My best friends fiancé

2 girl best friends in university, Charlotte gets engaged to Madelyn's best guy friend, Ethan, that Madelyn has a secret crush on. What will happen when they find out they like each other.


1. Chapter 1

Ethan POV:

I sit in the library with Madelyn, talking and laughing as we study for our final exams for the year. I watch her as she smiles and her hair falls over her face. I inch my hand closer to hers and hold her hand across the table. doesn't she realize how much i like her.

I smile as she tuck her blonde hair behind her ears and blushes down to the floor.

"here" I say "carte blache means complete freedom or authority to act. I wonder how you got into this school."

"um, how rude. I'll have you know that i got a full scholar--" she began but was interrupted by the librarian shushing us.

Eventually we decided to go out to the bar afterwards for some drinks. She got us a seat and i ordered 2 coffees for us. As I head over to our seat I see a new girl sitting next to Madelyn. I easily slide into the retro booth across from them and she looks up startled. Her brunette hair with blonde ends in perfect curls falling over her shoulder as she turns her face to look at me.

M (madelyn): oh, let me introduce you guys. This is my best friend Charlotte and Charlotte this is Ethan.

I wasn't too sure about her but if she was a friend of Madelyn's i was going to make it work. Charlotte eyed me up and down not trying to hide it and finally sighed. I cocked my head at her in a confused manner and she burst out laughing.

C (charlotte): OMG It's actually so obvious. why don't you ask Madelyn out on a real date?

I tensed at those words but kept my face neutral as I glanced at Madelyn who's face had gone bright red.

M: oh no no no, we're just friends

with those 3 words i felt my heart begin to crack along the edges, slowly splintering and threatening to break into a thousand glass shards that are irreparable.

C: fine. then ask me out.

I was taken aback with those words coming so harshly from her mouth that I sat in awe for a couple seconds. I didn't want to end what I had with Madelyn, if she even felt what i felt but obviously not.

E: fine, will you. Charlotte that I met 5 minutes ago go on a date with me Ethan, a guy that you met 5 minutes ago?

I wiggle my eyebrows enticingly and she giggles, straightening my tie around my neck. If Madelyn wasn't into me then i would just have to move on. what better way then another girl? 

we decided on a place and time and strode from the Bar leaving Madelyn far behind in real life and in my thoughts.

If i couldn't have my first choice then I guess Charlotte is my second.




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