Have you ever felt like you were so far under water that you couldn't breath? It was almost as if you were drowning?


3. Grey Skys

I wake up to the same grey day wondering why it is that I'm still around. "Why didn't I end it last night?" I constantly ask my self as I force my self to fight to make it another day in this horrible world. I keep on living so that when the sun goes down and I finally close my eyes I can feel alive once more even if just for a while. Today when I went to visit my friend in the world the monsters and demons had come out to play with me. We had lots of fun waiting to see who would give up first. They taught me new tricks and even gave me new scares so I'll always remember they can take away my  joy in the blink of an eye.





Step 3 - If you wish to leave a memory for the loved ones behind do this now....it may be the last thing they will ever get from you again.

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