Dear Kevin #1

This is to my Kevin, whom is a girl, and one of my besties.


8. 2/7/16 - I Know It's Hard To Let Him Go

Dear Kevin,

    I know it's hard to let him go. I am still holding onto people that I should have let go years ago. I can't say whether or not you deserve better because I haven't met him or anything. But here's something to think about: A sign of an abusive perosn is them being controlling. I don't want anything to happen to you. You deserve the best.

    Z and I have only been together for a week.... Holding hands more often? Pfft. Can't move that fast, darlin'. Boys are scary things. When we were younger, they were a piece of cake. Now days... You move too fast they get the wrong idea. 

   Danielle Gillman... Hmmm. Nothing pops into my head. I don't know her. Did you do drugs or have sex while you were out doing stuff?

   What's been up at school? I hear Mr.T is a jerk now.... That makes me sad.

   My "sister" got suspended for the milk thing. Then one of the girls had to leave yesterday for good. (which is for the best but I'm still sad.)

   So about instagram??? I have mine on private. Would my parents be able to see any of my photos that you like??? You can follow me if they can't see it. I'm chill with that.

   I have a bestfriend here named Matthew. I call him Math-a-chew. He's a really good friend of mine. You would like him. He decide to put milk on my hand this morning (just a little) and then throw the empty milk carton at me. He was trying to help me feel better. That boy can read my mind like no other. I think Z gets jealous 'cause Mathew and I are so close. That worries me a lot.

   Z is such a turd. He has diabetes and won't take care of himself. It scares me. What if I come to school one day and something has happened to him? Yesterday his sugar was above 500 all day. Then this morning he makes a joke that he's going to die of sugar. *rolls eyes and sighs* I try to help him but he won't listen to me worth a crap about it. Then he brings a brownie to school this morning (A BROWNIE!) and I look over at him with that look and then he just offers me a piece. *irritated face*

   I love you a lot. Have an amazing day!





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