Dense from Fine

This story is based off of real life, my life. I'm young and not very informed about what life would be like outside the protection of my parents, and was no where near ready for what was coming after my peaceful and stable life in Manchester. (I have never written a book before so sorry if this is quite bad)


2. Travel sick

Rolling hills and beautiful country side, farms here there and everywhere, a few towns along the way. "YELLOW CAR! That's 9 so far, boom!" proclaimed my sister, scaring half the life out of me. I grumble and go back to my music nodding along. Soon after my sister falls asleep as she so often does on these long car drives, and snores. My mum strikes up a conversation with me, "So darling, are you excited for this new house?" asking in a rather positive tone, "I guess? I mean, I am sure I will like it there, it's just." I stop there, my mum is curious. "Hey if there is something you want to talk to me about I am always here for you." she said with a smile, "I-I know" I mumble and put my headphones back on, "I think I just feel a little travel sick." I lied.

I feel something jabbing me, I hear a faint noise. "Clarke? Clarke? CLARKE! Wake up" I wave my hand toward the noise and still feel something jabbing me. "Poke, poke, poke." my sister, Skye, is trying to wake me up. Sometimes, I wish to just murder her, but I love her still. "Okay okay! I am awake!" I shout as I push her out of the way. "Hey!" she says, "We're here" I sit up and see a packed, slender block to be called our 'new home'. "Oh, yay" I sighed sarcastically. My brother, Lachlan, in the back was fast asleep still, but I left him because recently he hasn't been getting enough sleep, so this'll do him some good.

I get out of the car and stretch a good bit, shaking out all the little bits of aches you get from the car journey. All around, houses, cars, houses, cars, "CAT" my sister yelled as she ran toward the cat arms stretched out. The cat meowed in surprise and scampered away, not that it made a difference to Skye's mood. Just a few months before Skye had been diagnosed with autism, which is pretty rare for a girl, so I am proud. She is very pretty really, lovely brunette hair and hazel eyes and an all round elegance with her face, but not her feet. Skye and I once went ice skating together and not even 5 minutes onto the ice did she fall over and had to be brought to hospital, a common ground for both her and I. "Skye, come over here, grab your bags." I say in a monotone voice as I am still waking up from a pretty heavy sleep. "Okay!" she replies as she walked back to me and gave me a polar bear hug, as we call it, then picks up her duffel bag. "Love you" she says, "Love you too" I reply as we walked up to the slender brick 'home'.

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