archway of the path ahead...only to step through the entrance of Grillby's.  "like my shortcut?" Sans asked happily, glancing at his hood...only to find it empty.

"I love it!" Woona proclaimed happily from a bar stool.  "Much easier than climbing up and down!"

Dear lord, Sans, what have you done? Chara groaned.

Chuckling, Sans greeted everyone as he made his way to the bar, making a joke about breakfast and brunch as he went that had everyone laughing.  As he took his seat, however, the sound of a whoopee cushion went off.  "eh?"

"I'm still too light to have it do anything, so I put it on your seat!" Woona replied impishly as the gathered monsters laughed at Sans getting caught by his own joke.

Sans laughed good naturedly.  "nice one, woona.  so what would you like to eat?"

The souls of the innocent! Chara hissed out, doing his best to make his voice menacing.

Woona merely smirked.  "A bagel!" she piped up happily.


"Two bagels!"


As Woona giggled and Grillby - the fire monster that ran the restaurant - fetched the bagels, Sans smirked.  "you really like teasing him, huh?"

"As much as he likes teasing me and everyone else!" Woona replied happily.

Chara suddenly chuckled wickedly.  So Sans, how does it feel knowing the little girl you're talking to has a man inside her?

Sans skull smacked against the bar.  "shut up, chara," he grumbled.  "i don't need that mental image..."

"Huh?" Woona asked, confused.  "What's wrong with it?  It feels good have Chara inside me.  Feels all warm and exciting."

Grillby decided not to question why Sans was banging his head repeatedly against the bar.  Besides, even though he couldn't hear Chara's howls of laughter, they still made the air around Woona feel a little chilly.  As such, Grillby left the bagels there and moved away.

After a time, Sans got some control of himself.  "want some ketchup?" he offered calmly.

"Not thirsty!" Woona replied as she nommed on her bagel.

Chuckling, Sans chugged the ketchup.  "so...what do you think of my brother?"

"He's silly!" Woona replied with a giggle.  "I like him!"

Sans couldn't help but chuckle at that.  "he's also really determined," he explained.  "he keeps trying to get into the royal guard.  one day, he went to the captain's house and begged her to let him in.  course, she shut the door on him, since it was after midnight.  but come morning, he was still there."

Woona laughed.  "Bet that made her stop and think!"

"yup," Sans agreed.  "she decided to give him warrior training.  it's...uh...still a work in progress."

"He'll make it," Woona said firmly.  "I know he's kind and soft and squishy inside...but he just needs something to really inspire him...something to fight for.  If he had that, he'd be unstoppable."

" really think so?" Sans asked, surprised.

"Yup!" Woona proclaimed firmly.  "You've seen how energetic and emotional he can get, and Mommy told me that's the source of strength for Monster Magic.  If he had something that made him want to turn all that emotional energy into power..."  She shivered in excitement.  "And I know he'll find it one day.  I believe in him."

Sans stared at her, stunned.  "...if anyone else told me that, I'd probably just laugh it off.  but when you say it...i want to believe it."

Chara was pointedly silent.

"oh yeah," Sans suddenly spoke up, the world around the pair seeming to briefly fade out of existence.  "i wanted to ask you something.  have you ever heard of a talking flower?"

Woona blinked.  " you mean the Echo Flowers, or Flowey?"

Sans said nothing for a time.  " you do know what I mean..." he replied.  "...papyrus told me once that a flower sometimes appears when no one else is around and whispers things to him.  i...wanted to believe it was just someone pranking him with an echo flower, but...i've had too many nightmares to believe something like that so readily anymore."

"...nightmares?" Woona whimpered softly.

"...sometimes, dreams aren't just the antics of your subconscious," Sans explained.  "especially not here in the underground.  sometimes...dreams are events that have no longer already happened..."  He gently stroked her mane.  "i...didn't want to tell you that.  i'm...pretty sure you know why..."

"...the bunny lady told me Papyrus bought a tough glove and manly bandanna from her," Woona replied woodenly.  "I...dreamed him giving them to me.  The dream that...turned into a nightmare.  That...that really happened, didn't it?"

"not anymore it didn't," Sans replied softly.  "put it out of your mind, woona.  it's not a choice you made, and you shouldn't feel guilt for something you wouldn't have chosen to do if you knew what would have happened.  and now, you didn't make the choice."

"...that doesn't wash away the guilt of knowing it was real..." Woona whimpered softly, starting to cry.  "T-tia..."

"...someone important to you?"

"My big sister," Woona replied.  "And...I saw her...amongst the fallen in my nightmare...unmoving..."

Carefully, Sans scooped Woona into his arms.  "shh..." he whispered to her.  "it's alright..."  Reaching out, he placed his hand on the torc that, to him, held no mystery.  "just sleep...and have happy dreams that are only dreams..."

Woona slowly felt herself drifting off as DETERMINATION filled her being.

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