Dense from Fine

This story is based off of real life, my life. I'm young and not very informed about what life would be like outside the protection of my parents, and was no where near ready for what was coming after my peaceful and stable life in Manchester. (I have never written a book before so sorry if this is quite bad)


1. Timeout

"Tig! You're it!" shouted Carter as he caught up to me and ran the other way. I was exhausted after a good 15 minute game, I put my hands in a 'T' shape to signify time out and went inside to grab some water. On my way back out I saw someone run towards me and I put up my hands again and said "Timeout! Timeout!". She kept on running and to my surprise she came and gave me a hug, "Clarke I have been looking everywhere for you, oh my gosh you need to come and check this out!" by this time I had realized that it was my friend Kat and was running after her, since in year 5 anything and everything other than work is exciting. I ran to my classroom after Kat and when I got there the whole class including Carter and Miss.Kolumbi shouted "SUPRISE!". I was taken aback with sudden happiness and sadness at the same time, emotions rushing through me, loving that everyone cared about me but at the same time devastated that I knew I was moving away. 

About 3 weeks earlier my dad had told my brother, sister and I that we were moving away from our home of 5 years for a job which he had been offered near my grandparents in Oxford. Everyone else seemed excited so I acted the same, but on the inside I really didn't want to leave, but figured that this would be best for our family so I went along with it.

 walked away from school crying and as I looked back and face the two sisters in my class,Cleo and Caroline, they saw me and came over to comfort me.

"Mum, Dad? I'm, uh home!" I called as I walked in the door, unsure of how I felt. "Hey honey, you are just in time to pack up your things for the trip." my mum replied with a welcoming smile. "Yeah I'll go do that now" I sighed as I hauled myself up the stairs to my room. There I found my sister jumping around like a mad hatter, she had already packed my things and urged me back down the stairs to the mountain of bags by the door. Seems we were going sooner rather than later.

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