The Moon in the Dark

Long ago, the Monsters and Humans fought a great war. The Monsters lost, and were sealed in the Underground. It would take the power of seven human souls to break the barrier that kept them imprisoned. They only had six. And so the Monsters waited and hoped, praying that another human would find their way to the Underground. Some thought the seventh soul would give their King the strength to break the barrier. Some dreamed of a human who would be their friend, and save them all...or had nightmares of one who would bring back the war.
...but nobody came.
...but somepony did.
Eons after the war, with no way to tell how much time had passed above, a tiny blue filly with wings and horn fell into the underground, calling for her Mama. None knew the poor creature's nature or origins...but her soul was powerful with magic, even more so than a human soul.
None can know what will come...of this little 'Woona'.


40. New Friends in the Dark

As Sans made his way out of the restaurant, Chara brought up a significant point.  "Didn't we come in here for dinner?  I don't think we ate anything..."

Woona blinked in surprise, then burst into laughter.  "I guess we didn't.  Well, I'm not that hungry-"

Her stomach loudly informed her that she was mistaken, much to Chara's amusement as he re-assimilated into her.  Why don't we go pick up some food to go, huh? he offered.  We've got the cash.

Nodding, Woona went to the front of the restaurant, only to find she couldn't order any food without a reservation.  She apparently had to reserve a table, her chair, her silverware, her food, her drinks, her table napkin...

I certainly have plenty of reservations about this place, Chara grumbled as they left.  Seeing another door just outside the restaurant, Chara directed Woona to it.  You should be able to get food there.

Nodding, Woona went inside the door, finding what Chara informed her was reminiscent of a fast food joint in appearance...although Woona herself had no idea what a 'fast food joint' was.  She could see several items pictured - with names and prices - against the back wall high above the counter.  Behind the counter, what looked to be a bear person was standing, wearing a pinkish uniform complete with cap, and a forced smile.

"Welcome to MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, home of the Glamburger," he greeted, forced cheerfulness fighting with boredom and a nihilistic defeatism in his voice.  "Sparkle up your day (TM)." the hay did he say (TM)? Chara demanded, confused.  ...and why did I say hay?

Giggling to herself, Woona looked over the menu.  "Hmm...what's tasty?" she asked curiously.

The bear blinked.  "Umm...well, everything's up on the wall..."  He obviously wasn't used to the idea of someone asking for advice on what to buy.

Woona looked over the items.  "Hmm...which is your favorite?" she asked the bear man.

He paused, scratching at his face.  "Well...policy is to recommend the 'Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face'..."

Woona shook her head.  "It'd feel weird to be eating Mettaton, and I know my brother would make dirty jokes about it."

I most certainly would, Chara agreed.

The bear man paused, trying to wrap his mind around a customer small enough to sit on the counter talking about dirty jokes.  "Well...the Legendary Hero's probably more than you're looking for as's more than three times your size, and you could probably use it as a bed."

Woona giggled at the thought, then looked up at the menu.  "...I'd probably get my face stuck in the starfait glass..." she murmured.

The bear man's face twisted as the adorable mental image of the little filly running around with the starfait flute stuck on her head raced through his mind.  "So...a Glamburger then?" he managed to gasp out.

"Uh huh!" Woona agreed, setting out 120 gold on the counter.

The bear man swapped it for a wrapped sandwich.  "Thanksy!" he proclaimed in forced excitement.  "Have a FABU-FUL day..."  His voice trailed off as, much to his surprise, Woona tore the wrapper off the Glamburger and dug right in, literally burying her face into her sandwich.

...because I needed that reminder of just how tiny you are, Chara murmured jokingly.

Woona paused as she finished eating the sandwich.  "...was that made of...sequins and glue?" she asked, confused.

"Uhh...yeah..." the bear man replied worriedly.

"How do you make it taste so good?" she pleaded.

The bear man chuckled.  "Very, very carefully."

"I'll take ten more!" Woona proclaimed, laying out 1200G on the counter.

Surprised, the bear man made the exchange.  " are you going to carry-"

Woona pulled out an empty pouch and shoveled all ten burgers into it.  "So...anywhere around here interesting to see?" she asked curiously.  "I don't wanna hit the Core just yet."

The bear man blinked at her for a time, confused.  Didn't everyone want to see the Core?  "Well...a couple of girls have a junk shop in the east alley-"  He stopped as he saw Woona racing out.  "...oh well.  Hope she has better luck than I did..."



Once Woona was out in the back alley, she spotted the two girls the bear man had mentioned, a green-scaled blonde reptile girl and a black-haired purple furred cat girl.

"Oh my gosh, Catty, look at the adorable pony!" the reptile girl squealed.

"I know, Bratty!" Catty squealed back.  "I just wanna scoop her up and squeeze her!"

"Do you think she'll let us?" Bratty gasped out.

"We could ask?" Catty offered.

"Can we, like, snuggle you?" the two girls asked simultaneously.

Woona blinked for a bit.  "Uh...sure?"

The two girls squealed loudly as they scooped Woona up, cuddling her tightly between them.  "She's so cute!" they squealed together.

I'm not sure how I should react to this, Chara murmured.

At that moment, Woona was nearly deafened by two loud roars.  Bratty and Catty immediately pulled back from her.

"Like, sorry about that," Bratty apologized.  "It happens sometimes."

"The junk business is like, fun and all," Catty continued.  "But we don't get that many customers."

"And without customers, we can't really afford too much food," Bratty added.

"Which never lasts long," Catty concluded.

Woona smiled widely.  "I've got Glamburgers.  Want some?"

The two girls gasped aloud.  "Glamburgers?!" they squealed together.

"We like, totally love Glamburgers!" Bratty shouted out.

"But we have such a hard time affording them," Catty added.

Woona happily gave them each three of her Glamburgers.  The ease with which she was making friends here filled her with DETERMINATION.

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