Dear Kevin #1

This is to my Kevin, whom is a girl, and one of my besties.


9. 2/9/17 - Been Waiting For You're Reply.

Dear Kevin,

      I've been waiting for you to reply. Did I say or do something wrong? Did something happen? I miss you so much. I hate not talking to you. I hope to hear from you...

     I'm going to homecoming tomorrow with my boyfriend. ^_^ I'm so excited. One of my "aunts" is helping me pick out a dress today. And he's been holding my hand a lot more. *rolls eyes playfully* Are you happy? He's so amazing, Kevin!

     I've had a really good week so far. Not much has happened lately. 

     We had a fun night last night. We were teasing our supervisor and her husband in a very inappropiate way. It was hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I accidentally started it. I was messing around and was tapping on the wall and we had already been teasing our supervisor and her husband. I said, tapping on the wall "You tap dat?" She said yes but she thought I said top that. I was like whatever. But it was still hilarious. It just went from there.... :D

     I love you and miss you very much. I hope everything is okay with you. Have an amazing day love!



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