The Moon in the Dark

Long ago, the Monsters and Humans fought a great war. The Monsters lost, and were sealed in the Underground. It would take the power of seven human souls to break the barrier that kept them imprisoned. They only had six. And so the Monsters waited and hoped, praying that another human would find their way to the Underground. Some thought the seventh soul would give their King the strength to break the barrier. Some dreamed of a human who would be their friend, and save them all...or had nightmares of one who would bring back the war.
...but nobody came.
...but somepony did.
Eons after the war, with no way to tell how much time had passed above, a tiny blue filly with wings and horn fell into the underground, calling for her Mama. None knew the poor creature's nature or origins...but her soul was powerful with magic, even more so than a human soul.
None can know what will come...of this little 'Woona'.


26. Martyr

Turning east, Woona continued her journey to her final destination, a first meeting and confrontation with her Daddy, so she could make her family whole again.  Seeing how her friendship with MK had made him so strong, she knew she could surely handle anything the Underground threw at her.  She just needed to be as brave as MK had been.

I hope you can be, Chara murmured in her mind.  See that mountain?

Looking up, Woona saw a most unusual formation.  A miniature mountain stood tall, with a tunnel through the center of it.  How is there a mountain under a mountain? Woona asked Chara, confusion plain in her voice.

I think the figure standing on top of the mountain is of greater concern just now, Chara told her.

Looking higher, Woona swallowed convulsively.  Atop the peak, the familiar armored figure stood, her back to Woona.  "U-Undyne..."

"Seven," Undyne explained.  "Seven human souls, and King Asgore will become a god."  She half turned towards Woona.  "Six.  That's how many we have collected thus far."  She turned to completely face Woona.  "Understand?  Through your seventh and final soul, this world will be transformed."  She turned away, towards the west.  "First, however, as is customary for those who make it this far..."  Undyne turned back to face down the tiny pony.  "I shall tell you the tragic tale of our people."

Woona clenched her teeth.  She knew if she let Undyne set the pace of this, there would be no way to win.  Undyne was simply too strong, she could feel that.  She had to change the script.  Steeling herself, she shouted out, "Tell me while we FIGHT!"  At her declaration, her half of the FIGHT lines took shape.

Undyne stared down at her for a time...then reached up and tossed her helmet aside, revealing a blue fish-like face with crimson hair, one gleaming gold eye and an eyepatch, and a widely grinning mouth filled with shark teeth.  "Now that's my kind of attitude!" Undyne proclaimed, leaping down to the ground as the FIGHT lines completed themselves.  Sweeping her spear, a green aura surrounded Woona, and she found herself locked in place.  "You may be standing in the way of everyone's hopes and dreams...but you stand tall as a warrior!  Your soul will save us all, but it was wrong of me to try and steal it!  Let me give you the warrior's death you deserve!  EN GUARDE!"

Woona tensed herself as the wind howled around her, finding a green spear floating in her magic.  Clutching it tightly, she readied herself for the battle to come, even if she would fight defensively as she heard out the whole tale.

Undyne apparently found her readiness appealing.  "As long as you're Green, you won't stand a chance against me unless you learn to face danger head on!"  She promptly unleashed a wave of spears to fly at Woona from all sides.

Spinning, Woona relied on Chara's direction of where the spears were coming from, twirling her spear to deflect them.  "Is that all you got?" she called out confidently.  "Where's the story you mentioned?"

Undyne laughed eagerly as she sent wave after wave of spears, plainly enjoying the fact that Woona could easily block them all.  "For years and years...we've all dreamed of a happy ending...where we can all go back to the surface together!"  Changing tactics, she lunged forward, only to find her own spear held at bay by Woona's.  "And now...sunlight is just within reach!"

Woona spun her spear, blocking each and every thrust and swing from Undyne as she listened to the story.  "The power to break the barrier..."

"That's right!" Undyne proclaimed.  "Your soul has the power we need!  With it, the barrier will fall, and everyone's hopes and dreams will be realized!  We shall return to the surface!  We will be free!"  In a frenzy from the intensity of her emotions, Undyne delivered blow after blow, her spear spinning like a whirling dervish.

Woona twirled her own spear, managing to block each and every strike.  "And...that's what everyone wants?"

"Yes!" Undyne proclaimed eagerly as she leapt back to hurl another wave of spears, followed by dispelling the green aura before hurling a lance at Woona.  Each spear was blocked and the lance evaded.  "You've been making friends with care about them...then do this for them!"

Woona leapt back and forth as she dodged the waves of spears now hurled at her in Undyne's frenzy.  " death is what will save everyone?" she asked sorrowfully.  "Make them...happy?"

"Now you understand!" Undyne declared hotly, once more locking Woona in place with her green magic.  "All you have to do is let me win-"

Undyne's frenzied charge was interrupted as Woona's spear unleashed a barrage of blows upon her, twisting around Undyne's own spear and knocking it from her hands before delivering a stunning shaft blow to her head, knocking her back.  "...really?" Woona asked sadly.

Undyne staggered backwards, stunned.  She shook her head quickly to clear it.  "Yes!  Your death will make everyone happy!"

Woona lowered her head.  "...alright," she said softly, holding her spear out to her side...and dropping it, letting it dissipate.

What are you doing?! Chara screamed in her mind.  If you give up, your Determination is gone!  I won't be able to save you!  You won't be able to reset!

I don't want to be saved, Woona replied.  I don't want to reset.  If...if dying here saves everyone...then that's what I want!

I won't let you do that! Chara snapped.  I'm resetting-


Chara found his power frozen, completely cut off from Woona's magic.  But...but all your promises...

Nodding, Woona looked sadly up at Undyne, her forelegs spread wide, leaving herself an open target.  This is more important...



Undyne stared down at her equine opponent, now holding herself up for slaughter.  "...really?" Undyne asked, stunned.

"Yes," Woona replied, her voice sorrowful but firm.  "I'm...I'm ready."

Nodding, Undyne generated one of her spears, charging more magic into it than normal.  "Your sacrifice will be remembered," she promised.  "I'll make this quick, so there will be no pain."

"Could...could you do some things for me?" Woona asked sadly.  "After you...take my soul?"

Undyne nodded.  "Name them," she agreed readily.

"Could you go to Temmie Village...and tell Princess Temmie that Papa is sorry she's not coming home?"

Undyne froze, more magic flowing into her spear.  Princess Temmie?  A child?

"And...tell Gerson I'm sorry I couldn't come back to hear the 'King Fluffybuns' story?"

I have to tell Old Man Gerson I killed a little girl? Undyne thought in her mind, her resolve starting to waver.  No!  Focus!  I'm saving everyone!  It's worth it!  She clenched her teeth, pouring more magic into the spear as it slowly grew in her hand.

"And...and tell Napstablook I'm sorry I couldn't visit him at work.  The awkwardness would have been worth one last romp together..."  Tears poured down Woona's cheeks.  "And...and tell Shyren I'm sorry we couldn't do a reunion tour..."

Undyne remembered how happy Shyren had seemed just recently, singing her heart out once again.  I'll...I'll destroy her...

"And tell Papy I'm sorry I never got to teach him how to make macaroni..." Woona sobbed.

Papyrus...  Undyne ground her teeth together.  No!  I'm doing this for him!

"And...and tell Sans I'm sorry we couldn't hang out again..."

Undyne clenched her whole body.  If I do this, Sans will kill me...fine.  If it saves everyone, I'll take what I'm given!

"And..."  Woona set her saddlebags aside.  "There's a snowman in here who wants to see the world...and some spiders who want to get back to their family in Hotland.  Can you do that for me...since I won't be able to?"

Finding something she could easily agree to, Undyne nodded even as the weight of concentrated magic in her spear began to make her knees buckle.

" Mommy's in the ruins..." Woona finished.  "Tell her...I'm sorry I couldn't keep my make our family whole again..."  Tears poured freely from Woona's eyes as she choked back her sobs.

Undyne's eyes widened.  But...but the only one in the Ruins with family outside is...the Queen.  Then...she's Asgore's child too...just like all the others...Can...Can I betray my King and Queen, too?

Woona closed her eyes, awaiting the end.

Indecision warred in Undyne's mind.

She wants you to do it!  She's willing to die to save everyone!

Will you betray them all?  Destroy them all?

If she leaves, we are doomed forever!

If you do this, we are damned forever!

Friendship or duty...who am I?

With the weight of her choice weighing on her almost as much as the magic she had gathered, Undyne cocked her arm back...and with the power of her intent, hurled her spear.



Woona felt the magic of Undyne's spear flying towards her.  She felt death approaching.  She relaxed herself, ready for the end.

She felt the magic graze her ear as it shot past her, hearing it explode against the wall far behind her.

Her eyes flew open, and she saw Undyne staring forward, tears pouring from her eye and down her cheek.  "I..." Undyne began.  "I can't..."  Undyne sank to her knees.  "I can't do it..."  Covering her eye and eyepatch with her hands, Undyne wept for her failure.

Feeling the green magic release her as the FIGHT lines faded, Woona did the only thing she felt she could do.  Walking forward, she slipped herself into Undyne's lap, wrapping her forelegs and wings around as much of the warrior as she could, trying to give her a comforting hug.

As the intensity of the situation faded, the adrenaline drained out of Woona, leaving her drowsy.  But there was no DETERMINATION in the shared sorrow as she slipped into slumber.

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